That CD!

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greentieandsneakers.jpgOkay at least we tried. We tried to contact Rough Trade. We even tried that old method; the fax machine.

No luck, no responses, nothing.

We haven’t heard the album yet! And I personally don’t have a clue weather or not Green is using one of my sounds on that album (I am a sound designer for Reason, a music-application Green told me he did use for this album).

But obviously this guy Tim of Channel4 has more luck.

We’d go so far to say that this album is as beautiful and strange and uniquely pop as anything Scritti Politti have ever produced.

We want that CD!

Update 0: Thanks Tim for the article and cool looking Green pic!

Update 1: It seems that Channel4 still doesn’t have a proper permalink structure on their website. Here is the permanent link to the article (thanks Tim!). Maybe we should take a screenshot and save it for Scritti Archive Reasons…

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