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Former Scritti Politti drummer Tom Morley recently emailed us at bibbly-o-tek.com about some music created around the Peace One Day A Global Truce 2012 worldwide event.  This event which is set to occur on September 21st of 2012 is to be a day of non-violence throughout the world at all levels. Efforts by this organization had a similar day in Afghanistan recently.  They had a written agreement with the Taliban so that health and aid workers could help the needy without fear of violence or kidnapping. Peace on earth and non-violence are a pretty darn noble cause if you ask me. Visit Peace One Day to learn more an find out how to get involved.  Here are the three songs and videos of his work that coincides with this global event:

Tom Morley Peace One Day song 1

Tom Morley Peace One Day song 2

Tom Morley Peace One Day song 3

Some trivia: The city scenes of the third song were shot in Chicago from the Magnificent Mile shopping district.  You can see the NBC Tower in the background. Coincidentally, I met Green and the rest of Scritti Politti in 2006 in Chicago at the Double Door. Thanks Tom for being involved in such a worthy and noble cause and for sharing this inspirational music with us!

John and the rest of the Bibbly-o-tek.com team!

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