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Chaka and Green

Posted at 10am on 06/22/06 by

chaka.jpgI have always been a huge fan of Chaka Khan. She sings high and very loud, a combination which is a serious killer for most singers.

Years ago when I was working on an album with Dave Green (yes, I know!), a former band-member of the UK-band Icicle Works, we had a discussion about Chaka. Dave asked me if I had ever heard Chaka’s ‘Naughty’ album. And no, I did not. I think it was only officially released in Japan or something like that. But anyway: ‘Naughty‘ (buy at is the best Chaka has ever done. Gives me chills all over!

But okay back to the Chaka-Green connection…

The song Green wrote for Chaka, ‘Love Of A Lifetime’, also has an interesting story:

He is also finishing writing a song for Chaka Khan, called ‘Love Of A Lifetime’. It is the first he’s written for somebody else, and he will sing on it with Chaka and co-produce it. Chaka had contacted Green and asked him to do it. They have met previously and Chaka likes the Scritti stuff very much.


Love Of A Lifetime (remix)

Love Of A Lifetime (remix)