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Green at the Hot Chip BBC sessions

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With Green on guitar and some background singing Hot Chip recorded a cover of the song She Wolf (performed by Shakira) for a BBC radio 1 session. With compliments of Shakira herself.

Hot Chip – She Wolf

As a bonus, don’t miss the amazing I feel better clip, the new single of Hot Chip. Enjoy!

Two more clips from the Nick Drake tribute concerts

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We have two more clips from the Nick Drake tribute concerts, both from Glasgow. The first one is Fruit Tree, the second is Free Ride.

Fruit tree

Free Ride

Video from the Nick Drake tribute concert

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We got a video from a kind person with a camera from the Nick Drake tribute concert Way too blue performed in Glasgow. If someone can tell me which song this is and who the other performers are, i will add it to this post. Teddy Thompson and Lisa Hannigan are the other two performers. The song is Way to blue. Thanks Carla for the information!


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Fresh in from Rough Trade  :

“Green has been writing with Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip and this may result in something collaborative being recorded”

Rough Trade has no news on any upcoming gigs (as rumoured on Larks’ MySpace page)

Chaka and Green

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chaka.jpgI have always been a huge fan of Chaka Khan. She sings high and very loud, a combination which is a serious killer for most singers.

Years ago when I was working on an album with Dave Green (yes, I know!), a former band-member of the UK-band Icicle Works, we had a discussion about Chaka. Dave asked me if I had ever heard Chaka’s ‘Naughty’ album. And no, I did not. I think it was only officially released in Japan or something like that. But anyway: ‘Naughty‘ (buy at is the best Chaka has ever done. Gives me chills all over!

But okay back to the Chaka-Green connection…

The song Green wrote for Chaka, ‘Love Of A Lifetime’, also has an interesting story:

He is also finishing writing a song for Chaka Khan, called ‘Love Of A Lifetime’. It is the first he’s written for somebody else, and he will sing on it with Chaka and co-produce it. Chaka had contacted Green and asked him to do it. They have met previously and Chaka likes the Scritti stuff very much.


Love Of A Lifetime (remix)

Love Of A Lifetime (remix)

a few Perfect Ways

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Sound-wise Perfect Way has that typical 80’s sound. And sure, Scritti is responsible for that :)

The thing that still does it for me is the way the song modulates from the intro into the verse and then finally into the refrain. My head is still popping off when I hear it and I am sure the same thing happened to Miles Davis. Miles did a cover of Perfect Way on his album Tutu.

Perfect Way (promo)

Perfect Way (promo)
Lots of effects and remixing tricks, typical 80’s stuff, but still a cool mix.

Perfect Way Remix

Perfect Way Remix
An interesting remix, monoish sounding (maybe caused by a ‘not so Perfect’ file-conversion?), but with a few interesting twists.

Perfect Way (demo)

Perfect Way (demo)
This is a very interesting one. It fooled me. At first I thought it was the original version but it’s not. The mix is different. I have not A/B compared it to the original version yet. Would be something for an interesting discussion I guess. Just leave your comments below!

Miles’ Perfect Way

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I have seen Miles Davis perform Perfect Way many times here in The Hague, Holland, at the North Sea Jazz Festival. The best gigs for me were those with John Scofield on guitar. But this speedy version is also right on the money I must say!