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Nelson Mandela RIP

Posted at 4pm on 12/06/13 by

Scritti Politti drummer from the 1970s Tom Worley put this fascinating tribute together of the great leader Nelson Mandela who passed away yesterday at 95. He has also been involved in the Piece One Day initiative and works with an organisation that helps companies build teamwork through music.

Thanks for these great contributions Tom! Nelson Mandela is one of my heroes and his legacy of freedom and democracy in South Africa will live on for generations.

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A couple of weeks ago Spotify was released in the Netherlands. After trying to find all my old cassette tapes on there – with only a 50% success rate – , i turned my attention to Scritti Politti songs.

Most songs are very easy to find, simply do a search for Scritti Politti. A surprisingly large amount of results, including most 12″ releases and remixes, the Mastermind Turntable mix, A world come back to live, Dead Certainty and the Nice up the area mix of Take me in your arms and love me, one of my personal favourites.

A couple of collaborations are harder to spot. The L is for lover performed by Al Jarreau, Love of a lifetime by Chaka Kahn. Wrap it up of the Eurythmics and Someday of Kylie Minogue is in the spotify collection as well. Even Turn on red by David Gamson! Sadly i couldn’t find I don’t know why i love you.

If you want to experience a severe scritti overdose, vastly superior to the upcoming Absolute best of compilation, check out the Scrittipalooza playlist!

Robert E. Lee

Posted at 9pm on 01/14/08 by

Robert E. LeePatiently awaiting new material (a bit funky preferably, mr. Green ) we could not resist the temptation and so we brushed the live clip from Robert E. Lee with oil and dusted it with powder (Marco tuned it up little bit).

We haven’t dissected the lyrics yet, but according to our history book Robert E. Lee was a prominent confederate general. Any suggestions about the lyrics are welcome.


WBBB Special Japanese Edition

Posted at 8pm on 09/28/06 by

Today my long awaited package from HMV Japan arrived from Tokyo, a special edition of WBBB with bonus DVD (yum yum !). The cd is exactly the same as the UK version, the DVD features the Shai Productions documentary, which was mentioned here earlier. It’s an interesting interview with Green mixed with some sightseeing, guitar shopping, beer drinking and the fine sounds of No Fine Lines, Snow in Sun, Robin Hood and After Six. The Japanese subtitles makes it all a bit exotic. I must say that I am quite satisfied with the service of HMV Japan. A reasonable price (YEN 3912) and very fast shipping (they shipped it 25-09, I received it 28-09).

The very first gig recording

Posted at 5am on 07/07/06 by

With Scritti Politti’s official summer UK started yesterday in Brighton, this is a most fitting time for a recording of the first ever gig to pop up and amaze. 28 Years ago, November 18 1978, in Acklam Hall this was recorded. The song is called Art Forever, a genuine lost song found again. John unearthed this little gem, and it sure does sound sweet!

Art Forever

Also, the ticket for the gig.
Ticket to the Acklam Hall gig

Thanks Russell from Barrow-in-Furness for this unique material!

a few Perfect Ways

Posted at 9am on 06/22/06 by

Sound-wise Perfect Way has that typical 80’s sound. And sure, Scritti is responsible for that :)

The thing that still does it for me is the way the song modulates from the intro into the verse and then finally into the refrain. My head is still popping off when I hear it and I am sure the same thing happened to Miles Davis. Miles did a cover of Perfect Way on his album Tutu.

Perfect Way (promo)

Perfect Way (promo)
Lots of effects and remixing tricks, typical 80’s stuff, but still a cool mix.

Perfect Way Remix

Perfect Way Remix
An interesting remix, monoish sounding (maybe caused by a ‘not so Perfect’ file-conversion?), but with a few interesting twists.

Perfect Way (demo)

Perfect Way (demo)
This is a very interesting one. It fooled me. At first I thought it was the original version but it’s not. The mix is different. I have not A/B compared it to the original version yet. Would be something for an interesting discussion I guess. Just leave your comments below!

A collection worth having

Posted at 8pm on 06/20/06 by

This might be the most complete Scritti Politti collection i’ve ever seen, ranging from the very first singles to special editions of Anomie & Bonhomie. Multiple versions of each single, album, cd limited editions, posters… even a gold record for Cupid & Psyche. John got all these photo’s from Mitsuo from Japan.


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A new rarity

Posted at 2pm on 05/17/06 by


Thanks to Michael Cleveland: a new rarity!

Rhodri’s shirt

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We want that one. Wanna share your couch with us Rhodri?


Absolute remix

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Available at

Captured for archive reasons:

Who has created this? We don’t have a clue. If you know more, please add your comments below!

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Tinseltown To The Boogiedown – promo

Posted at 9pm on 04/22/06 by

ttttbd.jpgCat. no. VSCTD1731/VSCDX1731/VST1731/VSTDJ1731
Release date 05-07-1999

This is an 11 track remix promo cd, containing the Radio Edit of Tinseltown To The Boogiedown, the Album Version, “Dead Certainty” and 8 remixes (variations) of Tinseltown To The Boogiedown by the likes of producer Psycho Les, hiphopster Pete Rock, DJ Rob Swift and Ali Shaheed Mohammed (one of the founding members of A Tribe Called Quest). My personal favourite is the Rob Swift Variation, who gives the tune a spin with a catchy dancehall style beat and a recurring scratch sound.

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