White Bread, Black Beer

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The date for the release of the new album White Bread, Black Beer is most likely June 5th this year, but with the past delays, you never can be sure. First word on a new album was a year ago, in an interview for the UK radio station Resonance, where Green mentioned he was going to miss the deadline for March 2005. He sure was right about that! What the album will sound like is still a bit of a mystery, apart from The Boom Boom Bap, which you can have a listen to at the Guardian.

The tracklisting sofar:

  1. The Boom Boom Bap
  2. No Fine Lines
  3. Snow in Sun
  4. Cooking
  5. Throw
  6. Dr. Abernathy
  7. After Six
  8. Petrococadollar
  9. E11th Nuts
  10. Window Wide Open
  11. Road to No Regret
  12. Locked
  13. Mrs. Hughes
  14. Robin Hood

The difference with an earlier tracklisting is Petrococadollar (formerly Empty) and Locked (formerly Kylie Ballad). Both these songs, as well as Throw, Window Wide Open, Road To No Regret and Mrs. Hughes haven’t been played live yet (as far as i know – it might have changed after tonights gig at the Luminaire).

Ebay promoNo real news on the packaging front, apart from this intriguing item on ebay. I have no clue on the origin of this item. If it is the new album, most likely it’s a promo. The packaging looks rough, reminiscent of the Double G badges first seen at the Amsterdam gig a month ago. Still, its the first visual of the new album, however warped it may be.

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