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Scritti Politti in Amsterdam City

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Double G and the Traitorous 3 (+2) are becoming more and more a band, at least as it looks from the outside. The gig in Paradiso on thursday march 30 th was great. The vibe was good, Green seemed relaxed and the band more in tune with eachother. Music before and after a concert always has my interest, it determines a large part of the atmosphere ; Green had an excellent choice of old school reggae before and load hiphop beats from DJ Shadow after the concert (he brought his own cd’s). The setlist was similair to the Luminaire gigs, for me the “D to the O” song was new. My personal favourite is “Robin Hood”, announced as a song about socialism and beautiful women. The band sounded fuller and the guitars a bit rougher. I am very curious what the album will sound like. With most bands you first have the album, wondering how it will sound live. Not with Scritti this time. We now know what is sounds like live, now let’s have the studio album ! After the fantastic performance Green & co hung around in Paradiso to talk to their friends and fans. Stagemanager Andy gave me a copy of the Robin Hood lyrics, Green was so kind to autograph the lyrics and make a small drawing on it (Robin Hood ?). Afterwards the whole gang, including some fans (and the bibbly-o-tek team) went for dinner in a turkish restaurant across the street (where they had, i guess, no clue who their guests were). All in all a night worthy to write about in your diary.

… and more clips!

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More clips on the video page! This time its a whole bunch of them. A bit broken up and not the best quality, but it might give you a sense of how the atmosphere was. A little bit.

‘We’re actually Double G and the Traitorous 3 plus 2 this evening, untill we’ve learned how to become Scritti Politti because we haven’t… i haven’t done it for a long time’

is what Green says at the start of the gig.

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The best Scritti ever

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gg-adam-300306.JPGSure Cupid & Psyche 85 was a fantastic album. But there was one thing no one could ever imagine: Scritti performing those songs live. So for me Scritti only existed on records.

But this year, 2006, it all changed. Scritti started performing live again! Okay, Green is using the Double G & the Traitorous 3 (plus 2) moniker, but no doubt: they are the new Scritti. And probably the best Scritti ever!

The gig at the Paradiso on the 30th of March was a great one. Scritti was playing in the small hall which felt strange because I played in the big hall years ago with the band MAM. But it suited the band better; a smaller place with more intimacy.

The band was really going for it; a very energetic sound and a great overall contact between band-members. Green wasn’t that anxious, he seems to be more relaxed than anyone could imagine.

To make a long story short: it was a great gig. I was glad to hear they will be peforming more often (probably Amsterdam again, soon, within 2 months). Green asking us out for diner was another amazing thing. So just before leaving I gave Green my Melodiefabriek-card. You’ll never know what happens next…

D to the O, U to the B, L to the E, the Double G!

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First video online from the gig yesterday on the video page. More to follow soon!

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Post Paradiso

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Scritti Politti PosterA short first impression still fresh after the gig: I loved it! It still is a surreal experience watching Green and band play live, but even more enjoyable now i know the songs a little bit better. There is nothing much more i can write about it right now – its kinda late and i’m tired. I’m starting to suspect the new album might become one of my favourite scritti albums of all time, and thats saying much. I love this music!

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Pre-gig meeting at the Balie

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De BalieTomorrow (!) from 16.30 there will be an informal gathering of all Scritsters who are going to the Paradiso gig in De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10. It’s close to the Leidseplein and, more importantly, the Paradiso. We can have a little chat, get frightfully excited on any green sign around, drink beer, have some bitterballen or pasta. Quite fancy the ‘Indian fishcurry with yoghurt, cumin, green beansmyself.

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Scritti’s first and last gig in 25 years

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I was so happy to read the answer of Scritti’s new keyboard-player, Rhodri Marsden, in the mail:


Paradiso, the club where Scritti will be performing this Thursdag (30th of March 2006), is advertising the gig as Scritti’s first and last one in 25 years.

But now we know that’s just plain, ordinairy, Umm … bullshit!

Update: Paradiso updated their website.

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Unexpected pleasure

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To be honest, for me Scritti Politti was a closed book. A fine and exquisite book, but nevertheless closed. Anhomie & Bonhomie was the epilogue (feauturing “brushed with oil, dusted with powder” as Green’s magnum opus). Early was received as the digitized prologue, contributing nothing else then being able to hear the early jewels in digital format on CD. Scritti Politti had become enjoying the music and completing the recorded collection with missing items, rarities an odd releases. Never could i have dreamt that i would see Green performing live. The re-appearance as Double G & the Traitorous Three was a complete surprise. I was fortunate to see the first Luminaire gig on february 5th. There was an absolute sensational vibe in the air and it was surely a milestone in my life (also to be able to greet Green personally). And now the unexpected Paradiso gig, wow, i am totally ready for it. Bring on the arts !

Waiting for Paradiso

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Just two more days till the gig in Paradiso! I have to admit, i’m not as excited/nervous as i was before the gig in the Luminaire, but that involved flying towards a big city in another country. Now i just hop on the train and the tram and get home, well, whenever. Gotta take care the batteries in my camera are fully charged, and then simply enjoy!

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