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Creatures What You Never Knew About

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We just got an e-mail in from Bob, who maintains a podcast at PodOmatic.

I’ve just shared part one of a radio show I recorded with Green when he was between leaving Rough Trade and signing for a major.

I hope this is some interest to you

I just started it up and enjoying the 1983 music! Sofar i haven’t heard Green speak a lot yet, but hey.. i’m not even halfway the podcast. As this is part one, i do expect another part soon. You can find this here: Scritti Politti (Green Gartside) Interview (Part one).

This interview is from a interesting period, between leaving Rough Trade and signing with a major company. The main part of the broadcast is music, lots of reggae passing along. It’s a bit of a shock thinking that this is recorded 31 years ago.

So, i’ll keep on listening to this interview. It’s actually really nice to listen to this young Green talking about writing songs for other people and the person who represents him in New York. It’s not an in depth interview, but it’s pleasant to listen to.

Anyways, have a listen yourself. Enjoy!

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Green Gartside sits in on BBC 6Music and plays and talks about some of his favorite music

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We found this in our Bibbly-O-Inbox:

Yesterday afternoon Green presented his first show on BBC 6Music, sitting in for the regular presenter. It’s now up on iPlayer for you to enjoy:

Green played and talked about some of his favorite music. Next Sunday afternoon, the 5th of January, he will be doing another show. The shows are archived (for how long?) so you can check them out for a while I guess.

Edit January 1 2014: added the songs i could find in a Spotify playlist (Ellen)

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Green at the Hot Chip BBC sessions

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With Green on guitar and some background singing Hot Chip recorded a cover of the song She Wolf (performed by Shakira) for a BBC radio 1 session. With compliments of Shakira herself.

Hot Chip – She Wolf

As a bonus, don’t miss the amazing I feel better clip, the new single of Hot Chip. Enjoy!

Green Gartside in The Charles Hazlewood Show

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Green in greenLast night Green performed two brand new songs at The Charles Hazlewood Show (BBC2) and chats a bit about how he wrote them. No official titles for those two new songs yet. First track has the working title ‘Unfrozen’ and the second ‘Forgiven’.

Sit back for 10 minutes and listen:

BBC2, Charles Hazlewood Show, May 16th 2007.mp3

Acoustic session on BBC2 radio

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Last night Scritti Politti had a short, 3s ong acoustic session on Janice Long’s BBC radio 2 show. Dave, Dicky and Rhodri accompanied Green in a beautiful toned down rendition of Road to no Regret, Snow in Sun and After Six. Relexed interview, a really good listen this one. Some news on future plans: a collaboration with Alexis from Hot Chip (?), vague talks with Elvis Costello, something with a New York symphony orchestra. The plan is to buckle down and do some work (i second that!). In the beginning of June something for Friends of the Earth.

Session BBC radio 2 – Janice Long

Scritti Politti in session for Marc Riley on BBC6

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Today on BBC6 Scritti Politti had a session with full band! Mark Riley had a natter with Green and they played After 6, apparently the new single and Dr. Abernathy. From this place i’d like to thank the BBC for their excellent listen again service. Sweet.

BBC6 Scritti session (13 mb)

Tracks of my years

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Last week Green had the opportunity to choose some of his favourite tracks for Ken Bruce‘s show on BBC Radio 2. A slightly different selection from the one published in the Itunes Music Store (see earlier post). On friday he talks about future projects. Two albums! A hiphop one and an album with ‘proper’ songs. Yummy..

Day Tripper ~ The Beatles
Heroes ~ David Bowie

Sign O’ The Times ~ Prince
This Flight Tonight ~ Joni Mitchell

Shake Your Body Down ~ The Jacksons
Chains Of Fools ~ Aretha Franklin

Walk This Way ~ Run DMC & Aerosmith
Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours ~ Stevie Wonder

Surfs Up ~ The Beach Boys
Backseat Of My Car ~ Paul McCartney

An interview, session and some links

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Last evening on BBC 6 in Tom Robinson‘s show Tom interviewed Green and Snow In Sun and Robin Hood were played live accompanied by Dicky Moore on guitar and Alyssa … McLundough … (sorry, it’s quite hard to catch her surname, someone help out?) on bass. They talk about John Peel’s funeral, a Gamson produced Tony LeMans’ album, where Green did sing on – now I didn’t know that! At the end there is also some talk about the website, still not fully online, but hopefully people will find their way to bibbly-o-tek, cuz it’s the best!

BBC 6 – Tom Robinson

While you listen you might wanna check out some links. Imomus talks a bit about White Bread Black Beer. He refers to Simon Reynolds epigraph on K-punk‘s analysis of Green’s voice and the meaning of his lyrics. Now at one point i might wanna add my 2 cents. Not now though.

For all you lucky people who are going to tomorrow’s free gig at the Tate, enjoy! Take pictures, maybe even film something. Send us stuff! We’ll be happy to publish it.

Soundcheck radio interview and session

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The sveltering heat here in the Netherlands – and all over Europe – makes sitting behind one’s computer a bit less attractive, but this afternoon i did do so and captured the interview and session which was on WNYC last week on July 18th. Hopefully not all americans pronounce Screetti Poleetti the same way as the interviewer!

Soundcheck interview and session

A picture taken during the session was posted on Flickr. Ernst in an earlier comment here on bibbly-o-tek unveiled the t-shirt is from DC Clothing – in case you’re wondering…

Jonathan Ross interviews Green…

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… and Green plays live! On BBC Radio 2 in the Jonathan Ross show there is friendly bantering between Green and Jonathan, who confesses to have been a fan ever since The ‘Sweetest’ Girl, giving a rather unfaithful rendition of the song. In the later part Green plays Snow In Sun and Robin Hood, only accompanied with guitar.

BBC Radio 2 Jonathan Ross (21 minutes, 19 mb)

There were some hiccups during capturing, but it’s only for a second or so twice.

BBC2 Weekender interview with Green

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On last night’s show the Weekender on BBC Radio 2 Green was interviewed by Matthew Right. You can listen again, but as these streams tend to dispappear into thin air, you’d better listen right here at bibbly-o-tek. It’s basically the same story rehashed, but it’s sure is nice to listen to Green’s voice. Which makes me think, in the old days, i used to wonder if his speaking voice would sound the same as his singing voice. Quite happy to say it doesn’t. :)

BBC 2 Weekender interview

BBC Radio Wales interview with Green

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This sunday 11th June on BBC Radio Wales an interview with Green will be broadcasted on the Adam Walton programme at 10pm. It’s possible to listen live through the internet or through the Listen Again option. We at bibbly-o-tek will of course capture the stream and post it here after the show!

BBC Wales interview – part 1

BBC Wales interview – part 2

Live session on BBC Radio 2 with Mark Radcliffe

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In an hour and a half Scritti Politti will play live on BBC Radio 2 in the Mark Radcliffe show. This time it’s not only Green with a guitar, but the whole band. The newsletter from the Double G website says:

We’re currently travelling up the M6 to Manchester. We’ll be performing a few songs live on Mark Radcliffe’s show on BBC Radio 2 tonight (that’s Tuesday) at 10.30pm.

Watch this space for our capture of the event!

Session BBC Radio 2, Mark Radcliffe, part 1
Session BBC Radio 2, Mark Radcliffe, part 2
Session BBC Radio 2, Mark Radcliffe, part 3

Great session, lovely interview. Songs played are Snow In Sun, Robin Hood and Road To No Regret.

For those among you who – like us – want the songs:
Snow In Sun
Robin Hood
Road To No Regret

Gary Crowley talks with Green

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This evening on May 20th Green had an interview with Gary Crowley on BBC London radio. During the interview four songs were played from White Bread, Black Beer, The Boom Boom Bap, Snow In Sun, Dr. Abernathy and Road To No Regret. The interview itself wasn’t really in depth, at least, i didn’t hear any revelations. Apart from the little fact that Green went to see Brian Wilson play live. Seems now that the official release date for the album is May 29th. The single is due sometime in June.

BBC Gary Crowley interview (68 mb – 45 minutes)

Green on 3fm radio, Holland

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Just a few minutes ago Green did a fantastic interview for 3fm radio. We captured the stream as usual :)

The interview was done by phone, interesting because Green is in Amsterdam right now.


Session acoustique de Scritti Politti

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Green packed his guitar and trundled off to lovely Paris in summerlike spring to do an acoustic session at Radio Planet Claire. You can visit the, ehm, rather quaint website and listen to the live stream at the 57 minute mark. Or you can just listen here!

Songs played: Snow In Sun, Robin Hood, Road To No Regret.


… and Green talked a little bit about the past, the new album and his new Scritti band:


Martin Fry likes Scritti

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martinfry.jpgJust now on Dutch Radio 3 FM, in the Eighties Request Week, ABC’s Martin Fry mentioned Scritti’s Wood Beez as one his favourite eighties records. In his opinion Scritti Politti is an underrated band. There was also mentioning of the new Scritti album. After that they played Wood Beez. Lovely. Scritti is back for sure.

Gary Crowley – BBC London

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On radio BBC London Gary Crowley played The Boom Boom Bap and mentioned that in a few weeks time Green will do an one-hour special on his show. Luckily for all non-UK people the show is streamed at the BBC website. We’ll keep an eye on this and try to capture the special once it’s aired.

You can have a listen here to what Gary had to say, and listen to The Boom Boom Bap as a bonus!

Gary Crowley on BBC London

Steve Levine’s talk about Wood Beez

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r-allinson_s-levine_a-mardin.jpgThere’s a nice documentary on Arif Mardin at BBC radio 2 with Steve Levine talking about the digital editing techniques behind Wood Beez.

We captured it for archive reasons. Check it out:

If the BBC objects about us doing this, please let us know.