Moving and updating bibbly-o-tek

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Bibbly-o-tek was offline for a week and a half. We discussed the hosting of this site, which was up for another yearly payment. Me, Ellen, offered to move the site to my personal hosting plan at Mediatemple. I still had enough room there to host the site. I didn’t want to see bibbly-o-tek go. The other maintainers of this currently quiet website happily agreed with me.

It took some time to move the domain to Mediatemple. Today that was finally done. I had forgotten to make a backup of the database, but i could make one at the old hosting company. Right now i’m moving all the files, the audio files and video files. And the template.

I will do some work on this website. I will change the template. The current one is made in 2006, before mobiles took over the internet. So that is the first thing i will change. Then there will be the long grueling grind of updating the video’s, most in flash flv format.

The whole process will take some time. Most should be done by the end of this week. Updating the video’s will take a bit longer.

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Creatures What You Never Knew About

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We just got an e-mail in from Bob, who maintains a podcast at PodOmatic.

I’ve just shared part one of a radio show I recorded with Green when he was between leaving Rough Trade and signing for a major.

I hope this is some interest to you

I just started it up and enjoying the 1983 music! Sofar i haven’t heard Green speak a lot yet, but hey.. i’m not even halfway the podcast. As this is part one, i do expect another part soon. You can find this here: Scritti Politti (Green Gartside) Interview (Part one).

This interview is from a interesting period, between leaving Rough Trade and signing with a major company. The main part of the broadcast is music, lots of reggae passing along. It’s a bit of a shock thinking that this is recorded 31 years ago.

So, i’ll keep on listening to this interview. It’s actually really nice to listen to this young Green talking about writing songs for other people and the person who represents him in New York. It’s not an in depth interview, but it’s pleasant to listen to.

Anyways, have a listen yourself. Enjoy!

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Scritti Politti among Highlights at Laugharne Festival

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From Adrian Colley’s Blog:

Green Gartside’s voice, for me, is one of the wonders of the age which I never clocked back in the 80s.

Scritti Politti at Laugharne Festival

A breathy, girlish, achingly tender tone, it’s a startling contrast to his between-song boom.

Not even a big fan in the Eighties, I’ve been thunderstruck by how good they are live and how close to their recorded sound they come.

Understated tunes so gentle and peaceful you want to stroke them. Phil Jupitus head-jived in his seat,  Mark Ellen admired from the side and I’m still trying to work out why they are not more popular.

Here is a link to a video on YouTube! A nice conversation by Green and a live version of  Brushed with Oil…

Here is a link to Adrian Colley complete blog!

We received a heads-up email from Richard Barret about Adrian Colley blog via email last week!

Thanks for passing on the info to us Richard and thanks to Adrian for writing the article and posting the media!


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Scritti to play live April 4th!

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According to the Laugharne Weekend website Scritti Politti will play live on Friday, April 4th, 2014 at the Millennium Hall at 7 pm.

Having trouble reading the text in the English language? The site is also available in Welsh.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Update: Green and Rhodri will be playing for sure. It is a small venue. Details to come.


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Green Gartside sits in on BBC 6Music and plays and talks about some of his favorite music

Posted at 1pm on 12/30/13 by


We found this in our Bibbly-O-Inbox:

Yesterday afternoon Green presented his first show on BBC 6Music, sitting in for the regular presenter. It’s now up on iPlayer for you to enjoy:

Green played and talked about some of his favorite music. Next Sunday afternoon, the 5th of January, he will be doing another show. The shows are archived (for how long?) so you can check them out for a while I guess.

Edit January 1 2014: added the songs i could find in a Spotify playlist (Ellen)

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Nelson Mandela RIP

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Scritti Politti drummer from the 1970s Tom Worley put this fascinating tribute together of the great leader Nelson Mandela who passed away yesterday at 95. He has also been involved in the Piece One Day initiative and works with an organisation that helps companies build teamwork through music.

Thanks for these great contributions Tom! Nelson Mandela is one of my heroes and his legacy of freedom and democracy in South Africa will live on for generations.

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