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For years now has been the number one fan blog for evertything related to Scritti Politti. It truly has been a labor of love for myself and my European counterparts. We want to take this opportunity to thank our readers for contributing to our site with Scritti related information so we can share it with every Scritti fan there is one place. Each year goes by and we have some small fees to pay to our services provider for hosting this site. We have collectively been able to scrape a few bucks together to keep it going.  Early on we put in a link to purchase WBBB through us as a commissioned affiliate.  This did not amount to anything to speak of, but it was worth trying to help cover our costs. I think our net was a few dollars total. Recently, we had a short online meeting and discussed how to monetize this site.  We concluded that advertising would be too uncool. (Did you see the Social Network? Yeah, like that!)  We hope you agree.  Our solution is to put a Paypal donate button that you see to the right. We encourage you to give what you can.  We are not trying to get rich, by any means, simply cover some of our costs.  We receive thousands of hits every month and it has been on the rise lately with the advent of new material.  Please give if you can, don’t leave us “a day late and a dollar short” and we will continue to provide the best Scritti Politti fan blog on the planet! Cheers!


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