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Scritti Politti among Highlights at Laugharne Festival

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From Adrian Colley’s Blog:

Green Gartside’s voice, for me, is one of the wonders of the age which I never clocked back in the 80s.

Scritti Politti at Laugharne Festival

A breathy, girlish, achingly tender tone, it’s a startling contrast to his between-song boom.

Not even a big fan in the Eighties, I’ve been thunderstruck by how good they are live and how close to their recorded sound they come.

Understated tunes so gentle and peaceful you want to stroke them. Phil Jupitus head-jived in his seat,  Mark Ellen admired from the side and I’m still trying to work out why they are not more popular.

Here is a link to a video on YouTube! A nice conversation by Green and a live version of  Brushed with Oil…

Here is a link to Adrian Colley complete blog!

We received a heads-up email from Richard Barret about Adrian Colley blog via email last week!

Thanks for passing on the info to us Richard and thanks to Adrian for writing the article and posting the media!


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