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Green on 3fm radio, Holland

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Just a few minutes ago Green did a fantastic interview for 3fm radio. We captured the stream as usual :)

The interview was done by phone, interesting because Green is in Amsterdam right now.


Session acoustique de Scritti Politti

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Green packed his guitar and trundled off to lovely Paris in summerlike spring to do an acoustic session at Radio Planet Claire. You can visit the, ehm, rather quaint website and listen to the live stream at the 57 minute mark. Or you can just listen here!

Songs played: Snow In Sun, Robin Hood, Road To No Regret.


… and Green talked a little bit about the past, the new album and his new Scritti band:


Martin Fry likes Scritti

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martinfry.jpgJust now on Dutch Radio 3 FM, in the Eighties Request Week, ABC’s Martin Fry mentioned Scritti’s Wood Beez as one his favourite eighties records. In his opinion Scritti Politti is an underrated band. There was also mentioning of the new Scritti album. After that they played Wood Beez. Lovely. Scritti is back for sure.

Gary Crowley – BBC London

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On radio BBC London Gary Crowley played The Boom Boom Bap and mentioned that in a few weeks time Green will do an one-hour special on his show. Luckily for all non-UK people the show is streamed at the BBC website. We’ll keep an eye on this and try to capture the special once it’s aired.

You can have a listen here to what Gary had to say, and listen to The Boom Boom Bap as a bonus!

Gary Crowley on BBC London

Robin Hood’s iPod

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As you can see I was able to get my hands on some quite magical mp3’s. They will probably hit the net shortly, but I can tell you they sound absolutely wonderful. If you like C&P better than A+B, then WBBB is for you. If you liked Boom Boom Bap and Brushed with Oil, Dusted with Powder, then this is a must have set of songs for your collection. Sorry, I am not able to share the mp3’s with anyone since they came from a source that asked me not to share them, but I am sure they will be around the web sometime somewhere very soon.

PS More Scritti Cola transitioning to come…
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Rhodri’s shirt

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We want that one. Wanna share your couch with us Rhodri?


Absolute remix

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Available at

Captured for archive reasons:

Who has created this? We don’t have a clue. If you know more, please add your comments below!

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Steve Levine’s talk about Wood Beez

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r-allinson_s-levine_a-mardin.jpgThere’s a nice documentary on Arif Mardin at BBC radio 2 with Steve Levine talking about the digital editing techniques behind Wood Beez.

We captured it for archive reasons. Check it out:

If the BBC objects about us doing this, please let us know.


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The first part of the migration of the content of Scritti Cola is completed. The Video section now has the sub pages Gigs, Interviews and Music Video. Sofar we’ve put up two interviews from the Anomie & Bonhomie time, the video’s for Absolute, Hypnotize, The Word Girl, Perfect Way and Woodbeez (UK and US version). And of course all the material we already had from this years gigs!

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The unplayed promo CD

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It is unplayed? Okay, deal!

Welcome John!

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click on it!

Welcome John! Welcome, welcome, welcome!