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A Hay with the Word

Posted at 3pm on 06/05/06 by

These are the first pics I have seen from the Hay Fest last week. Thanks Sam for these camera phone pics from the Hay Festival!


Some more from Gavin!

(A Perfect Hay??? hmmm? too corny…)

John Hyde

The sweetest gig

Posted at 5pm on 06/03/06 by

First review from the Scritti Politti gig at the Hay Literary Festival 02-06-2006, by Karren Ablaze

The birth of Scritti Politti

Here’s a review-ette of the Clyro Court gig… somewhere in the middle of Wales, last night… it took place in a large purpose built venue at the back of a Shelock Holmes-themed hotel, the crowd seemed to be mainly literary festival attendees. They didn’t dance, but they were REALLY into it… The Double G posse, now consciously calling themselves Scritti Politti, seemed kind of edgy at first – there’d not been as much time as they would have liked to set up and soundcheck (and they like to do LONG soundchecks). I was worried about them, but when they came onstage what struck me was they LOOKED so good. Ranging personalities and styles, no uniform, but nevertheless they had definitely gelled into a group and were a pleasure to watch. Alyssa is a focal point of gorgeousness there at the front, and opposite her, Dicky looked suave, his performance dreamlike. Dave took on the role of setting up Green’s lyrics on the music stand for each song, and his manner of doing it was a performance in itself, seeming to whistle as he loped across the stage, self-assured and loving evey minute. Green’s appearance is chimeric – who is he? what is he? is he really there? But as a group, as a team, is seems that they have BECOME Scritti Politti. This show was evidence of that birth.

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Scritti Politti way back in 1979

Posted at 10pm on 05/29/06 by

Ratinger HofBlimey! That’s 27 years ago, I was a 15 year old listening to The Police, Nina Hagen and The Specials. I didn’t know Scritti Politti, or that they were playing live all over Europe. Roger Holmes had more sense and saw Scritti Politti play in The Okie Dokie. He even still has the poster!

He still remembers:

The gig was actually moved from The Ratinger Hoff in Dusseldorf old town to The Okie Dokie in Dusseldorf suburb Neuss on 09. april ’79. (At The Rat, as we called it, I also saw bands like X.T.C., 999 and Wayne County before he became Jayne County).
Can’t remember the set-list except the one with the german poet. It was afterall 27 yrs ago, and the set was pretty much improvised around loose themes like Skank Bloc and Spitalfields.
Green appeared very tall because of his enormous (black) hair. Pre-Cure/Bob Smith scruffiness.
Recall talking to dreadlocked-drummer Tom Morley wondering why Scritti were support to Red Crayola. Apparently they took turns at headlining.

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Imperfect Way

Posted at 11pm on 04/28/06 by

“Boom boom bap. Tap tap tap. That’s the beat of my life” sang The Sweetest Voice. ‘Boom boom thud. Buzz buzz buzz’ sang the onstage monitors. Or at least that’s how Green Gartside heard it. This was pop’s most-infamously stage-shy star staring his demons in the face. “You wonder why I haven’t played for 26 years?” he sighed as another technical glitch left him looking for the exit sign.

And yet, in sharp contrast, for those of us out there in front of him – a loyal band of performance-starved devotees – it sounded quite wonderful, flaws and all. A sublime set of all-new songs bristling with hooks and harmonies. Pure pop with the windows of possibility opened wide.

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What’s Cooking?

Posted at 11pm on 04/28/06 by

3 More clips, that’s what. Cooking, E11th Nuts and Robin Hood (encore). That makes six clips sofar from last monday’s gig in the Luminaire. Green is wearing the Double G & The Traitorous 3 T-shirt again, as you can see in the encore. As for the songs, i don’t have a clear favourite yet, that has to surface through several listens. Do enjoy Cooking a lot, especially the last part. Go something, go something, go something…

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Snow In Sun

Posted at 5pm on 04/28/06 by

What’s this? It’s another clip from last mondays gig in The Luminaire yet again! Snow In Sun. The little false start in the beginning makes it just that bit more special. From an audience point of view ofcourse, must be different for the performers. Then you want things to be perfect. I’m really happy with the gigs and the chance of seeing a more human, approachable side of Scritti Politti, which up untill the beginning of this year was a sort of mirage in the desert. Now, it’s real.

Thanks to John Hyde and David C for letting us show these clips.

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After Six

Posted at 4pm on 04/28/06 by

Another treat! This time it’s After Six, my favourite singalong song sofar. I’ve caught myself humming Jesus, keep your love away from me… quite some time.

I’ve also learned my lesson and checked the tracklisting, After Six is on the cd, but then ofcourse completely different. Or so i imagine. Because i haven’t actually heard it.

All clips are accessible as well from the Video page, where you can see all clips we’ve got sofar. Not the best quality, but unique material nonetheless.

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Am I Right In Thinking

Posted at 10pm on 04/27/06 by

Feast your eyes and ears on a new clip from the gig in the Luminaire last monday April 24th. The song featured is Am I Right In Thinking . You do need the Flash 8 player. Thanks David C and John Hyde for letting us show this clip on bibbly-o-tek.

Update: It appears i do not know the tracklisting of the upcoming cd by heart, i need to memorize. Someone had to point out to me that Am I Right In Thinking isn’t on the new cd. And i really love this song!

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Robin Hood

Posted at 12pm on 04/19/06 by

Robin Hood (we know who you are) send us this:


Click for large version!

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Scritti Politti at the Hay Festival

Posted at 5pm on 04/16/06 by

A date for a new gig popped up: friday, June 2nd, there is a Scritti Politti gig scheduled at the Hay Festival in South Wales. The program, sofar only available in pdf format, says that at 22.00 in the Cinema venue, there will be Green Gartside – Scritti Politti. There are no more details available, but it seems most likely that it is actual gig, not a screening or Q&A. Even though a Q&A might be worth attending!

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The g-i-g story

Posted at 11am on 04/10/06 by

As we’re patiently awaiting the next gig in two weeks time on April 24th in the Luminaire in London, it might be a nice idea to go back to when the first news on the gigs became public. Its a well known story to all who follow the Yahoo group, but for those who don’t, here goes. On monday January 2nd, 2006 at 1:18 pm a post appeared on the Scritti Politti Yahoo group.

[…]with support from …..oddly enough Green from Scritti Politti’s new band Double G & The Traitorous 3

Stunned and incredulous responses followed. The news of a new cd coming out, and the first public airing of Boom Boom Bap on radio BBC6 just a week before that seemed enough to satisfy a patient scritti fan. And who were Double G & the Traitorous 3 anyway? Yeah, Double G might refer to Green Gartside, but it could just as well be, hmm, well, who ever…

A few days later it started to look like it was for real. A response from Geoff Travis, Rough Trade founder, stated:

yes this saturday night at the windmill in brixton,tell your friends
and come down.
it really is true.


So on saturday January 7th, in the Windmill in Brixton, London, there was the first live performance in 26 years of Double G. ..and the Traitorous 3 …plus 2.

I do remember my own reaction. It’s a funny thing, being a scritti fan. It can lay dormant for years and years, i mean, 5 (technically only 4, since Early is a compilation) albums in 25 years! And ever since the mid 80s there was no question of a live gig. I remember reading interviews in 1985, when Cupid & Psyche came out, where Green flirted with the idea of playing the songs live. It just never happened.

After the gig rapt reviews started to flood in. The Guardian posted the first official story about the gig. And there was gonna be more too! It was then i decided i wasn’t going to miss out on this and i asked in the group if other Dutchies were interested in teaming up and going to the next gig. Lucky for me there were, and thats when i met Marco and Ernst, on February 5th, on Rotterdam Airport, on our way to London. Must admit i met Marco a week earlier in Rotown in Rotterdam. But it felt nice to write we met on the airport!

It feels like ancient history now, a couple of months further on. But if you told me a year ago i would see Green play live twice (and maybe more) in 2006, i would have called you a dreamer.

The one question that troubled/entertained/puzzled me: why now? I don’t have an answer. But i suspect, being in the Rough Trade fold again, which seems to me a music loving, enthusiastic bunch of people, it might be simple the fun of it. And i hope it keeps staying fun for a long time!

As for the name ‘Double G & the Traitorous 3’, it’s obvious who Double G is. The Traitorous 3 might refer to The Treacherous Three, formed in the late 70s by Kool Moe Dee, Special K and DJ Easy Lee. There is also a reference to Funky Four Plus One and Double D. And one might even think of a certain bra-size…

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Good Friday BBQ

Posted at 8am on 04/06/06 by

[Ed.] Hmm, in the Yahoo group Rhodri (the keyboard player) says this listing is an error.

A kind comment (Mike) pointed out there is another gig scheduled for next friday, April 14th, in the Windmill Brixton. The place where the first ever Double G gig took place. At this short notice i can’t make it to London (also, money is an issue). Can’t speak for the other bibbly-o-tek co-authors though! Its still excellent news, good to keep the gigs going!

Complete line-up:

  • DEXY
  • DJs: Sparky Lightbourne, Richie Capes, The Rupinator (tbc)

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New Double G gig announced

Posted at 9am on 04/04/06 by

Double G & the Traitorous 3 will take the stage in the Luminaire in London once more on april 24 th !

See here on the website of The Luminaire.

Update: We’ve just recieved a confirmation email from Double G News:
The next Double G show is on Monday 24th April at The Luminaire, 311 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 7JR.

Tickets are available for £6 at the following link:

Scritti Politti in Amsterdam City

Posted at 10am on 04/02/06 by

Double G and the Traitorous 3 (+2) are becoming more and more a band, at least as it looks from the outside. The gig in Paradiso on thursday march 30 th was great. The vibe was good, Green seemed relaxed and the band more in tune with eachother. Music before and after a concert always has my interest, it determines a large part of the atmosphere ; Green had an excellent choice of old school reggae before and load hiphop beats from DJ Shadow after the concert (he brought his own cd’s). The setlist was similair to the Luminaire gigs, for me the “D to the O” song was new. My personal favourite is “Robin Hood”, announced as a song about socialism and beautiful women. The band sounded fuller and the guitars a bit rougher. I am very curious what the album will sound like. With most bands you first have the album, wondering how it will sound live. Not with Scritti this time. We now know what is sounds like live, now let’s have the studio album ! After the fantastic performance Green & co hung around in Paradiso to talk to their friends and fans. Stagemanager Andy gave me a copy of the Robin Hood lyrics, Green was so kind to autograph the lyrics and make a small drawing on it (Robin Hood ?). Afterwards the whole gang, including some fans (and the bibbly-o-tek team) went for dinner in a turkish restaurant across the street (where they had, i guess, no clue who their guests were). All in all a night worthy to write about in your diary.

… and more clips!

Posted at 12pm on 04/01/06 by

More clips on the video page! This time its a whole bunch of them. A bit broken up and not the best quality, but it might give you a sense of how the atmosphere was. A little bit.

‘We’re actually Double G and the Traitorous 3 plus 2 this evening, untill we’ve learned how to become Scritti Politti because we haven’t… i haven’t done it for a long time’

is what Green says at the start of the gig.

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The best Scritti ever

Posted at 1am on 04/01/06 by

gg-adam-300306.JPGSure Cupid & Psyche 85 was a fantastic album. But there was one thing no one could ever imagine: Scritti performing those songs live. So for me Scritti only existed on records.

But this year, 2006, it all changed. Scritti started performing live again! Okay, Green is using the Double G & the Traitorous 3 (plus 2) moniker, but no doubt: they are the new Scritti. And probably the best Scritti ever!

The gig at the Paradiso on the 30th of March was a great one. Scritti was playing in the small hall which felt strange because I played in the big hall years ago with the band MAM. But it suited the band better; a smaller place with more intimacy.

The band was really going for it; a very energetic sound and a great overall contact between band-members. Green wasn’t that anxious, he seems to be more relaxed than anyone could imagine.

To make a long story short: it was a great gig. I was glad to hear they will be peforming more often (probably Amsterdam again, soon, within 2 months). Green asking us out for diner was another amazing thing. So just before leaving I gave Green my Melodiefabriek-card. You’ll never know what happens next…

D to the O, U to the B, L to the E, the Double G!

Posted at 10am on 03/31/06 by

First video online from the gig yesterday on the video page. More to follow soon!

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Post Paradiso

Posted at 4pm on 03/30/06 by

Scritti Politti PosterA short first impression still fresh after the gig: I loved it! It still is a surreal experience watching Green and band play live, but even more enjoyable now i know the songs a little bit better. There is nothing much more i can write about it right now – its kinda late and i’m tired. I’m starting to suspect the new album might become one of my favourite scritti albums of all time, and thats saying much. I love this music!

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Pre-gig meeting at the Balie

Posted at 8am on 03/29/06 by

De BalieTomorrow (!) from 16.30 there will be an informal gathering of all Scritsters who are going to the Paradiso gig in De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10. It’s close to the Leidseplein and, more importantly, the Paradiso. We can have a little chat, get frightfully excited on any green sign around, drink beer, have some bitterballen or pasta. Quite fancy the ‘Indian fishcurry with yoghurt, cumin, green beansmyself.

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Scritti’s first and last gig in 25 years

Posted at 12pm on 03/28/06 by

I was so happy to read the answer of Scritti’s new keyboard-player, Rhodri Marsden, in the mail:


Paradiso, the club where Scritti will be performing this Thursdag (30th of March 2006), is advertising the gig as Scritti’s first and last one in 25 years.

But now we know that’s just plain, ordinairy, Umm … bullshit!

Update: Paradiso updated their website.

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