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Imperfect Way

Posted at 11pm on 04/28/06 by

“Boom boom bap. Tap tap tap. That’s the beat of my life” sang The Sweetest Voice. ‘Boom boom thud. Buzz buzz buzz’ sang the onstage monitors. Or at least that’s how Green Gartside heard it. This was pop’s most-infamously stage-shy star staring his demons in the face. “You wonder why I haven’t played for 26 years?” he sighed as another technical glitch left him looking for the exit sign.

And yet, in sharp contrast, for those of us out there in front of him – a loyal band of performance-starved devotees – it sounded quite wonderful, flaws and all. A sublime set of all-new songs bristling with hooks and harmonies. Pure pop with the windows of possibility opened wide.

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What’s Cooking?

Posted at 11pm on 04/28/06 by

3 More clips, that’s what. Cooking, E11th Nuts and Robin Hood (encore). That makes six clips sofar from last monday’s gig in the Luminaire. Green is wearing the Double G & The Traitorous 3 T-shirt again, as you can see in the encore. As for the songs, i don’t have a clear favourite yet, that has to surface through several listens. Do enjoy Cooking a lot, especially the last part. Go something, go something, go something…

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Snow In Sun

Posted at 5pm on 04/28/06 by

What’s this? It’s another clip from last mondays gig in The Luminaire yet again! Snow In Sun. The little false start in the beginning makes it just that bit more special. From an audience point of view ofcourse, must be different for the performers. Then you want things to be perfect. I’m really happy with the gigs and the chance of seeing a more human, approachable side of Scritti Politti, which up untill the beginning of this year was a sort of mirage in the desert. Now, it’s real.

Thanks to John Hyde and David C for letting us show these clips.

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After Six

Posted at 4pm on 04/28/06 by

Another treat! This time it’s After Six, my favourite singalong song sofar. I’ve caught myself humming Jesus, keep your love away from me… quite some time.

I’ve also learned my lesson and checked the tracklisting, After Six is on the cd, but then ofcourse completely different. Or so i imagine. Because i haven’t actually heard it.

All clips are accessible as well from the Video page, where you can see all clips we’ve got sofar. Not the best quality, but unique material nonetheless.

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Am I Right In Thinking

Posted at 10pm on 04/27/06 by

Feast your eyes and ears on a new clip from the gig in the Luminaire last monday April 24th. The song featured is Am I Right In Thinking . You do need the Flash 8 player. Thanks David C and John Hyde for letting us show this clip on bibbly-o-tek.

Update: It appears i do not know the tracklisting of the upcoming cd by heart, i need to memorize. Someone had to point out to me that Am I Right In Thinking isn’t on the new cd. And i really love this song!

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