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A celebrity playlist in the UK iTunes Musicstore gives Green’s 15 favourite songs with a small explanation added. It was possible for me to switch from the Dutch to the UK one, not sure though that’s possible for everyone. The list goes from the classic Beach Boys through 70’s Bowie and punk to hip-hop and beyond. May i join in praising Sufjan Stevens’ Illinoise! Got to know this album through an interview with Green, and it became one of my favourite albums this year.

iTunes Musicstore June 28 2006 iTunes Musicstore
Surf’s Up – The Beach Boys
Along with Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson ‘wrote a book’ when it comes to pop melody and harmony. Just beautiful.

(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais – The Clash
Seeing the Clash on their first tour was the inspiration for forming a band and writing songs – this is a classic.

Blue – Joni Mitchell
I played this album over and over when i was a kid. Still sounds stunning.

Neon Lights – Kraftwerk
A huge influence in pop music generally – my introduction to synthesizers. Invaluable – good tune too!

Oh! You Pretty Things – David Bowie
I rocked a version of Bowie look at school. Yikes! One of the masters. A very clever man. Classic chorus.

New Town – The Slits
When I started making music, the Slits were one of the most powerful bands around. The Cut album was a big influence. Real innovators.

When I Get to the Border – Linda Thompson & Richard Thompson
Hard to choose just one Richard hompson track but this has glorious instrumental playing at the end. One of my favourite guitarists.

Bat Chain Puller – Captain Beefheart
Clear Spot and The Spotlight Kid are probably my favourite Beefheart albums. This is reminiscent of him at his very best. Hearing him for the first time when i was a boy was a real revelation.

Work on Natty – Culture
I could easily compile a playlist of just reggae. When punk happened, this is the stuff we were all listening to. Tons of reggae. Joseph Hill and Culture are my favourite. A great songwriter.

Up for the Down Stroke – Parliament
Ah. The Funk. Cannot live without The Funk. Quality of live improved 100% when I found The Funk. This is funky!

Sucker M.C.’s – Run-DMC
I was in New York when this came out. It blew my mind. My favourite ‘band’ for quite a while. I sing about them on my album.

Award Tour – A Tribe Called Quest
I spent years immersed in hip-hop and Midnight Marauders is a high point, I think, in rap’s development. Not a bad track on that album. So full of ideas. Nod your head.

Casimir Pulaski Day – Sufjan Stevens
Illinoise was the best album of last year – no contest. Sufjan is up there with the greats.

Sea song – Robert Wyatt
Hauntingly beautiful. A massively influential album. I wanted to be Robert Wyatt when I was 15.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours – Stevie Wonder
Actually, add Stevie Wonder to the Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson list. This is early magic from an incredible talent.

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