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Creatures What You Never Knew About

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We just got an e-mail in from Bob, who maintains a podcast at PodOmatic.

I’ve just shared part one of a radio show I recorded with Green when he was between leaving Rough Trade and signing for a major.

I hope this is some interest to you

I just started it up and enjoying the 1983 music! Sofar i haven’t heard Green speak a lot yet, but hey.. i’m not even halfway the podcast. As this is part one, i do expect another part soon. You can find this here: Scritti Politti (Green Gartside) Interview (Part one).

This interview is from a interesting period, between leaving Rough Trade and signing with a major company. The main part of the broadcast is music, lots of reggae passing along. It’s a bit of a shock thinking that this is recorded 31 years ago.

So, i’ll keep on listening to this interview. It’s actually really nice to listen to this young Green talking about writing songs for other people and the person who represents him in New York. It’s not an in depth interview, but it’s pleasant to listen to.

Anyways, have a listen yourself. Enjoy!

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Scritti Politti among Highlights at Laugharne Festival

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From Adrian Colley’s Blog:

Green Gartside’s voice, for me, is one of the wonders of the age which I never clocked back in the 80s.

Scritti Politti at Laugharne Festival

A breathy, girlish, achingly tender tone, it’s a startling contrast to his between-song boom.

Not even a big fan in the Eighties, I’ve been thunderstruck by how good they are live and how close to their recorded sound they come.

Understated tunes so gentle and peaceful you want to stroke them. Phil Jupitus head-jived in his seat,  Mark Ellen admired from the side and I’m still trying to work out why they are not more popular.

Here is a link to a video on YouTube! A nice conversation by Green and a live version of  Brushed with Oil…

Here is a link to Adrian Colley complete blog!

We received a heads-up email from Richard Barret about Adrian Colley blog via email last week!

Thanks for passing on the info to us Richard and thanks to Adrian for writing the article and posting the media!


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Scritti to play live April 4th!

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According to the Laugharne Weekend website Scritti Politti will play live on Friday, April 4th, 2014 at the Millennium Hall at 7 pm.

Having trouble reading the text in the English language? The site is also available in Welsh.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Update: Green and Rhodri will be playing for sure. It is a small venue. Details to come.


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Nelson Mandela RIP

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Scritti Politti drummer from the 1970s Tom Worley put this fascinating tribute together of the great leader Nelson Mandela who passed away yesterday at 95. He has also been involved in the Piece One Day initiative and works with an organisation that helps companies build teamwork through music.

Thanks for these great contributions Tom! Nelson Mandela is one of my heroes and his legacy of freedom and democracy in South Africa will live on for generations.

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“Fruit Tree” on Way to Blue Nick Drake Tribute Album drops…

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Thanks to loyal longtime visitor David C and to the folks at you can now listen to Green Gartside’s new studio track “Fruit Tree” on the new “Way to Blue” Nick Drake Tribute album.  (Green has performed live in the past.)  Here is  a quick clip of my favorite part of the song. Also, here is a link to a great article and the full version of the song on You can also buy the track on iTunes here!


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New track from Green to drop in May!

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According to BEF is scheduled to release Music of Quality and Distinction Volume 3 Dark on May 6th. The release includes Green covering The Delfonics “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time.”   This shouldn’t come as a complete surprise since Green performed this song live in 2011 with BEF. Here is our post about their special live event.  Interesting follow up to this song from BEF Music of Quality and Distinction Volume 2 and Green Covering Steve Wonder’s classic “I Don’t Know Why I Love You.” Here is a link to a video of that remake!  Concert goers claim that Green also sang the Stevie Wonder’s classic tune at the live event, but a I have never seen a video clip, which I would love to see and hear! In the immortal words of Ben Stein “Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?” ( Update April 2: Greg C posted this link to Amazon for a quick snippet on FaceBook.)


Scritti heads to Germany: Party like it is 1979!

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I started doing some research on the last time Green made the trek to Germany to play live. It was some 33 years ago and thought  it would be cool to post and write about what I found after doing some digging. Since Rhodri has been busy publishing dates of gigs on and posting to social media, I thought I had better dig a bit deeper to make our content on more relevant. Rhodri has been too busy rehearsing with Scritti, playing with other bands, working with the Independent and making sure the band sounds good to dig this deep. That is what we are here for! (No offense Rhodri, you are awesome and I just thought I would write about  Scritti’s upcoming trek to Germany and try to make it interesting.)

So I tracked back to the fact that Scritti hasn’t played Germany since 1979. April 9th to be exact. We have this listed in our Gigography section. I don’t have it memorized so I had to look it up. I found that they played here with Red Crayola. (Now known as Red Krayola.) Did you know they are from Texas? I didn’t. Who knew? They toured with Scritti back in the day. And they are still active. The poster has been around and on the internet for a long time. visitor Roger Homes says that the gig was to play at Ratinger Hof in Düsseldorf , but was moved to the Okie Dokie in Neuss, a suburb of Düsseldorf. The Okie Dokie is still operating today. I suggest the band get a hold of them and see if they can add December 1st date at the Okie Dokie. It is only a short drive from Cologne, the last scheduled gig in Germany. If that happened, it could be truly epic!

After further review (American football fans will get the aformentioned reference) Scritti also played in Berlin in 1979. This was NOT in our gigography, so I thought I would mention it here. I found from this link that they played S036, a legendary venue in Kreuzberg’s Oranienstraße with Red Crayola as well. They played there on April 7th if that link is accurate.

If you are in Germany towards the end of this month, be sure to get tickets and see Scritti play live. If that doesn’t work for you, then try some of the UK dates in December. Or, pray for a 2006-esque miracle and hope they play North America again sometime soon.

28th November » Hamburg ¦ Kampnagel [tickets]

29th November » Berlin ¦ HAU [tickets]

30th November » Cologne ¦ Alte Kranhalle / Balloni [tickets]

Opening for St Etienne:

10th December » York ¦ Fibbers [tickets]

11th December » Edinburgh ¦ Liquid Rooms [tickets]

12th December » Manchester ¦ Ritz [tickets]

13th December » Brighton ¦ Concorde 2 [tickets]

14th December » London ¦ Shepherds Bush Empire [tickets]

By the way Strohmeyer is German for Straw Tax Collector.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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Former Scritti Politti drummer Tom Morley recently emailed us at about some music created around the Peace One Day A Global Truce 2012 worldwide event.  This event which is set to occur on September 21st of 2012 is to be a day of non-violence throughout the world at all levels. Efforts by this organization had a similar day in Afghanistan recently.  They had a written agreement with the Taliban so that health and aid workers could help the needy without fear of violence or kidnapping. Peace on earth and non-violence are a pretty darn noble cause if you ask me. Visit Peace One Day to learn more an find out how to get involved.  Here are the three songs and videos of his work that coincides with this global event:

Tom Morley Peace One Day song 1

Tom Morley Peace One Day song 2

Tom Morley Peace One Day song 3

Some trivia: The city scenes of the third song were shot in Chicago from the Magnificent Mile shopping district.  You can see the NBC Tower in the background. Coincidentally, I met Green and the rest of Scritti Politti in 2006 in Chicago at the Double Door. Thanks Tom for being involved in such a worthy and noble cause and for sharing this inspirational music with us!

John and the rest of the team!

Reconstructing the old Scritti songs live, keyboardplayer Rhodri Marsden explains

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photo: Marco Raaphorst

Here we are in the year 2012 with a new Scritti Politti line-up which is able to perform the classic songs in a superb way. They are a small group: drummer Rob Smoughton, Dicky Moore on guitar, Green on vocals and guitar and Rhodri Marsden on keyboards. Plus a computer, of course.

I felt it was about time for setting the record straight and finding out how these old songs were reconstructed for live gigs. So I asked keyboardplayer Rhodri a couple of questions. And guess what? He was happy to answer them!

Tell us a bit about the reconstruction of these old Scritti songs
Rhodri: I think it’s well documented that Green doesn’t enjoy listening to his old material! So what often happens is that I create a MIDI file with all the parts as I THINK they are. Green then works through it and corrects any mistakes I’ve made, and then creates / chooses all the sounds for the parts on his Mac. So by the end of that process we have a recreated Scritti song in Logic Pro which we then use to work from.

I see that you’re using laptops on stage, tell us about it
Rhodri: Actually, we’ve just slimmed down our setup massively in the last few days. Until recently we had four laptops onstage (very old ones, Powerbook G4s); one for live keyboard, one for live drums, two backups in case anything goes wrong. But the new MacBook Pro can handle everything, so that halves the number of computers onstage. Phew. I use a Nord Electro 2 keyboard to trigger my sounds and Rob uses an electronic drum kit, a Roland V-Kit. Green and Dicky both have amp simulators rather than real amps. So it’s really quiet onstage, which is lovely. You can hear all the detail.

Drummer Rob Smoughton is also playing samples on his electronic drumkit?
Rhodri: Yes, Andy (Houston, Green’s engineer) and I spent a lot of time creating virtual instruments for each song we play, using the sounds that Green’s been working on. One drumkit instrument per song for Rob, about ten for me! Some of the songs, like Wood Beez, are a real challenge to play, getting all the parts triggered from one keyboard.

Where do you draw the line between live-playing and laptop?
Rhodri: We started using backing tracks recently; firstly to get a fuller sound, secondly to keep the timing rock solid. Rob plays to a click in headphones, and the parts that we physically can’t play with four human beings come from the laptop – most of the time it’s just bass. Some songs there’ll be hardly anything pre-recorded (Skank Bloc Bologna only has that fast glockenspiel, for example); we play as much stuff live as we possibly can!

New Scritti videos from The Lexington gig March 13th in London

Posted at 5pm on 03/20/12 by

Man, such a sweet sound with Green’s voice totally like-in-the-80’s:

(thanks Gavin!)

And do follow @scrittipolitti on Twitter for updates!

Scritti to play at the 2012 Applecart Festival

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From the Applecart Festival 2012 Website: Whether or not Scritti Politti’s Green Gartside is the brainiest man in pop music (The Guardian, Feb 2011) is a question that can wait for another day. One thing that is definitely unarguable is that his band’s back catalogue is utterly flawless – an audacious stroll from post-punk to perfect pop, block party hip hop to astrally projected soul music.From the early single on Rough Trade (the label he remains on to this day) ‘The Sweetest Girl’ through his purple patch in the mid 80s which saw ‘Wood Beez’, ‘Absolute’ and The Word Girl’ go top ten through working with Miles Davis on ‘Oh Patti’ to his Mercury nominated White Bread, Black beer in 2006. Thirty years on from his epochal debut, Gartside is playing The Apple Cart. Expect a fair few songs to remember.

Ticket information, a nice map and other info can be found here.




Live in London: Spring 2012

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Scritti Politti will play live at 2 venues coming up!

First they plan to play live at the Lexington on March 13th. This was planned and tickets were offered via “The Word Magazine” (seams appropriate n’est pas?) The link to We Got Tickets says it is sold out. Perhaps a look into the secondary market is worth a look for would-be concert goers. Thanks to Bibbly-o-tek visitor DD for bringing this to our attention!

Also Rhodri tweeted recently that they will be performing live at Bush Hall on April 25th. This show sold out very quickly so a second date has been added.  You can catch them a day earlier, on the 24th!  At the time I posted this article, tickets were still available for the 24th here.

An interesting tidbit: (from the Bush Hall website) Scritti Politti have since slimmed down to a 4-piece, with Green playing alongside Dicky Moore, Rhodri Marsden and Rob Smoughton. The show will feature songs from both the past and the present; it marks a proper return to live work for the band, with a handful of festival appearances scheduled over the summer.

Note: Rob Smoughton was the drummer from Hot Chip during their 2010 tour.




Feb 25th live show at the 02 cancelled!

Posted at 6pm on 02/16/12 by

Due to reasons beyond the control of the British Music Experience, the promoter and Roland Gift, this event has been cancelled. Ticketmaster will automatically refund all tickets booked for this event to the credit/debit card used to book.

If you would prefer to speak to Ticketmaster directly, please call their Customer Support Team on 08444 999 999. The lines are open Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 8.00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Please have your booking reference and credit card details ready. Link here for more info. 



Scritti Politti now on Social Networks!

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Scritti Politti joined the social network FaceBook and Twitter today in an effort to promote band related news and information regarding upcoming UK music festivals that they plan to participate in moving forward. The FaceBook page can be found here and the Twitter feed can be found here.  Thanks Rhodri Marsden for posting this on Scritti Politti Share the Love’s FaceBook page.  To date this has been the most active FaceBook page devoted to Scritti Politti. Rhodri Marsden is Scritti’s current keyboard player and one of the original “Traitorous Three” (which were really five) back in 2006. welcomes this development as fans will be able to get Scritti related news faster than ever. Congratulations on having an official presence on these social networks!

Scritti Politti to play live at Green Man Festival 2012

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Scritti Politti is scheduled to play live the 2012 Green Man Festival this August in Wales. Click here for a link for more information.   For tickets click here.  Click this link for a  really cool time lapse video from Green Man 2011.

Thanks to Gavin for brining this to our attention!

More Live shows! (Updated)

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This show has been CANCELLED!


Click the pic above for a full-sized version of the poster.

The Co-operative’s British Music Experience live show on February 25th, 2012 at the 02 in North Greenwich London will feature Roland Gift from Fine Young Cannibals.  Special guests include Jack Hues from Wang Chung and Green Gartisde (along with Rhodri).

Click here for more information and tickets!

The promotional material says “The Perfect Way” will be among the tunes played, but I am told this is not the case. March into spring for other gigs at UK venues that have not been announced, but are being worked on.  Summer festivals are also planned. Stay tuned for more info.
Thanks Adam for bringing info on this gig to our attention!

(Music fans find Scritti Politti on YouTube and FaceBook – Scriiti Politti Fans visit

New song “Slow Deceit” video from the Victoria

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 …a dog’s a dog and a cat’s a cat….

As far as I know, this was the worldwide debut of this song…

Click here to watch the video.

Thanks for helping us with the song title, Rhodri!


PS- The graphic I found online is a dog and a cat with a green background. Seamed fitting. Too cutesy?

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Watch the videos and write your own review below!

Here are videos for Absolute, and a new song called Overcoats, plus Forgiven from Rough Trade Summertime Blues CD in 2007 and Day Late and Dollar Short from the recent Absolute Best of Scritti Politti compilation Green published with David Gamson. Click the full screen button for a bigger view.

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Thanks to an Anonymous regular reader for the videos!


UPDATED (Dec 10): The new song is called “Overcoats” -Thanks Rhodri!

Green Live from Syndey!

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Thanks to reader Jonathan, we have a video of Green singing “Free Ride” at the Nick Drake Tribute show.

Green Gartside Free Ride Nick Drake tribute Sydney Opera

Thanks again, Jonathan!

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Green Gartside plays two low-key London shows

Posted at 10pm on 10/25/11 by

In the mail:

Thursday 8th December & Friday 9th December
Green Gartside + Friends
The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, London E8 3AS
admission £12

To mark the end of the year that saw the release of the Scritti Politti retrospective, “Absolute”, Green will be playing two very low-key shows featuring Scritti Politti material – the first for nearly four years.

On successive nights, Green and friends will be taking over the small back room of a neighbourhood pub for two evenings of live music and DJs. Each night will conclude with an hour-long set by Green, accompanied by members of Scritti Politti and playing a mixture of very new, quite new, quite old and very old material.

Robyn Hitchcock and Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor will play short support sets; Rough Trade’s Geoff Travis will be taking care of DJ duties.

One batch of 50 tickets (per night) will go on sale at midday BST on Tuesday 8th NOVEMBER from the following URLs:

Thursday 8th December show:
Friday 9th December show:

Another batch of 50 will be made available from the same URLs at midday on 29th November. And that’s it! A maximum of four tickets can be bought per person; no tickets will be available on the door on the night.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get hold of a ticket, Green hopes to repeat this event at some point early next year in the run up to the finishing of the next Scritti album.

Cupid Interviews

Posted at 3pm on 10/14/11 by

Here are 2 interviews recently unearthed from the Cupid and Psyche era.

Listen to an audio clip from an American radio station can heard here.

Thanks Justin Bindley for creating an MP3 from an old cassette and sending it on!

Watch a series of interviews and clips from MTV (from the 80’s when they played music!) that I found in my video archive that never made it to this site from my old Scritti Cola site. (It is still refreshing as ever!)


Green & Friends To Play Live Event to Cap 2011

Posted at 1pm on 10/14/11 by


Thursday 8th December & Friday 9th December
Green Gartside + Friends
The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, London E8 3AS
admission £12

To mark the end of the year that saw the release of the Scritti Politti retrospective, “Absolute”, Green will be playing two very low-key shows featuring Scritti Politti material – the first for nearly four years.

On successive nights, Green and friends will be taking over the small back room of a neighbourhood pub for two evenings of live music and DJs. Each night will conclude with an hour-long set by Green, accompanied by members of Scritti Politti and playing a mixture of very new, quite new, quite old and very old material.

Robyn Hitchcock and Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor will play short support sets;
Rough Trade’s Geoff Travis will be taking care of DJ duties.

There are only 150 tickets available for each night. (The set list on both nights will be the same, so don’t buy tickets for both nights expecting to hear something different!) The first batches of 50 tickets will be put on sale at midday BST on Tuesday 18th October, when the following two links go live:

Thursday 8th December show:
Friday 9th December show:

The remaining two batches of 50 will be put on sale at midday on the 8th November and 29th November. A maximum of four tickets can be bought per person.
NO TICKETS will be available on the door on the night.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get hold of a ticket, Green hopes to repeat this event at some point early next year in the run up to the finishing of the next Scritti album.

Thanks Rhodri!








Green headed Down Under!

Posted at 11pm on 08/08/11 by

Green will be participating in the The Nick Drake Tribute Concert that is officially headed for Australia! They will be playing at the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne Recital Centre in November according to this article. 



Oh Patti Clip

Posted at 5am on 07/23/11 by

There are some clips that I never transferred from my old site, Scritti Cola. I will be posting these clips here over the coming days. Watch this clip of a different version of “Oh Patti” here.

Eden Sessions Live show reveal new song!

Posted at 8pm on 07/12/11 by

This is the set list from Eden Sessions where Green and Rhodri played live:

Sweetest Girl


After Six

Boom Boom Bap



Snow In Sun

Word Girl

Wood Beez

Can you pick out the new title?

If you went, please let us know your impressions of the gig.


Nice Interview at the Quietus

Posted at 2pm on 06/01/11 by

Quietus reader Robin just shared this link with us from the

Nice interview that spans Green’s career. Pic by Al Overdrive.

Thanks Robin!


B.E.F. presents “Music of Quality and Distinction Live” in October

Posted at 2am on 05/28/11 by

Screen shot 2011-05-27 at 7.32.18 PM

Carla sent us this info to share with other readers.

The text is below and here is the link!

Thanks, Carla!

Following the success of Heaven 17’s Penthouse and Pavement 30th Anniversary Tour, the British Electric Foundation is proud to present ‘Music of Quality and Distinction Live'; a two day festival at London’s prestigious Roundhouse venue celebrating 30 years of seminal electronic music and unique collaborations.

The two day festival will feature a major concert each night. Friday 14th October will include the world premiere of Heaven 17’s 1983 album The Luxury Gap performed for the first time. The album originally went to #4 in the UK Album chart and scored the band four hit singles – Let Me Go, Temptation, Come Live With Me, and Crushed by the Wheels of Industry.

The concert will be performed live in 3D sound – the latest state-of-the-art immersive audio experience, using 3D soundscape composition techniques pioneered by Martyn Ware and Vince Clarkes’ Illustrious Company.

The following night of the two day festival will be entirely devoted to B.E.F.’s groundbreaking 30-year career of electronic pop, featuring many of the artists originally involved in the B.E.F. Music of Quality and Distinction albums. The concert will also showcase the world premiere of songs from B.E.F.’s upcoming Music of Quality and Distinction: Volume 3 album, Dark.

Although the two day festival will celebrate B.E.F.’s past achievements, there will also be plenty of activities that will look towards the future. During both days there will be many events and installations taking place at the Roundhouse. Organisations participating include i-Design, 5D: The Future of Immersive Design, and Sensoria. There will also be a music film programme, panel discussions, large-scale installations and behind-the-scenes workshops. The two day event promises to be one giant, interactive ‘happening’.

Artists already confirmed for the Music of Quality and Distinction Live concert include Elly Jackson (LaRoux), Green Gartside, Shingai Shoniwa (Noisettes), Boy George, Midge Ure, Andy Bell, Glenn Gregory, Martin Fry, Sandie Shaw and Kim Wilde with many more to come.

Green & Rhodri to play live July 12th!

Posted at 2am on 05/28/11 by

Screen shot 2011-05-27 at 7.20.47 PM

Green and Rhodri will be playing live at the Eden Project in Cornwall on July 12th.

Click this link to learn more!

Perhaps they will perform “Here Come July.” Probably not, but seems fitting…

Thanks for the heads up, Rhodri!


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Green to play Live May 7th, 2011 in London at the Great Folk Jukebox

Posted at 12am on 04/24/11 by


From Southbank Centre website: 1951 saw a major celebration of English folk music at St Pancras Town Hall in the shape of the Festival of Britain Singing Englishmen concert. In tribute to this much-celebrated concert, Marc Almond, Bishi, Green Gartside, Bella Hardy, Robyn Hitchcock, Lisa Knapp, Oysterband and June Tabor are joined by a house band featuring members of Bellowhead to perform some of the great folk songs from the last 60 years.

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Alexis Taylor now frontman for About Group, co-writes with Green

Posted at 4pm on 04/23/11 by


(Album Artwork for Start and Complete)

Thanks to friend David C for pointing out that Green and Alexis Talyor of (Hot Chip/About Group) recently co-wrote on a song called “Repair Man” on the just released Start and Complete album. Here is a ink to the audio of the song.

Here is a link to an article on About Group from the Guardian and below is a review from Norman Record’s Clint and here is a link to Norman Records site.

This is a collaborative effort between Poindexter from Hot Chip, Charles Heyward out of This Heat, a Spring Heel Jack and another bloke. Poindexter sings and plays lovely sounding Wurlitzer and Hammond organs, backed up by Hayward’s very busy drumming. The effect is something akin to an early Steely Dan practice session. The sound is very raw and under-produced yet the songs have a lot of melodic promise. It sounds like they’ve just gone into the rehearsal room and recorded what they have done. The problem being that Hayward’s drumming is far too busy for the arrangements cluttering them up and the wandering electric guitar sounds improvised and detracts rather than adds to the melodies. I was interested to hear the Green Gartside collaboration Repair Man, again potentially a good song certainly with plenty of the Scritti Politti charm but like everything else here it sounds like four people who are simply not listening to each other when they are playing and are all concentrating on their own parts which of course is the key to pub band hell, which unfortunately is what this sounds like despite potentially good songs. I’m sure this was part of the plan for a raw, improvised feel but I’d have preferred a producer to have come in and sort this mess out, cutting out all the unnecessary chaff as well as some ego’s.


I think I would have preferred a producer as well.  – John

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School of Rock? From Rockstar to Educator…Green to teach songwriting!

Posted at 3pm on 04/22/11 by

Green Apple

Want to learn from one from one of the best songwriters ever?  You too can be an accomplished word boy or word girl as Green Gartside is slated to offer a master class on songwriting in July of 2011 at the Premises Studios.

Here are some of the salient details from their website:

We are delighted to announce a new addition to our annual schedule of courses and will be holding the first SONGWRITING AND RECORDING COURSE this summer.  Led by one of the most experienced songwriting tutors in the UK today the course also has masterclasses from GREEN GARTSIDE (Scritti Politti) andROMEO STODART (The Magic Numbers).

Green Gartside is a Mercury Prize nominated songwriter and Scritti Politti’s lead singer.  He has worked with Kylie Minogue, Elvis Costello, Chaka Khan and Al Jarreau and one of his compositions was included in Madonna’s hit film “Who’s That Girl”.  Covered by Miles Davis and Madness, Green is known for being one of the most informed and experienced songwriters working today.

COST: Just £375, including recording, mixing and mastering.

For more information and to request an application form call Julia Craik on 020 7729 7593 or email us at


Let us know if you sign up! We would love to hear about your experience!

Thanks to several readers for pointing this out!


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Interview from the Wire

Posted at 2am on 04/20/11 by


Thank you Carla for these pages from an interview from the Wire from April 2011.

Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4

Please be patient as they take several moments to download…

April 4th Interview on BBC Radio 2

Posted at 4pm on 04/09/11 by


Jools Holland from BBC2 interviewed Green on Monday , April 4th, 2011.  In addition to the interview, Green performs “The Healer” by Free. Here is a link to a version of the audio that has been trimmed.

Visit the Jools Holland website here.


Update: Pic below and link to YouTube pic/video of “The Stealer” posted by Krushbros apparently from the session.


Interviews & Podcasts

Posted at 5am on 03/20/11 by


I was in Carrollton, Texas (near Dallas) on business lately so I am a bit behind on some of these postings.  A lot of promotional interviews making the rounds. Here are 3 really good ones that readers have sent us:

1)  A nice long interview with David Gamson on (by musicians, for musicians: the number one source for anyone looking to buy a keyboard, sampler or drum machine) A link to a higher quality version of the interview can be found here.

2) The BBC 2 Radio show by Radcliff and Maconie presented an interview with Green on March 14th. Here is a link to their site for the higher quality uncut version. It starts at about 1 hour and 13 minutes into the segment. We cut the non Scritti-related information and dialed the quality down a notch to provide a quick bandwidth friendly version here.

3) The Guardian’s Music Weekly with Alexis Petridis and Rosie Swash is a great podcast presented on March 11th. Here is a link to their site and here is a link to our encapsulated version.

Thanks to David Klimek from the Montreal Gazette ( and others) who pointed out the Guardian Interview.

Thanks to Franck Slakmon for pointing us to the Gamson interview.

Our own Richard Wallis came up with the info on finding the interview on Pi day (3.14) with Radcliff and Maconie.  Thanks Richard! He has also pointed out that Jools Holland will have an interview with Green on the BBC 2 on his show on April 4th!


Party like it’s 1980!

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Party like it’s February 7th, 1980! Scritti Politti played a live gig on that date at the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town. Click here to see a review found in the archives of Erika’s “Archeology of the Frivolous” (Scritti fansite from a decade or so back) now hosted by Wildcat (aka Ayako Tachibana)  The Scritti Politti Workshop in Japan.  Up until recently, all that was available was the article. Below are mp3 files from a recording from a bootleg taping found  from a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

Enjoy these MP3’s including what the donor called an “embryonic” version of the song “Sex.”

Here are the files:

01 And This Gets Me So Far

02 The Watusi

03 I’m Sick And Tired

04 P.A.s

05 Fight Their Own Battles

06 Hegemony

07 Instrumental

08 Gloucester Gate

09 Pressing Plants

10 Start Again

11 Sex


Prayers for Japan

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1 in 5 readers are from Japan. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time! Yesterday I posted an article in Japanese asking for donations to help pay for our site. In lieu of recent events, this seams rather silly. Godspeed to your recovery and to those who visit our site from the land of the rising sun, I simply say domo arigato.


BBC Interview Reveals Green may be headed down under!

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Aussie fans will want to listen to this clip from Gary Crowley who recently interviewed Green on BBC.  A reader sent us this audio clip.  Here is a link to Gary’s area on the BBC or you might also find this link helpful as Gary was actually filling in for Danny Baker.

Thanks to our “stateside reader doing his part.”


Pitchfork 5-10-15-20

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Green picks the music he loved with 5 year intervals for Pitchfork’s 5-10-15-20

Interesting choice, to say the least.

Photo by Richard Skidmore

The Bibbly-o-tek Community

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For years now has been the number one fan blog for evertything related to Scritti Politti. It truly has been a labor of love for myself and my European counterparts. We want to take this opportunity to thank our readers for contributing to our site with Scritti related information so we can share it with every Scritti fan there is one place. Each year goes by and we have some small fees to pay to our services provider for hosting this site. We have collectively been able to scrape a few bucks together to keep it going.  Early on we put in a link to purchase WBBB through us as a commissioned affiliate.  This did not amount to anything to speak of, but it was worth trying to help cover our costs. I think our net was a few dollars total. Recently, we had a short online meeting and discussed how to monetize this site.  We concluded that advertising would be too uncool. (Did you see the Social Network? Yeah, like that!)  We hope you agree.  Our solution is to put a Paypal donate button that you see to the right. We encourage you to give what you can.  We are not trying to get rich, by any means, simply cover some of our costs.  We receive thousands of hits every month and it has been on the rise lately with the advent of new material.  Please give if you can, don’t leave us “a day late and a dollar short” and we will continue to provide the best Scritti Politti fan blog on the planet! Cheers!


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Buy the March Mojo! (Updated with scan)

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The March 2011 issue of Mojo music magazine is now on news stands!  It is has great article on the history of Scritti Politti.  I picked up my copy today at Barnes and Noble in near my house in Maple Grove, Minnesota! :)  (Now the laweyers know where I live…remember, if any of our content is infringing, just let us know and we will stop promoting your wares. Here is a pdf.


Absolutely in the wild!

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b3 reader and Scritti Scholar Bruno picked up Scritti’s latest CD Absolute Scritti Politti Best of collection at the local brick and mortar music emporium. He sent pics for your enjoyment!

Thanks Bruno!


The Guardian posts nice interview online

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Andrew Harrison of the Guardian interviewed Green recently and posted a really nice article called “Green Gartside: The brainiest man in pop (apart from Brian Eno)” on their website!

Thanks to Rhodri, Julie H, Mike, Greg and Ryan B for bringing this to our attention!


(UPDATED with Audio) Green in with Nemone on BBC 6 Feb 22

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From the BBC 6 website: Scritti Politti originally formed in 1977 in Leeds, Although there have been various changes to the line-up, Cardiff-born singer-songwriter Green Gartside was the founding member of the band and the only member to have remained throughout the group’s history.
‘Absolute’ their new compilation will include two new tracks, “Day Late and a Dollar Short” and “A Place We Both Belong” both written with David Gamson.

Green will be in studio presumably for an interview. Perhaps we will be lucky and he will play a tune or make an announcement of some kind. Listen in to find out!  Link to the site here!

More material for a new album via Rough Trade and possible additional touring…


To save time, I cut out the audio of The Word Girl and Day Late and Dollar Short.

Thanks to reader Dominic for finding this bit of information!


Amazon UK Posts Song Previews

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(Post Updated to Include back of CD pic)
Attention Scritti Scholars! You may want to pay close attention to the song titles and track lengths.
They give some more clues about the content that will provided on this forthcoming collection!
(Click this link to see to full page at Amazon)

Click to the link to play a clip



1. Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) (7″ Version)


Not Available

2. Absolute


Not Available

3. The Word Girl (Flesh And Blood) (Edit)


Not Available

4. Perfect Way


Not Available

5. Hypnotize (Short Version)


Not Available

6. Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry For Loverboy)


Not Available

7. Boom! There She Was (US Mix)


Not Available

8. Umm


Not Available

9. Tinseltown To The Boogiedown (Radio Edit)


Not Available

10. Die Alone


Not Available

11. Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder


Not Available

12. Skank Bloc Bologna


Not Available

13. The Sweetest Girl (2001 Digital Remaster)


Not Available

14. Asylums In Jerusalem (2001 Digital Remaster)


Not Available

15. Jacques Derrida (2001 Digital Remaster)


Not Available

16. She’s A Woman (Little Way Different 7″)


Not Available

17. A Day Late And A Dollar Short


Not Available

18. A Place We Both Belong


Not Available

Members of Gang of Four recall Touring with Green

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Picture 6

(Picture from 1980)

Here is a video clip from a conversation with Jon King and Andy Gil from Gang of Four at Bennicassim Festival 2009 in Spain.

Were their crazy antics the reason Green went into his first of many “wilderness” phases?

Probably not really, but you be the judge.

Click here for the video.

Click here to see the Gang of Four website, which is quite awesome!

Thanks to Andrew for bringing this to our attention.


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“Day Late and a Dollar” Short on BBC Radio

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Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 10.45.54 AM

Steve Wright played “Day Late and a Dollar short” on BBC Radio

Click this link to listen to it!

2hr, 49m, 40s into the show.

Thanks Rhodri for pointing this out!


New Pic of ASP on eBay

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Picture 4

I found this pic on eBay tonight.  A different bidder from the one we saw last week.

Click here to link to the auction, happy bidding!


Green and others to speak live at The Playhouse Whitstable in February

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Picture 3


In February 2011, Sound and Music and The Wire present Off the Page, the UK’s first ever literary festival devoted to music criticism. Taking place at the Playhouse Theatre, Whitstable, on the South coast, this weekend-long event will feature a host of internationally-renowned critics, authors, musicians and artists discussing the current state of underground and experimental music in a programme of talks, presentations, panel discussions and workshops.

Friday 11 – Sunday 13 February 2011

The Playhouse, Whitstable

Sound and Music and The Wire

Friday 11 February, 7pm – 10.30pm
Doors open at 7pm
Presentation: Robert Wyatt on his favourite music
Short films hosted by BFI and introduced by Jonny Trunk: Tristram Cary on film

Saturday 12 February, 10am – 10.30pm
Talk: Ken Hollings on the post-Cageian universe
Talk: Rob Young and Matthew Herbert on the impact of musique concrète on contemporary sonic culture
Talk: Steve Beresford and John Kieffer in conversation
Talk: Kodwo Eshun on his favourite music writing
Talk: Dave Tompkins on the history of the vocoder, from its use in the Second World War to its role in the era of Auto Tune
Talk: Teal Triggs on Fanzines
Presentation: Christian Marclay
Short films hosted by Lux: Cage On Cable

Sunday 13 February: 11am – 5pm
Writing tips from The Wire (limited capacity)
Panel discussion: Salome Voegelin, David Toop, Daniela Cascella on the philosophy of listening
In conversation: Green Gartside with Mark Fisher discussing politics and cultural theory in pop culture and music
Performance lecture: Claudia Molitor, Jennifer Walshe, Sarah Nicholls on music notation

Book now

Thanks David C for sharing!


30-Second Previews

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Here is a 30-second preview of “Day Late and a Dollar Short” and “A Place We Both Belong” from Absolute Scritti Politti (Best of Collection) due in stores and online starting February 28th, 2011.  They are in mono format to save bandwidth and to encourage you to buy the songs in higher quality format when they become available.

Click here to listen to “Day Late and a Dollar Short” 30-second clip.

Click here to listen to “A Place we Both Belong” 30-second clip.

(Note: EMI/UK Zoom Lawyers- Just let us know if posting this is a bad idea, but our aim is to promote your product:)

Thanks goes to a long time friend who shall remain anonymous.

BTW: 2 thumbs up from me!  PWBB is haunting and cool. DLDS is Green meets Gamson with a hint of Ke$ha.  I would never have guessed they could have pulled that off!  But it all makes sense!


Lyrics for new Tracks

Posted at 10pm on 01/22/11 by

Day Late and a Dollar Short

Bumpa dum
Bumpa dum
A day late and a dollar short
Who’d’ve believed it
Yeah who’d’ve of thought
A done deal
And you blew it all
You wouldn’t listen
And the time was called
”Cos enough is enough was a tough one
And one of better just say
Better say
A day late and dollar short
You promised to be true to the word
Like some after thought you come
A day late and a dollar short
I wonder wether truth will be found
I found what I sought around
A day late and a dollar short
Bottom line
Well I’d go without
Two minutes you girl
Go figure out
At long last
Well I’m gettin’ smart
You can follow the cash
Or follow my heart
Tell why would I ever believe you
Why shouldn’t I just up and leave you
That ship has sailed
With the dispossessed
And the setting sun
With the second best
And the first to fail
As you may have guessed
Just having fun
Nothing more or less
You promised me a star and the moon
With the love that I sought
Is love that is…
A day late and dollar short
I wonder when my loves gonna change
I’m struck by the thought that life’s…
A day late and dollar short
A Place We Both Belong

I heard about your place about in summertime
So good you get yourself together now
Your sister called and she told me
‘Bout a time to make believe there a place we both belong
And Ill be waiting there
No telling there was just no telling me
I could hear you but I got that spell on me
I left the house back in June
In a time of make believe
For a time of make believe In a place I don’t belong
I’ve been wasted there
i’m singing
oh yeah oh
In a time to make believe
In a place we both belong
In a place we both belong
And a time to make believe
And a time to make believe
And I can make amends
I can show you i learned my lesson
and learned it good
If you trust me again
I can make this success the second time around
Promise to be there
As long you need me
Promise to still care
I promise to still care
I promise you that we’ll be good again
In a time to make believe
Gotta give it time everybody say
That’s true but it still hurts anyway
Strong that I can do this
Yes I can
In a time of make believe in a place we both belong
We’ll all belong
I can make it there
I’m singing
Its coming i could feel it coming now
Winds beating and the rain is drumming now
In the storm before the dawning
Of a time to make believe
Of a time to make believe
In a place we’ll all belong
We’ll all belong
I’ll be waiting there
I’m singing oh
And i ‘ll meet you there
I’ll be waiting there
In a time to make believe in a place we both belong


It is vodka clear: Absolute Scritti Politti

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Best of Scritti Politti

Details on the new best of Scritti Politti album are coming available!

In the words of Pink, “raise your glass!” Its cabaret time!

First off, thanks to reader to David C who found this on eBay!

This is the description from the ebay poster:

‘Absolute’ is the first ever career-spanning collection of words and music by Scritti Politti – including two new and exclusive tracks. This collection includes:

* Debut single, ‘Skank Bloc Bolonga’

* Singles from 1982 album ‘Songs to Remember': – ‘The Sweetest Girl’ (later covered by Madness), featuring Robert Wyatt, on piano. ‘Asylums In Jerusalem’ and ‘Jacques Derrida’

* Five singles from the bands most successful album ‘Cupid & Psyche’ 85, produced by legendary producer Arif Mardin: ‘Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha)’, ‘Absolute’, ‘Hypnotise’, ‘The Word Girl’ and ‘Perfect Way’.

* Two tracks taken from their third album, ‘Provision’ – ‘Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry For Loverboy)’ featuring a trumpet solo from jazz genius Miles Davis (who himself covered Scritti’s ‘Perfect Way’ at the Montreux Jazz Festival, July 1988), plus ‘Boom! There She Was’ featuring legendary musician Roger Troutman.

* Top 20 single ‘She’s a Woman’ a cover of The Beatles track, featuring guest vocals from Shabba Ranks

* Four songs from 1999’s universally acclaimed album ‘Anomie and Bonhomie’, ‘Tinseltown To The Boogiedown’ (featured guests Mos Def and Jimhal), ‘Umm’, ‘Die Alone’ and ‘Brushed With Oil’, ‘Dusted With Powder’.

* Two new and exclusive tracks ‘Day Late and a Dollar Short’ and ‘A Place We Both Belong’ – the first to be released / co-written with long-time collaborator David Gamson since Anomie and Bonhomie.

(I am impressed, this eBayer knows his/her Scritti! Perhaps this is from a press release or marketing piece…)

According to bibbly-o-tek reader and poster and Scritti Scholar Neil, this is the complete new track list:

1. Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)
2. Absolute
3. The Word Girl (Flesh And Blood)
4. Perfect Way
5. Hypnotize
6. Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry For Loverboy)
7. Boom! There She Was
8. Umm
9. Tinseltown To The Boogiedown
10. Die Alone
11. Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder
12. Skank Bloc Bologna
13. The Sweetest Girl
14. Asylums In Jerusalem
15. Jacques Derrida
16. She’s A Woman
17. Day Late And A Dollar Short
18. A Place We Both Belong

Please post if you see it available for order from your favorite online emporium or in your local brick and mortar shop…


Hot Tub Time Machine – Perfect Way

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Merry Christmas Scritti Fans!

I have known about this since the movie was in theaters, but never got around to going to the movie, but I got what I wanted for Christmas…the DVD Hot Tub Time Machine!  I haven’t had a chance to see the entire movie yet, but I did have a chance to crop out the part that has Perfect Way in the soundtrack of the movie and post it here!

I will watch the movie later and let you know what I think…but for now, enjoy the short but sweet clip.

Note the reference to “Better Off Dead” (John Cusack skiing again- “I want my $2.00!”)


Merry Christmas to all!


1980’s Scritti from Terminal Zone/R.O.O.M.

Posted at 2am on 11/04/10 by


Thanks to David C for finding this publication from a German bookseller from the 1980’s on Scritti Politti!

Not to be confused with Green’s early book writings (which are still out there somewhere!)

To download the PDF of Terminal Zone/Room by Fareed Amaly click here.



Posted at 9pm on 06/08/10 by

A couple of weeks ago Spotify was released in the Netherlands. After trying to find all my old cassette tapes on there – with only a 50% success rate – , i turned my attention to Scritti Politti songs.

Most songs are very easy to find, simply do a search for Scritti Politti. A surprisingly large amount of results, including most 12″ releases and remixes, the Mastermind Turntable mix, A world come back to live, Dead Certainty and the Nice up the area mix of Take me in your arms and love me, one of my personal favourites.

A couple of collaborations are harder to spot. The L is for lover performed by Al Jarreau, Love of a lifetime by Chaka Kahn. Wrap it up of the Eurythmics and Someday of Kylie Minogue is in the spotify collection as well. Even Turn on red by David Gamson! Sadly i couldn’t find I don’t know why i love you.

If you want to experience a severe scritti overdose, vastly superior to the upcoming Absolute best of compilation, check out the Scrittipalooza playlist!

Best of Scritti Politti Commercial

Posted at 10pm on 04/10/10 by

Since I doubt we will actually see a commercial from EMI or anyone else in the Scritti Politti camp, I thought I would make one of my own.  I borrowed the video from a recognized beverage company. You know what Picasso said, good artists copy, great artists steal. :D

Interesting that I used Pepsi ads during the A+B phase (with the bottle cap metaphor and White Bread Black Beer I toyed around with Guiness, they are all drink metaphors.  This one is vodka clear!  I hope you enjoy the clip.  –John

Click here to watch!

Way to Blue: Songs of Nick Drake

Posted at 11pm on 11/30/09 by

As Ale wrote in a comment on bibbly-o-tek, Green Gartside will be performing songs in a Nick Drake (Wikipedia) tribute series.

4 dates are announced:

Way to Blue: The Songs of Nick Drake
Featuring Danny Thompson, Vashti Bunyan, Green Gartside, Lisa Hannigan, Scott Matthews, Teddy Thompson, Krystle Warren, Robyn Hitchcock & more
22 January 2010 / 19:30
Barbican Hall

Tickets: £15-25

Undoubtedly one of the most influential English singer-songwriters of the last 50 years, Nick Drake found little mainstream success during his lifetime; however, since his untimely death at the age of 26, his fragile acoustic, autumnal music has touched the hearts of millions of people.

This very special evening, curated by his producer Joe Boyd, features original orchestrations arranged by Robert Kirby, who passed away very recently. Also featured is Danny Thompson, the legendary bassist who played on many of Drake’s recordings, who anchors the house band along with special guest artists including Vashti Bunyan, Green Gartside, Lisa Hannigan, Scott Matthews, Teddy Thompson, Krystle Warren & Robyn Hitchcock who will celebrate the music through modern reinterpretations of his timeless songs.

Pestival Sept 4, 2009 MP3s

Posted at 10pm on 09/07/09 by


Thanks Mr. F and mystery man for the pic and live tunes.

Wood Beez

Where Fat Lies Ant Follow

Human Fly

September 4th, 2009 Performance

Posted at 3am on 08/30/09 by

Green and Rhodri to play live!

Queen Elizabeth Hall
Diaphanously Yours
Friday 4 September 2009, 8pm

Robyn Hitchcock and his friends featuring Alessi’s Ark, Graham Coxon, Green Gartside, John Hegley, Mike Heron and Max Eastley play a selection of his own and other insect-related songs with added sound effects, including clicks, rubbings and hisses. Plus the premiere of Mandible Raga, a devouring instrumental, and the Abdomen Suite, a mating drone. Songs include ‘Madonna Of The Wasps’, ‘Insect Mother’, ‘Antwoman’, ‘Red Locust Frenzy’, and a cover Wire’s classic ‘I Am The Fly’.

Green and Rhodri Perform “Dust Be Diamonds” July 19th, 2009 Video

Posted at 3am on 07/26/09 by

Click here to see a one minute QuickTime clip of Green and Rhodri at Barbican!

(As if the pics weren’t enough- Thanks for the video and article too Matt!)

I’ve been visiting London this past week, and as a longtime fan of the British folk-rock musician Richard Thompson, I bought tickets to a pair of related Barbican Centre concerts held over the weekend. Saturday’s concert was a reunion of Thompson’s original band, Fairport Convention, and Sunday’s was a tribute to the Incredible String Band, with Thompson as one of many special guests.

I know Fairport’s music well and very much enjoyed that show, but having never quite connected with ISB’s albums, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect last night, especially with the non-participation of central band member Robin Williamson. So although I was curious to see Thompson outside of his usual context and I’m always happy to catch Robyn Hitchcock live, Rhodri’s report that he and Green would be participating was responsible for making me excited to attend. Happily, it proved to be a worthwhile evening.

Before I say anything about the show, I’d like to note that the opening song on “Daring Adventures,” Thompson’s 1986 solo album, is “Bone Through Her Nose,” a seemingly snide song about a glam woman who adheres to all the rituals of being an urban “tribal animal” save having the aforementioned bone. And one of her attributes, he snarls, is a “boyfriend who plays in Scritti Politti.” So I never in my life expected to see Messrs. Thompson and Gartside sharing a stage, which they repeatedly did last night. I’ve sent John Hyde a fuzzy image of the two together, which he’s free to post somewhere for all here to see.

Because I’m not familiar with ISB’s music, I’ve copied a detailed set-list report that was posted overnight on the ISB group’s site by one “N. Lowe.” Well done, N., whoever you are. But for several reasons, I can report that Green appears to know the ISB’s music well. For one, on the ensemble numbers for which he provided harmony vocals, I often saw him mouthing lyrics that someone else was responsible for singing.

Green also told a delightful tale before performing “God Dog” about how ISB’s music made his not very nice town more livable, and also how he got his ears pierced after seeing Robin Williamson’s piercings on the cover of an ISB album, causing him to be exiled by his parents to his grandparents’ home. Green also brought down the house with his anecdote about hearing ISB live in Bristol, which so excited him that he ran out into the street after the concert and was struck by a car, causing him to lose the feeling in his leg for six months. “So,” he concluded, “they had quite an impact on me.”

Anyhow, as you can see from the set list below, Green was a frequent participant in the evening’s festivities, performing two featured songs with Rhodri and also providing vocals on ensemble numbers, including the opener and the final encore. For both featured tunes, he was paired with Camilla (Kami) Thompson, the daughter of Richard and Linda Thompson, whose sweet voice melded perfectly with Green’s.

I’ll leave it to Rhodri to assess the musical success of the evening, but to these ears, both “Dust Be Diamonds” and “God Dog” sounded great. Green was in superb voice throughout, and I repeatedly heard his voice soaring over the massed ensemble vocals. Both in the set list below and at the lobby bar afterwards, people were appreciative that Rhodri seemed to playing the Dolly Collins arrangement of “God Dog.” I’m afraid I don’t understand this, but good on ya, Rhodri.

I went out to the lobby with friends during the interval/intermission and was amazed to see a number of the performers mingling with the crowd. I spotted Rhodri and buttonholed him. He was as gracious and informative as ever, and also insisted that I say hello to Green, which I did, briefly. I asked Green about “Bone Through Her Nose” and he chuckled, jokingly adding that Thompson had promised him a “cash settlement” for the song mention.

Anyhow, I’m not quite sure how Scritti’s participation in this one-off evening came to be, but for me, the presence of Green and Rhodri immeasurably enhanced the evening’s musical value. And now I’m wondering if Green will mention Fairport on his next album.


Green and Rhodri play Barbican in London

Posted at 3pm on 07/20/09 by

BarbicanFor your enjoyment, a photo of Green and Richard Thompson on stage at the Barbican Center tonight. FYI, in the ’90s, Thompson wrote the song “Bone Through Her Nose,” about an urban “tribal animal” who, he sings with seeming snideness, has a “boyfriend who plays in Scritti Politti.” Needless to say, I never expected to see the two of them on stage together, but there they were at tonight’s tribute to the Incredible String Band, and apparently they got along fine. Green even sang his two songs with Thompson’s daughter Camilla on harmony vocals. –Matt (Friend of John Hyde’s from Chicago)

Barbican Incredible String Band tribute

Posted at 10am on 07/18/09 by

This sunday, July 19th, as part of a tribute to the music of the Incredible String Band, Green Gartside will be performing two songs at the Barbican in London.

He will be playing together with Rhodri Marsden, who posted this news in the Yahoo Scritti Politti group:

Just a quick heads-up: This Sunday (19th July) Green and I will be performing two songs originally recorded by the Incredible String Band at the Barbican in London. Just a small part of a big tribute concert featuring Robyn Hitchcock and various others.

Looks like we’ll be joined onstage by Richard & Linda Thompson’s daughter, Kami, too.

More information on this event at the Barbican Website.

For those who go, have fun you lucky bastards!

Robert E. Lee

Posted at 9pm on 01/14/08 by

Robert E. LeePatiently awaiting new material (a bit funky preferably, mr. Green ) we could not resist the temptation and so we brushed the live clip from Robert E. Lee with oil and dusted it with powder (Marco tuned it up little bit).

We haven’t dissected the lyrics yet, but according to our history book Robert E. Lee was a prominent confederate general. Any suggestions about the lyrics are welcome.


The Soil Scientists

Posted at 9pm on 01/07/08 by


Recently (well, er, uhm 3 months ago, which is actually not too long calculated in Scritti time) a rather nice cover of Scritti Politti’s Oh Patti surfaced on YouTube, done by a band called “The Soil Scientists”. We got into contact with Al, who basically is “The Soil Scientists” on his own and asked him about his fascination with Scritti Politti.

Why the fascination with Scritti Politti ? Good question! Well, I first started listening to their early stuff when I was quite young, perhaps around 13 or 14 years old (I’m now 24). Around then I was very much into he early ‘Brit funk’ records from that era, such as Shakatak, Level 42 etc. What struck me straight away about Scritti was the uniqueness of their sound, and how completely different their approach to song writing was to most of the other Brit funk records at that time. Wheras bands such as Level 42 seemed to take much of their influence from the very esoteric 70’s jazz funk scene (Weather Report, Miles Davis and such), tunes like ‘Wood Beez’ were very influenced by American r&b, break-beat and early hip hop records. In essence, I admired them for experimenting with the type of music that no other English artist of the time was willing to dabble with. I love most of their stuff, but for that reason those records that are most special to me are the mid 80’s ones.

As for The soil scientists, the ‘band’ as such at the moment is really just me – all of the songs on youtube were overdubbed on a digital 8 track, with me playing all the instruments. The album as such isn’t quite finished; I’ve just started a Phd in Southampton, so could be a rather long time (red : we are pretty much used to that phenomenon) The ‘Soil Scientists’ comes from the name of a jazz group I was in in sixth form. We used to do an instrumental cover of ‘oh patti’ that I arranged, so I thought I’d re-record it under the same band name for old time’s sake!

More Soil Scientists : Sugar and Spice & Sally Says

Oh Patti cover by The Soil Scientists

Posted at 8pm on 12/02/07 by

Scritti Xmas Party

Posted at 9am on 11/06/07 by

As the quiet 2007 draws to a close a last little burp in the shape of a live gig in the Luminaire in Kilburn, London on the 17th of December. A lovely little place, so if you’re around, i suggest you go see and say cheers to the band!

Tickets can be bought online at


Posted at 8pm on 10/15/07 by


Fresh in from Rough Trade  :

“Green has been writing with Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip and this may result in something collaborative being recorded”

Rough Trade has no news on any upcoming gigs (as rumoured on Larks’ MySpace page)

Gamson on production

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Gamson Keyboard Interview (1988) P1 Gamson Keyboard Interview (1988) P2 Gamson Keyboard Interview (1988) P3 Gamson Keyboard Interview (1988) P4 Gamson Keyboard Interview (1988) P5 Gamson Keyboard Interview (1988) P6

Just after Cupid & Psyche came out I started to experiment in the studio with synthesizers and computers (Atari1040st). Gamson’s production skills was definitely a huge influence. For sure Green also was an important factor on the whole sound, but I guess Gamson was the main factor behind the most popular Scritti stuff. I was an amature at the time (after many semi-pro years, I became a fulltime composer & sound designer in 2003). And lucky to have a friend, Conno van Wijk, who worked as a fulltime engineer for studio BMG, Voorburg/Holland, with lots of equipment I could use for free in the after hours.

When listening to Gamson’s other productions, I found out about Gamson’s special fingerprint. He’s using sequencing to create new sounds, not trying to imitate something a band would be able to play, but rather something only a computer is capable of. Detailed editing and synth programming.

His later work on Anomie & Bonhomie for example shows a different approach and added a more raw, groove oriented, more bandlike sound to Scritti. But even on Anomie you can clearly hear the production as part of the creative process instead of capturing a band in a live setting. On Anomie a lot of the parts are sampled and looped, to make the groove more consistent. Soundwise it sounds fatter compared to Cupid and Provision. And more dry sounding as well. The ending of ‘Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder’ sounds like heaven. I always love counterparts and M’shell’s bassline is just a perfect fit here. Based on loops, but the arrangement blows my mind everytime.

I remember reading about Scritti’s comeback (Anomie) in a newspaper during a flight to Lissabon. There was a photo of Green, all new and refreshed. And such luck that our hotel, Hotel Eden, was located on top of the Virgin Music Store. So that CD got stuck in the CD-player at our hotelroom. And while walking the streets of that great looking neighborhood Bairo Alto, the music was playing in my head. I can still remember thinking and analyzing that record while walking the streets of Lissabon.

A couple of days ago Douglas Rodriguez (he’s also a Propellerhead Reason software user and VIB-tester like me) has send us a couple of scans from a 1988 interview with David Gamson for Keyboard magazine. I found it a great read, mainly because the technical details behind the productions and Gamson’s approach to sound are revealed. Personally I am not so much interested in personal stories about musicians but far more interested in the process of writing and producing music. Because that’s were the magic happens.

Note: I needed to resize those scanned images for a quick view her at our website, but I have also included the larger versions into one zip, check it: Gamson_Keyboard_Mag_interview-1988


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Already two months without any Scritti news.
Come on Green, we are waiting !


Plan B Magazine with Bonus CD with new SP track ‘Forgiven.’

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UPDATED: Photo of delivered item on the left

(Click either image for larger picture)

I think this version is the studio version of the track, not the live radio version.
I could be wrong…I ordered mine anyhow by visiting

In the Latest issue of Plan B magazine #23: (On newsstands July 2nd.)

BONDE DO ROLE – Pervy office juniors, natural-born hookers, trashy mashups, Diplo-baiting and gonzo sampling: Bonde Do Roles bastardised baile funk speaks the universal language of laser-guided debauchery
BJÖRK – Plan B talks to Björk about her new album Volta where she summons up a pan-global marching band of tribal drums, seafaring horns, fighting talk, perpetual motion and fierce love
RIOT GRRRL – Riot Grrrl exploded the Nineties indie status quo with punk polemic, radical picnics, cut´n´paste fervour and electrifying feminist scream-pop. Fifteen years on, The Riot Project unearths the zines, flyers, records and passion, and looks at the legacy of the original rebel girls
TAKEN BY TREES – How former Concrete Victoria Bergsman spirited herself away from the bright lights and into the woods, happy to be Taken By Trees
GOGOL BORDELLO – As global gypsy-punk gang Gogol Bordello storm the world music barricades with a furiously fun new album, their ebullient captain Eugene Hutz talks tall tales, wild tunes and the hipster reappropriation of Roma music

Gallows, Good Shoes, Why I Love Repetition, Shy Child, In The Mix: Don Cash, Strange Death Of Liberal England, Read The Label: No Fun Productions, Anni Rossi, Music That Time Forgot: Antoine Duhamel´s Nouvelle Vague soundtracks, Tour Diary: Of Montreal, Playlist: Damn You! Promotions,Guided Tour: Art Brut, Buraka Son Sistema, Jana Hunter, When We Meet: Dan Deacon, Motor Ghost, Rolo Tomassi, Lucky Dragons, Nadja, Fursaxa, The Tender Revenge Of…Turbonegro

Les Savy Fav, White Stripes, Los Campesinos!, Scout Niblett, Venn Festival, Faster Than Sound Festival

Young Marble Giants, Pissed Jeans, Air Conditioning, Andersens, Apparat, Candie Payne, Nista Nije Nista, Dntel, Box Of Dub, Shellac, Las Malas Amistades, Karl Blau, The Tuss, Municipal Waste, Sa-Ra, Lil Wayne, Stinking Lizaveta, Turbonegro, Bis, Yacht, Destroyer
White Noise, The Monks, Robert Forster/Grant McLennan, McCarthy, Trojan´s Furry Selection, The Step Forward Singles

Kindertotenlieder puts black metal on the stage; Pil and Galia Kollectiv report back from Montreal´s art scene, The Seventh Seal, Worst Case Scenario, Athens, GA: Inside Out

Plus! A free 16 track CD in association with Rough Trade, featuring Oneida, Detroit Cobras, 1990s, Basia Bulat, Lavender Diamond, Brakes, Jeffrey Lewis, Decemberists, Miracle Fortress, Scritti Politti, Taken By Trees, Antony & The Johnsons, Destroyer, Arthur Russell, Sunset Rubdown

Here is a copy of my PayPal email :D

Dear John Hyde,

This email confirms that you have paid Plan B Publishing Limited£7.50 GBP using PayPal.

The exchange rate for this purchase is 1 USD = 0.487353GBP


PayPal Shopping Cart Contents

Item Name: Plan B Issue 23, SHP=ROW Air Mail £3.50ÇA

(Received item July 6, 2007)

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Just today i checked out, which was offline for some reason. Now i know it is hosted at Dreamhost, so it can be quite slow. Out of curiosity i checked, which used to be the old domain when Anomie & Bonhomie was released. For a couple of years there was a redirect and some domainfarmer had hijacked it. However, now there was just the simple message Directory Listing Denied, which means the site is up and running, but there is no index file to display.

This made me curious so i did a short whois check on the domain. The following came up:

Domain name:

G Gartside

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant’s address:
The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their
address omitted from the WHOIS service.

Registrant’s agent:
Fasthosts Internet Ltd [Tag = FASTHOSTS]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 03-May-2007
Renewal date: 03-May-2009
Last updated: 04-May-2007

Registration status:
Registration request being processed.

Name servers:

WHOIS lookup made at 19:47:22 30-May-2007

Quite clever to have his address not shown in the query – didn’t actually know this was possible, should look into that myself to be honest. The registration date of May 3 is still very recent, and it does say the request is still being processed.

Anyways… this might point to the fact a website will be live one time in the future! Over the past year Green repeatedly mentioned in interviews a website was in the making, but that he wasn’t happy with it yet. On the other hand… it could mean no such thing at all … Whatever the case, i couldn’t resist posting about it, felt like a real detective out there snooping around. And i do hope there will be a proper Scritti website soon. Even though i feel we at bibbly-o-tek are a pretty good alternative in the meantime!

Green Gartside in The Charles Hazlewood Show

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Green in greenLast night Green performed two brand new songs at The Charles Hazlewood Show (BBC2) and chats a bit about how he wrote them. No official titles for those two new songs yet. First track has the working title ‘Unfrozen’ and the second ‘Forgiven’.

Sit back for 10 minutes and listen:

BBC2, Charles Hazlewood Show, May 16th 2007.mp3

Green playing at Venn Festival

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Green Gartside is announced to be playing on Saturday June 2nd at the Venn Festival in Bristol UK . The Festival lasts 4 days, from May 31st until June 3rd and is held in different venues in Bristol. More info here and here. Thanks Richard W.

Pictures from the future?

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Thank you Richard for these pics from the Koko gig with Green and Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip on March 29th. Time Out magazine was rumored to have been given the nod that an album from the two is on the way…

Green on Iceberg Radio

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Found this while surfing. An interview with Green for a Canadian internet radiostation called Iceberg Radio. There is no date with the article but the interview is recorded on the day of the announcement of the Mercury Prize nomination (july 2006).

Koko, March 29

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A gig with Green Gartside and Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) in London Camden Town’s Koko on Thursday March 29.

Whilst discussing the various merits of Jodeci, Biz Markie and Paul McCartney’s recorded works, Scritti Politti’s Green Gartside and Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor decided they should take their newly-found fondness for song and sound beyond the pub, and into a smaller room where they could write and record together. They have set about doing this, and this will be their debut live outing. They will be competing for the ‘highest voice’ prize throughout the evening.

Sounds like fun!

All Things To All People podcast

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An interview with Green in the All Things To All People podcast. It’s divided in 3 parts spread over the podcast. Shownotes here. Thanks to Steve Schwartz for pointing it out to us.

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Acoustic session on BBC2 radio

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Last night Scritti Politti had a short, 3s ong acoustic session on Janice Long’s BBC radio 2 show. Dave, Dicky and Rhodri accompanied Green in a beautiful toned down rendition of Road to no Regret, Snow in Sun and After Six. Relexed interview, a really good listen this one. Some news on future plans: a collaboration with Alexis from Hot Chip (?), vague talks with Elvis Costello, something with a New York symphony orchestra. The plan is to buckle down and do some work (i second that!). In the beginning of June something for Friends of the Earth.

Session BBC radio 2 – Janice Long

Thanks & praises

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Well, 2006 has been a vibrating Scritti Politti year, to say the least. The unimaginable became reality ; from the first nervous live sessions in the Windmill and the Luminaire, to the the brilliant new album and the full blown UK and North-America tour (even some dates in Japan). Green overcame his stage fright; I guess it’s safe to say that he even started to enjoy the live gigs, radio sessions, interviews and everything that comes with it. A lot of friends and long-time fans, including us bibbly-o-tekkies, were happy to meet the man before or after the gigs and have a polite chat with him or drink a beer with him. A year ago I would have called you crazy. Lots of thanks and praises go out to Green Gartside and his charming wife Alys, Rhodri, Dickie, Alyssa, Ralph, Dave, Andy, Jeff Travis at Rough Trade, David Bither at Nonesuch and René Winteraeken at de Konkurrent for making it all happen. Great many thanks to everyone who has contributed in some way or other to bibbly-o-tek, thank you all for your visits, reviews, comments. pictures and clips. From all of us at bibbly-o-tek we wish you a very merry christmas and all the best for the new year. I bet you a petrococadollar that 2007 will have lots of new and exciting Scritti things in store for us.

p.s. for some melodious (and Scritti related) christmas tunes check out Sufjan Stevens’ Songs For Christmas and Brian Wilsons’ What I Really Want for Christmas



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December 22nd, 2005 was the day the world heard the first of Green Gartide since 1999. Take a trip back in time and visit Scritti Cola to review the Quicktime movie I made from the audio snippet from Jeanette Lee from Rough Trade from the BBC airing of The Boom Boom Bap on the web.

Happy Holidays to all!


Top lists 2006

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The end of this amazing Scritti Politti year is rapidly approaching, favourites lists pop up everywhere. On Stylus Magazine White Bread Black Beer is at number 29 in the Top 50 albums of 2006.

This is the sound of distance as intimacy; of intimacy shadowed by despondency; of a sensibility who trusts words when his fellow human beings no longer do.

Uncut Magazine has WBBB at number 2!

I’m pretty sure WBBB will be present on more lists.. if you find one, please add in a comment.

More clips from Shepherds Bush Empire London

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The Word Girl

read more »

Scritti Politti in session for Marc Riley on BBC6

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Today on BBC6 Scritti Politti had a session with full band! Mark Riley had a natter with Green and they played After 6, apparently the new single and Dr. Abernathy. From this place i’d like to thank the BBC for their excellent listen again service. Sweet.

BBC6 Scritti session (13 mb)

Clips from Shepherds Bush Empire London

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What a treat! The Word Girl, Die Alone, Brushed with Oil, Petrococadollar and D to the O for you viewing and listening pleasure. Thanks David C for letting us publish these clips. Me personally… to hear the Word Girl performed live, one of my favourite songs all time, was quite touching really. It’s not the same as being there of course, but to hear this is such a joy!

Sidenote: the sound is a bit too loud, i know.. better turn the volume down a bit. Will try to get better quality conversion this week… was a bit of a struggle to get it all done.

Scritti Politti in New York Times

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Posted by John
Sent in by Gary Bingner


Click on picture to enlarge.

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After 6/Snow in Sun

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after6.jpg rtrade370.jpg

It seems “After 6″ is indeed a single coming from Rough Trade. Someone posted that this might happen already. Here is further evidence. Too bad “Snow in Sun” never made it past the promo stage. I never saw one that actually used the artwork. Perhaps “After 6″ will go beyond the promo stage.

Review Baltimore gig 08-11-2006

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By Zach Salwen (Thanks !)

Scritti Politti at Club Sonar, Baltimore, Maryland November 8, 2006

Well, the Baltimore show was last night, and words cannot express how wonderful a night it was. My fiancee Beth and I showed up just in time to catch opener Jeffrey Lewis’ closing number, an hilarious & catchy little ditty called “Creeping Brain” that made me wish I’d shown up earlier. The lead singer (Mr. Lewis, I would assume) had filled a sketch pad with visual interpretations of the lyrics that greatly added to the experience.

Before describing Scritti Politti’s set, I would like to add that club Sonar was a very nice establishment with a polite staff and better sound than I’m used to in such a small club. There were only a few dozen people turned out for the show, but the stage was positioned in a location visible from most anywhere in the room, so people were able to spread out quite a bit (although it did seem to unnerve the band a little–at one point between songs Green mumbled into the mic, “say something–it’s too quiet in here”). Even though only a small crowd was there, it was an interesting mix of younger and older fans, perhaps a few more young ones than I would have expected. Young or old, they were respectful, polite and very supportive–as Green left the stage a woman even ran up and handed him a bouquet of flowers

Anyway, as Scritti took the stage it became apparent that the stage wasn’t quite large enough for the band and the five keyboards and two drumsets, so Dave, the “utility” player (read: multi-instrumentalist) had to stand on a wobbly riser to the left of the stage for most of the concert. This made for some of the only between-song banter (which early in the set Green described as leaving much to be desired–but the audience seemed forgiving), when Dave announced that it was a bit like log-rolling. The band was in excellent form, and there were too many fine points to number, although I’d have to say that hearing “Word Girl” live was the highlight for myself.

What surprised me most was the considerable power that the band added to the newer songs, without sacrificing any of the finesse that one hears on the albums. Specifically, “Come Clean,” “E 11th Nuts,” “Boom Boom Bap,” and “Die Alone” sounded much better live than I would have been lead to expect, knowing the studio versions, that is. Although all the musicians were outstanding, I think Rhodri deserves special mention. Having seen two keyboardists through most of the video footage available on Bibbly-o-tek, it was a little surprising realizing that the bulk of those parts are done by one set of hands. Also, his harmony vocals complemented Green’s lead beautifully. I’m fairly fuzzy on the set list, but it was much like the others on this tour: “Snow in Sun” as an opener, “Robin Hood” next. The set closed with “Wood Beez,” with “Petrococadollar” and “D to the O” for the encore.

The only minor disappointment of the evening was not getting to hear “Am I Right in Thinking” live, but one really can’t complain, especially considering how worn out the band seemed (and Green claimed a throat infection). I had been hoping to rent a portable digital recorder for the concert, but Sonar does not allow audio- or videotaping. I was able to stop dancing long enough to squeeze off a few shots, but except for the last half dozen–due to a misunderstanding between myself and Herr Camera–they’re rather blurry.

Visually, the band also had quite an interesting look going on. Green was dressed in a scruffy low-key manner, with jeans and a hooded sweatshirt (with a Scritti button, of course), but the rest of the band had a somewhat distinguished look to them. Dickie, the guitarist, had flared pants and a silk shirt (it gave him a very Phil Manzanera-type look), and Frank (?), the drummer, wore a vest. If anyone who reads this site has doubts about going to see them live, please PLEASE do–it is absolutely worth it. Green and the rest turn out some fine danceable music, with a lot more valid funkiness than one might expect, and getting to share such an intimate setting with them made for the most ironically romantic evening.

3 Unreleased Tracks on iTunes

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Scritti Politti
White Bread Black Beer -3 Track Unreleased Songs EP

1. The Last Time I Looked
2. Am I Right in Thinking
3. When I was Happy

John Hyde
I eat white bread, drink black beer and bleed green belly-washed blood.


Posted at 2pm on 11/07/06 by


Posted by John Hyde
Written by Kirk

Wow! What an amazing show Green and band put on at the Opera House in Toronto tonight. I got to the venue early and soon Jim and Jennifer arrived, they had also driven down to see the Chicago show (and plan to go to more). We heard the sound check through the front doors and I knew I was in for an amazing night. Everyone in the band (except Green) walked past us and a few said Hi as they went to find some food after the soundcheck.

The show was fantastic, Green sounded amazing and the band was very tight. The setlist is below. Unfortunately there were quite a few security people hanging around which meant taking pictures or video of the show was risky. I tried to video tape two songs but the picture didn’t really turn out, the audio is okay.

After the show I managed to meet the entire band and they were all very friendly and seemed very happy to be touring with Green. Unfortunately they hadn’t had a chance to explore Toronto, another reason to come back and spend a longer visit here.

Well meeting Green (and seeing him perform live) was a dream come true for me being a fan for such a long time. He was very gracious and signed my cds and posed for some photos. When he saw my Anomie & Bonhomie fridge magnet he said that was one of the few items he had kept from that era and I gathered it is on his fridge at home. He signed it and my set list that Rhodri was nice enough to get for me. I overheard Green mentioning that he and David and Fred plan to get back together to record another record next year, what great news that is.

Green also said that he felt this was a new beginning for him, performing live again after all these years. He seemed happy to meet the fans and had time for everyone.

It was a concert I’ll never forget, and I wish Green and the band all the best and look forward to the next record and hopefully another tour.


Snow In Sun
Robin Hood
After Six
E Eleventh Nuts
Come Clean (cover)
The Word Girl
Dr. Abernathy
The Boom Boom Bap
The Sweetest Girl
Hands Up
Brushed With Oil Dusted With Powder
Road To No Regret
Skank Bloc Bologna
Die Alone
D 2 O
Wood Beez

Edge Of Degradation

The Double Door in Chicago: The New Green Party Headquarters.

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Posted by John J. Hyde
Photography and Journalism by Gary Bingner



My wife and I traveled from Minneapolis to Chicago to see Scritti Politti at the Double Door Nov. 4. We were not the only ones to make a considerable journey to “party with Green”. There were visitors from Canada, New York, Italy…even the Scritti Guru John Hyde made the trip from Minnesota. Chicagoans seemed to be in the minority among the hard core fans.

I had the opportunity to talk with Green both before and after the concert. Considering how I venerate him as my most revered “pop star”, I was taken aback (but delighted, of course) by how kind, humble and accessible he made himself before and after the show.

The Double Door is a modest (capacity: 473) and rather “earthy” nightclub in the hip Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. Before the show, Green could be seen hanging near the bar autographing memorabilia and chatting with fans. Even after the gig, he popped up near the merchandise table signing autographs and shaking hands.

The merchandise table, incidentally, offered only three items: a tour t-shirt for $20, a set of three small WBBB buttons for $5, and a limited edition signed poster for $20 (all of which I purchased!). Most of what Green ended up signing was souvenirs fans brought from home.

“My god, even I don’t have one of these,” Green said to a fan who produced a rare 45 for him to sign. “But I don’t have any of this stuff.”

Green was also seemed delighted by a fan wearing a “Tinseltown to the Boogiedown” t-shirt. “I love your shirt,” he raved. “I’ve never seen one of those. Where’d you get it?” Green was also asked to sign a baseball, which appeared to intrigue him. “I’ve never seen one of these close up.” (Incidentally, his autograph consists of his first name, printed in all capital letters. GREEN.)

Despite all the 80’s memorabilia he was being asked to write on, it was obvious Green’s not big on nostalgia…especially about his own work or career. “I never read anything about me or watch anything about me,” he admitted. “It makes me uncomfortable.” When I mentioned I’d exchanged emails with David Gamson through Gamson’s website, Green said he’d never been there, claiming, “I never look at anything to do with any of us.”

Green also told me he finds it equally difficult when fans praise him. “I hated it when people said bad things about me or the work I’d done, but I also felt really uncomfortable if people said something complimentary.”

Despite seeming very outgoing and at ease with so many fans (both in person and on stage), Green still told me quite candidly, “I feel uncomfortable meeting people, to be honest. But I always have. Even as a kid.” I was truly impressed and touched by his candor and willingness to be so vulnerable. (Of course, hearing this it’s more surprising that he’s mustered the courage to even embark on this American tour.)

Others have written about the shows, but suffice it to say it was exceedingly well received by a relatively small, but demonstrative audience. Speaking with SP keyboard player, Rhodri (pronounced ROD-ree) before the show, he told me that a typical crowd at their American gigs had been around 200-300 people. As a rabid fan, this surprised me. I expected the place to be packed. According to Rhodri, Green isn’t particularly concerned about headcounts. “Once the show starts, he just gets into a zone,” Rhodri admitted. “He just pretty much stares at the lyric sheets on his music stand.”

You read that right. Green actually had one of his band members pop up to the front of the stage throughout the evening and give Green his latest lyric sheets. When Green introduced his cue card guy, he joked, “Maybe by the end of the tour, I’ll learn the words to my own songs.”

The songs, by the way, were mostly from the new CD, with a couple of exceptions you’ve already read about on this site, with one new “oldie”: “The Word Girl”. (Green kept oldies to a minimum. When someone yelled out “Absolute”, he wryly responded, “Absolutely not.”)

Another interesting fact I learned from Rhodri: Green assembled his entire band at a pub he hangs out at home. According to Rhodri, he saw Green in that pub and walked up to him. Green then told him, “I’m putting together a band for a tour and I’m looking for a keyboard player. Do you know any?” Without hesitation, Rhodri volunteered. He said Green then invited him to come listen to the new album and “if you like it maybe you could join the band”. Rhodri jumped at the chance.

“I’m older than the rest of the band mates, so I’m the only who even knew who Scritti Politti was,” Rhodri explained.. “Our drummer is only 21. He’s never heard of Green. But I was 14 when “Cupid & Pysche” came out and I was a big fan.”

Rhodri said he’s having a great time seeing the United States for the first time. When asked what he thought of Americans, he said, “Everyone seems very nice here.”

After the short American tour, Rhodri says Scritti Politti returns to the UK for some more shows in England. After that Green tells me, he has “many projects” coming up, including a “reunion album” with David Gamson and, “hopefully Fred will join us.”

And the sound for this new effort? “We’re going to get back to the funk soon,” he said.

Gary Bingner claims he’s been a fan of Scritti Politti since “back in the days when I had as much hair as Green.” Time has obviously been kinder to Green’s hairline. Bingner is also the owner of Quasimodo Advertising in Minneapolis, MN. (

John’s Review of Chicago Gig

Posted at 9pm on 11/06/06 by



I met Jen Gruhl, a fan whom I had met online before, at the Pontiac Cafe, which is next door to the Double Door, at about 8 pm on Saturday night. This cafe was hosting a political rally for Rockford Register endorsed Rich Witney, the Green Party Candidate for the Governor of Illinois. There was music from a small band and people milling about. The fun part was that there were politcal rally signs throughout the cafe. I suggested someone grab one and modify it since it said “Green Party” on it. I think it was Jen’s boyfriend ultimately did the dastardly deed of absconding with one. (Sorry about the petty theft Rich. 14 percent in the polls is stellar for a Green Party candidate, but I would have to go with DFL candidate Blogojevich who is tracking at 44 percent.) The Green Party signs were literally a sign that I was in the right place. If that wasn’t enough, accross the street from the Double Door is a dry cleaners named Greener cleaners. Wow. This was too ridiculous.

Green and company were doing there soundcheck when I arrived so we could actually see and hear them a little. See the video section for a little snippet.

I then met several fans outside the Double Door. Some I knew from the Yahoo group and I met a guy named Gary, and his wife, who’s name I forget, sorry. They are also from the Minneapolis area (my hometown as well.) Many congratulatory remarks were made to me about my involvment of these Scritti web projects, and I said thanks for noticing. Someone said I was da man…I replied that Green was the man and thats why we were there. I am just a guy who learned to type in 8th grade. I can’t really even write…too many run on sentances. I digress.

A little after 9 pm they opened the doors and let us in. Green appeared out of nowhere and just started saying hi to people as we were streaming in. A small line formed and he shook hands and spoke with everyone. I was caught off guard because I expected this towards the end. With my Cupid & Psyche Laserdisc that I got from a fan in Japan in hand, I got in line, too. A few moments later I was stuttering to Green about my work on the web and handed him a 4 DVD set of all of the videos I had ever collected. I made my own “3 Decade Box Set” with Photoshop and titled it Scritti Politti Confetti. I don’t know if he will ever watch it, as he tends to look ahead, not back, but perhaps he will offer it up as entertainment for the new band members. Later in the evening, I spoke with Ralph and he was born in 1985 so I doubt he has ever seen these videos. Perhaps they have a DVD player on the tour bus. Good for some laughs perhaps.

Green said he had never seen the Laserdisc before, in fact didn’t know it existed. It is the rarest SP item I have I think. So I asked him to sign it after chatting with him for a little while. “To John, Love Green” was scribed at the top in my pre-calculated green Sharpie marker. Cool. After a few moments of that indulgence I left, making sure all had a chance to talk with the man. After order a beer, I heard Green call my name from across the bar which freaked me out for a nano-second. “Hey John,” he projected. “Green actually knows me by name,” I thought. “Can we use the green Sharpie?” Of course I gave him the pen. Jen Gruhl had her rendering of Green from the Cupid and Psyche era signed then.

Jeffrey Lewis was pretty politcal and pretty funny. I enjoyed him for a few minutes, but got bored too quickly. I was more interested in chatting with Scritti fans at that point. Otherwise I might have watched more of him. Interesting politcal stuff. Neat that Nonesuch Records teamed him up with Scritti.

I met up with Matt, a really nice Chicagoan that I recently be-friended. He was wearing a Tinseltown to Boogiedown shirt. That is how I recognized him. Dave, the drummer was sitting at a table during Jeffrey Lewis’s opening, and I was going to try to meet him then, but he left to hook up with the rest of the band. The bar was filling up and no chairs were left so I grabbed the table he was sitting at and relaxed my tired feet (from walking around downtown trying to find the Virgin Megastore.) Not a moment passed is whehn I saw Matt in his shirt.

After chatting for a few moments, Matthew said here they come, and oops…Green fell down on stage. Green rambled something about his entrance and I started to shoot some video on my Powershot camera. Missed the fall, oh well.

Ok, now onto the music. Wood Beez really hit me hard. It was later in the evening, but it really rocked great. Word Girl and Sweetest Girl were really fun. Boom Boom Bap was incredible. I caught myself thinking, usually I go away from concerts thinking, well that was nice, but the studio record was better. Not this time. Not the case at all. The concert was sooo good, it was better than the album on CD. My friend Matt said he saw them at the bowling alley in London. He thought this was much better. They were far more polished and prepared. Plus, Rhodri was not at the gig at the bowling alley in London. So that’s it. Rhodri is the real rock and roll star here! :)

Brushed with Oil was fun and D to O was really fun. Since this isn’t an album track anywhere, I hadn’t really understood it. Alyssa was beaming during this part of the concert. I could tell she was having a great time. She rapped in some song, I can’t remember if it was Hands Up or was it Come Clean? Or ??? Dave took the bass over and she rapped during this one. I think she was used to having her hands on the bass or the keyboard, so she started a little dance to do something with her hands since they were empty. I was up front so I saw her do this. It was subltle but fun. I don’t know if anyone else caught her. Sadly, she stopped because she was quite good.

I got a picture with her later that night. A stunning woman and she seems so charming without even trying. I told her I wanted my picture taken with her because she was the best bass player in the industry.

I also spoke with Rhodri a bit and got my picture with him too. I also got an autograph from him on my Unreleased tracks CD. Rhodri rocks!

Matt gave me a lift back to my hotel, which was very gracious of him to offer since I could have taken a cab and it was out of his way. I suspect it was the begining of a great relationship. Super nice guy. Entering the expressway was a sign that said “Wait here for Green.” Usually red means stop and green means go, but these were metered lights that usually flashed yellow. If it was green, you are supposed to stop anyway…US traffic lights…nevermind. Funny sign that Matt spied as we got on the expressway. It was at that point I realized. They didn’t do Am I Right in Thinking or Locked. My personal faves. But they did close with Petracocadollar. Nice.

At the airport the next morning I saw Gary and his wife on the same flight I was. I am sure it won’t be the last time I see him either. He lives just minutes from my office in Minneapolis.

Lastly, although I didn’t here it from Green, many fans were mentioning that Green and David Gamson might work together again from something Green said that evening. I suspect David and/or Fred’s involvement will be around producing like Anohomie and Bonhomie. But then again, some band members talk about going back to their regular jobs in December…The future will tell us the truth I guess. Godspeed to you Mr. Gartside. This sounds like a cliche, but it exceeded my expectations. I eat white bread, drink black beer and bleed Green. Wow! That was way too corny. Thanks for reading this sappy stuff, because I was getting cavities from all of the sweetness.


Double Door pictures

Posted at 9pm on 11/06/06 by

Standing in front of the Double Door Scritti Politti! Fans outside the venue Coincidence? Rhodri and John Rhodri and fan Rhodri and another fan Signed and sealed Green and fan Green and another fan! Green and John Green and fans John and Alyssa The poster! White Bread Black Beer Signed package Nice one Signed sealed and delivered

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Clips from Double Door, Chicago

Posted at 10pm on 11/05/06 by

John (the lucky guy!) went to the gig in the Double Door, Chicago on November 4th. He managed to make some video’s, which give a rough impression of the entire evening. Enjoy!

Rod Reynolds’ Roxy review + sound check pics

Posted at 11pm on 11/03/06 by

Rod Reynolds & Green Gartside

Rod Reynolds has send us the following review of the Roxy gig:

Scritti Politti was one of my favorite bands in the late 80s. I was in my early 20s and was very much influenced by the music and style of bands such as Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, A-Ha, Japan, Adam & the Ants. The album ‘Cupid & Psyche 85′ was a long-time favorite of mine, including the classic songs ‘Perfect Way,’ “Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin),’ ‘Hypnotize,’ and ‘Absolute.’

read more »

Scritti Politti play at Big Takeover party

Posted at 9pm on 11/03/06 by


Scritti Politti are listed to play at the Big Takeover Low Key / Low Watt Afternoon Party at Sound Fix Record Store on saturday 11th of november. Sound Fix Record Store is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY, 110 Bedford Avenue. Admission free. Have Fun !

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More LA Roxy pictures

Posted at 10pm on 10/31/06 by

These might be one of the first recent pictures i’ve seen with Gartside, Gamson, Maher all in one place! All this loveliness thanks to LindaMarie. Love the tie…

usa-roxy-10.jpg usa-roxy-9.jpg usa-roxy-11.jpg usa-roxy-12.jpg usa-roxy-13.jpg usa-roxy-8.jpg usa-roxy-7.jpg usa-roxy-6.jpg usa-roxy-5.jpgusa-roxy-4.jpg usa-roxy-3.jpg usa-roxy-2.jpg usa-roxy-1.jpg

Pics from LA ROXY

Posted at 3am on 10/31/06 by

Pictures of Devin Tait and Green and others taken by Marc Loren (click for XXL versions):
Green & Devin Tait (LA ROXY 1) Green (LA ROXY 2) Green (LA ROXY 3)

Review: Scritti at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood

Posted at 6pm on 10/30/06 by

Ron KaneMy friend Ron Kane, who is a fan of my old band MAM has send me his review of yesterday’s Scritti gig at The Roxy. Although it was a Dutch band (and singing in Dutch) MAM had a couple of fans in America, LA for example.

Here’s Ron’s review:

Scritti Politti!

Last night, Scritti Politti played The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood.
It was their American debut show, and they said so. I had waited 25+ years to see them.

They played lots of songs from the new album, wonderful sound. Also, I could recognize “The Word Girl”, “Wood Beez”, “Die Alone”
and “Brushed With Oil Dusted With Powder”. The surprises were to hear “The Sweetest Girl” and “Skank Bloc Bologna”.

Green’s voice was very good, but he said he had a bad cold.

The band was good, the playing very tight – but there was an instance of “Laptop failure” before “Wood Beez” – Green was very funny and chatty – before they played even one note of music he greeted his Los Angeles fans by saying, “We don’t play ‘perfect Way'” – OK, Green!

There were two opening acts – I do not know what they were called, and it’s not my style of music, anyway. They wouldn’t let us sit down, “All of the tables are reserved!” – even though nobody was sitting at any of them when I asked (I looked later, maybe 3 of 24 tables had someone sitting at them). At least the ticket was inexpensive!

Scritti Politti play two more shows in the L.A. area – but I probably can’t get to either of them. They were also selling T-shirts and buttons, the CD and a poster (Only 210 made!). The T-shirt had the tour dates, I already ordered the CD from Japan (bonus tracks and a DVD!), so I bought the buttons (for the new album) and the poster (autographed).


Ron is huge music fan and a huge music collector. Check him out at Flickr.

Bonus 3 Track CD in US

Posted at 6pm on 10/24/06 by

From Nonesuch Records:

We actually are giving away a three-track CD in the tour markets to anyone who buys the record, this will include Last Time I Looked, When I Was Happy and Am I Right in Thinking.

LA/Anaheim/SF/CHI/NY: Virgin

Boston: Newbury Comics

Philadelphia: Aka Music / Mainstreet Music

Baltimore: Record & Tape Traders


I am unsure if they are coupled together as a retail product or if it is a mail-in promotion. Perhaps a reader can help us out. Do you live in one of these markets? Wanna shop your local store and let us know???


E11th Nuts and interview Summersonic

Posted at 8pm on 10/22/06 by

Akemi recorded ‘Summer Sonic special program’ on TV Asahi (CH10). Green’s interview is short, but funny.

NO Snow in Sun

Posted at 5pm on 10/14/06 by


This week we were informed by Rough Trade that the Snow in Sun single is definitely cancelled, it will only by available as download on Itunes with as extra tracks Am I Right In Thinking and When I Was Happy. At this stage it’s not known whether or not there will be taken another single from White Bread Black Beer. On Itunes there is also a new collaboration with Skillz available, called The Jam, Pt 2.

Scritti’s red carpet picture

Posted at 8pm on 09/29/06 by

A glamorous picture of Scritti Politti on the red carpet, at the Mercury’s
(actually they are standing next to the red carpet, typical as they are !)


WBBB Special Japanese Edition

Posted at 8pm on 09/28/06 by

Today my long awaited package from HMV Japan arrived from Tokyo, a special edition of WBBB with bonus DVD (yum yum !). The cd is exactly the same as the UK version, the DVD features the Shai Productions documentary, which was mentioned here earlier. It’s an interesting interview with Green mixed with some sightseeing, guitar shopping, beer drinking and the fine sounds of No Fine Lines, Snow in Sun, Robin Hood and After Six. The Japanese subtitles makes it all a bit exotic. I must say that I am quite satisfied with the service of HMV Japan. A reasonable price (YEN 3912) and very fast shipping (they shipped it 25-09, I received it 28-09).

WBBB desktop wallpaper

Posted at 3pm on 09/25/06 by


Here you can download a nice WBBB desktop wallpaper. Made in Japan.

Completed US Tour schedule

Posted at 7pm on 09/21/06 by


The US tour dates for Scritti Politti are now finalised; the show in Toronto is now taking place at the Opera House, not as previously advised. All shows are now onsale, except the UCLA show with Brian Wilson which is sold out. Tickets for Hollywood, Anaheim, Chicago, Toronto, Baltimore and Boston are available at; Philadelphia and New York are at, and San Francisco is at

The full list:

29th October – Los Angeles Roxy

30th October – Anaheim House Of Blues

1st November – Los Angeles UCLA Royce Hall

2nd November – San Francisco Slims

4th November – Chicago Double Door

6th November – Toronto Opera House

8th November – Baltimore Sonar

9th November – Philadelphia North Star Bar

10th November – New York Bowery Ballroom

12th November – Boston Paradise

source : Double G mailing list

No Mercury Prize

Posted at 12am on 09/06/06 by

Unfortunately no Mercury Prize for Scritti Politti. It went to the Arctic Monkeys. Read it here. I guess the nomination in itself was a huge recognition for Green’s work. And now a pint of Guinness to wash this news down !

Whole set of Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms captured

Posted at 8pm on 09/03/06 by

Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms ticketOn Monday July the 10th Scritti played at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms. This whole set was captured in audio.

Technical details:

Lineage; Sony ECM-717>Sony MD MZ-N710>Phillips CD Recorder>Soundforge>dBPoweramp No eq used.

Recorded 10 foot away from the stage right PA stack.

Set list (mp3 files):
01 Boom Boom Bap
02 Snow In Sun
03 Robin Hood
04 After Six
05 E11th Nuts
06 Come Clean (Jeru the Damager cover!)
07 Dr Abernathy
08 The Sweetest Girl
09 Am I Right In Thinking
10 Hands Up (Mad Skills cover)
11 Does Your Ma Drink Gin? (bass player Alyssa solo)
12 Cooking (false start)
13 Cooking
14 The Road To No Regret
15 D to the O
16 Skank Bloc Bologna
17 Petrococadollar (false start)
18 Petrococadollar
19 Edge of Degradation
20 Woodbeez

Tracks of my years

Posted at 2pm on 09/03/06 by

Last week Green had the opportunity to choose some of his favourite tracks for Ken Bruce‘s show on BBC Radio 2. A slightly different selection from the one published in the Itunes Music Store (see earlier post). On friday he talks about future projects. Two albums! A hiphop one and an album with ‘proper’ songs. Yummy..

Day Tripper ~ The Beatles
Heroes ~ David Bowie

Sign O’ The Times ~ Prince
This Flight Tonight ~ Joni Mitchell

Shake Your Body Down ~ The Jacksons
Chains Of Fools ~ Aretha Franklin

Walk This Way ~ Run DMC & Aerosmith
Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours ~ Stevie Wonder

Surfs Up ~ The Beach Boys
Backseat Of My Car ~ Paul McCartney

Scritti Politti live at Summer Sonic 06

Posted at 9pm on 09/02/06 by

Found this short, but nice, Wood Beez clip from Summer Sonic 06 in Tokyo on YouTube. Sounds good. Enjoy it.additional : a 45 sec clip of The Sweetest Girl live on Google Video. I don’t know which venue exactly, looks like The Luminaire.

New tourdates

Posted at 3pm on 09/02/06 by


New UK, Ireland tourdates (& 1 US) as announced by the Double G mailing list.

8th November – Baltimore Sonar
15th November – Sheffield Leadmill
16th November – Newcastle Carling Academy
18th November – Birmingham Carling Academy
19th November – London Shepherds Bush Empire
20th November – Manchester Academy 2
22nd November – Cardiff The Point
23rd November – Dublin Whelans

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Mystery Gig at London Bowling Alley?

Posted at 3pm on 08/31/06 by


Is this for real? Can anyone confirm or deny that this is happening?

EPK r̩alis̩ le 10 mai 2006 РParis

Posted at 2pm on 08/22/06 by
Interview in Paris May 2006 (40 mb, 15:44 minutes)

Shai Productions has created this rather interesting interview with Green. Green drinking beer, Green buying a Martin, Green decorating objects with a Green pen and more.

Just in case you’re wondering what this is all about (yes, the Shai Productions’ website is another fine lesson for French wannabies), here you go:

With a name like that we swear it is a name of an old Italian DJ from 90’s who released thousand of mixes for Cote d’Azur DJ’s and Ibiza dancing Clubs. But we must go back to the70’s/80’s to find the name Scritti Politti. And must of all, far from Italy as the men behind this group is Welsh and named Green Gartside.
The group had is glory during is decline like Joy Division, Gang Of Four, and others who became cult groups or totally forgotten.
Wellknown but never known (appreciated by professional but ignored by the public except some hit singles). Scritti have tried a come back in 1999 but with total indifference. Not decouraged Gartside is back to is first love with White Bread Black Bear…

Green also did this when he was in Paris, May 2006. Oh boy I miss Paris… haven’t been there in 2 years…

John Hyde’s collection

Posted at 10pm on 08/19/06 by

John wants to show you his Scritti collection (video – 4 mb, 2:28 minutes).

North American Tour

Posted at 2pm on 08/19/06 by


Trick or treat comes a few days early this year with the tour of our favorite artist, Green Gartside and his new band mates that make up the new Scritti Politti! Less than a year ago, we would have called this notion impossible. But things change. Miracles happen. All I can say is godspeed to Scritti Politti. The journey is the reward.

From the Nonesuch Records website:

10/29/06 Los Angeles CA Roxy
10/30/06 Anaheim CA House Of Blues
11/1/06 Los Angeles, CA UCLA with Brian Wilson
11/2/06 San Francisco, CA Slims
11/4/06 Chicago, IL Double Door (I will probably see you in Chicago! -John)
11/6/06 Toronto, Canada
11/9/06 Philadelphia PA North Star Bar
11/10/06 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom
11/12/06 Boston, MA Paradise

Snow in Sun Single

Posted at 3pm on 08/17/06 by

Snow in Sun Single

I found this item on eBay. Bid early, bid often as they say. This confirms the fact that it is the next single.


There’s this problem

Posted at 9am on 08/16/06 by


Probably most of you have noticed that bibbly-o-tek has been slow or either totally invisible lately. Too bad!

It seems that our hosting party is having difficulties. At the moment we don’t have confirmation about the real issues causing this trouble.

We hope that things will be up and running again very soon.

Please stick with us, we will keep you updated, no matter what. And thank you all for the support. Your comments and emails have helped us a lot and we feel connected.

photo by cactusbones (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Tokyo, Club Quattro

Posted at 10am on 08/12/06 by

Quattro setlistLast thursday Scritti Politti played a packed Club Quattro in Shibuya, Tokyo, a medium size venue with a capacity of a 1000 people. A new song She told me today was played. You can see the whole setlist, which was send to us by Kazuko (Thanks!).

Mitsuo was there as well, and recorded the whole gig! It’s a big file, 67 mb. You can listen inline, but you might be better of when you donwload the mp3 and play it in your favourite player.

Club Quattro, Tokyo, August 10th 2006

Update (by Marco): Bob Gaulke has send us a photo to go with the download.

click on the photo for a large version

First US gig for Scritti

Posted at 7am on 08/12/06 by


It was ‘in the air’ for some time but it’s now official:
On the 1st November 2006 Scritti Politti will perform in Royce Hall in Los Angeles!

And that’s not all; Scritti will be the special opening guest for Brian Wilson’s 40th Anniversary Tribute to Pet Sounds!

Aren’t we all huge Brian Wilson fans? At least I am. And wow, Pet Sounds! Without doubt Brian’s masterpiece.

Thanks for the update Rhodri (*)!

* = do read Rhodri’s latest postcard from Tokio.

Clips from Edinburgh Liquid Rooms gig

Posted at 8pm on 08/10/06 by

Sheena stood in front of the stage and made some clips, which she send to us! John did his magic again, so voila!

Scritti at Edinburgh’s Liquid Rooms

Posted at 11pm on 08/08/06 by

scritti politti-liquidrooms.jpgWhen told me he had recorded Woodbeez and BoomBoomBap at yesterday’s Liquid Rooms gig, I had to check them out of course.

Sound was not bad, but I thought I could improve them a little bit more. So I did. Normally I can spend hours on these things, but this time I needed to do it quickly. They are good enough I think :)

Enjoy them! And don’t forget to read what keyboard-player Rhodri has to say about the gig.


Clips from Tate gig August 4th 2006

Posted at 7pm on 08/07/06 by

Thanks David C for filming at the free gig last friday at Tate Britain. Thanks John for making all the vids suitable for showing online. As youwill see, it was quite dark, and there was no stage, but the sound is quite good. Enjoy!

Interview with Green at Times Online

Posted at 11am on 08/07/06 by

greenatpub.jpgPubished on Times Online: Stephen Dalton’s interview with Green.

I like it. Green seems to be relaxed (probably because the interview was taken at the pub ;)) and the questions are more interesting than the usual bla bla. Two thumbs up.

Go ahead and listen to the interview:

Link (not sure if this is a permanent-link, but we’ll double check later) + article

Note: Our RSS-feed for posts is compatible with iTunes (for the techies: mp3 content is put in enclosure-tag). So for those of you who want to download this audio-content straight to their iPods, just add this RSS-feed to iTunes and everything is set.

After Six

Posted at 9pm on 08/03/06 by


please, keep your love away from me, jesus, keep your hands where I can see, there’s nobody here you can trust I’ll break every bone if I must, oh wisdom keep your hands away from me // mercy, turn your eyes away from me, truth, shine a light where I can’t see, they all practise here to deceive, I’d kill them before I believe, oh jesus keep your love away from me // how far they asked, how far ? as far north as elizabeth, justice, take this sword and cut them down – oh down – jesus keep your love away from me, how far they asked how far ? as far away as here and now

One of the most remarkable songs on WBBB is After Six. A short (2:11), apparenlty simple, straight forward, composition, lacking the complexity of the other songs on WBBB and the depth we are used to find in a decent Scritti Politti tune. At the first Double G live gigs I thought it was one of the stronger tracks (it had a bit more spice performed live), but I must admit that on the album it looks a bit pale between the other brilliant tunes.

So the spice must be in the lyrics then. On this website there has been some debate already about what the lyrics of After Six are about. Is this Green’s atheist statement ? Oh jesus keep you love away from me  (not : jesus, keep your love away from me). Being an atheist myself, I’m pretty prejudiced. It’s always nice to receive confirmation from your heroes. But i’m pretty sure that is what this song is about. Away with religion, mercy, wisdom, deception and on with reason, truth and justice. Hallelujah. By the way, in Road To No Regret Green also hears the voice of reason.  

The lyrics of Small Talk on Cupid & Psyche 85 can also be explained as being atheistic (we’re tired of prophecying, we heard the word was good, but it’s stupifying). So it would not be the first time that Green takes his words this way ! 

I am very curious what you think After Six is about, let us have your opinions. 

An interview, session and some links

Posted at 8pm on 08/03/06 by

Last evening on BBC 6 in Tom Robinson‘s show Tom interviewed Green and Snow In Sun and Robin Hood were played live accompanied by Dicky Moore on guitar and Alyssa … McLundough … (sorry, it’s quite hard to catch her surname, someone help out?) on bass. They talk about John Peel’s funeral, a Gamson produced Tony LeMans’ album, where Green did sing on – now I didn’t know that! At the end there is also some talk about the website, still not fully online, but hopefully people will find their way to bibbly-o-tek, cuz it’s the best!

BBC 6 – Tom Robinson

While you listen you might wanna check out some links. Imomus talks a bit about White Bread Black Beer. He refers to Simon Reynolds epigraph on K-punk‘s analysis of Green’s voice and the meaning of his lyrics. Now at one point i might wanna add my 2 cents. Not now though.

For all you lucky people who are going to tomorrow’s free gig at the Tate, enjoy! Take pictures, maybe even film something. Send us stuff! We’ll be happy to publish it.

Double A-side single: Snow in Sun – Robin Hood

Posted at 12pm on 08/02/06 by

In the Scritti Politti Yahoo-group Richard posted that on September 4th a new single will be released: Snow In Sun. To which Rhodri replied it was gonna be a double A-side along with Robin Hood.

If this is correct, it is excellent timing, since on September 5th the Mercury award ceremony will take place. But a word of caution, these dates tend to drift a little. I do wonder if and how the nomination for Mercury has influenced sales for White Bread Black Beer. It must have had some effect, for a short time it got back in the top 50 on Amazon UK, but it’s nowhere to be found right now… i just checked!

As for the choice of single, i slightly prefer Robin Hood over Snow in Sun. I don’t like the first seconds of Snow In Sun, but once it hits its stride, it’s a lovely song.

Would be great if there are non-album tracks on the single, but no news on that yet!

John Hyde reads it for the articles…

Posted at 3am on 07/31/06 by


Here is some scritti on Scritti Politti and “White Bread Black Beer” from Playboy online. They gave WBBB 3.5 out of 4 bunnies! He mentions “Petrococadollar,” which is one of my faves on the new album. There is also an audio link to “Dr. Abernathy.”

Here is a link to the actual site:
But before you click, be warned if you don’t like the sort of thing that appears in playboy, I have incuded the text alone below. Also, I would be careful if you click on this site at your workplace.

Screen Capture

If you click on the thumbnail above it will open the pic to a full window. The woman in the pic is dressed. She is wearing “extreme lingerie.” (Is she the Sweetest Girl in all the world? The Word Girl…? Well, anyhow, She’s a Woman.)

Perhaps we will change out site name to Bibbly-o-sex? Ok, nuff said. ;)

Great post-punk bands should all grow old this gracefully, with a relaxed, soulful pop record. Mostly the work of Welsh singer/songwriter Green Gartside, Scritti Politti jumped from ’70s post-punk clatter to ’80s pop pay dirt, scoring minor hits with shiny, soulful songs like “The Sweetest Girl” and “Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin).” On his fifth album, White Bread, Black Beer, the 50-year-old Gartside takes Scritti Politti into middle age, layering warm ocean-air harmonies and clever, reflective lyrics atop intimate bedroom synths. Intricate pop melodies worthy of Burt Bacharach keep the spacious electronic arrangements from growing stale, sweetened by Gartside’s amiable intelligence. “There is no end,” Gartside sings on dreamy “Petrococadollar,” while his own voice replies as if in extension of the same thought, “I’m very strange about love.” If maturity means creating music this quirky and exquisite, maybe it’s not such a bad thing, after all.

— Marc Hogan

Found and posted by John Hyde

Soundcheck radio interview and session

Posted at 6pm on 07/27/06 by

The sveltering heat here in the Netherlands – and all over Europe – makes sitting behind one’s computer a bit less attractive, but this afternoon i did do so and captured the interview and session which was on WNYC last week on July 18th. Hopefully not all americans pronounce Screetti Poleetti the same way as the interviewer!

Soundcheck interview and session

A picture taken during the session was posted on Flickr. Ernst in an earlier comment here on bibbly-o-tek unveiled the t-shirt is from DC Clothing – in case you’re wondering…

Stop the press !

Posted at 12pm on 07/21/06 by


Scritti Politti in the press. An excellent leader article in The Guardian Online, referring to the Mercury Music Prize nomination (a promotional catalyst in itself, great !). Thanks Enda for pointing it out to us. And whilst websurfing I stumbled upon this rather strange double review of PSB’s Fundamental and Scritti’s White Bread Black Beer in the very American City Pages. One hit wonders…. ? I wonder.

* Addittional. Going all transatlantic : a mainly retrospective article in The New Yorker

Japanese release info

Posted at 5pm on 07/20/06 by

HMV Japan are advertising a limited release of White Bread Black Beer, with a 15th track (which appears unfortunately only in Japanese signs) and a bonus DVD. Yum yum, gimme some ! (Release date 27-09).

00010508_Green Scritti1.jpg

Mercury Music Prize shortlist

Posted at 1pm on 07/18/06 by

This is absolutely wonderful news! Scritti Politti‘s White Bread Black Beer is shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize. Together with amongst others The Arctic Monkeys, Thom Yorke, favourites with the bookmakers. The winner will be announced on 5 September and will receive a £20,000 cheque. You can read about it on the BBC website.

From here I – and ofcourse the whole bibbly-o-tek team – congratulate Green with this recognition of a job well done. Cheers mate!

Woodbeez, Oxford Zodiac

Posted at 1pm on 07/15/06 by

We got a new clip from the Oxford Zodiac gig last week, and it’s a complete capture of Woodbeez this time! As usual, it’s done with a simple camera, which really does make the sound suffer, but still, it’s unique. Would love to see it done right (hint) one time.

Mrs Hughes, pictures, a review and a new gig!

Posted at 3pm on 07/13/06 by

First, thanks to David C you can listen to and watch Mrs Hughes from last tuesdays gig in the Scala.

Tim from Channel 4 also was at the gig, he wrote a review and he took some pictures! The last two pictures are from David C.
Scala Scala Scala ScalaScala

There also was a short interview on BBC news. We captured the audio stream for you, but if you make haste, you can watch the guys and girl walk to the pub (go to the 15 minute spot).

BBC news audio capture

Some news through Rhodri (and David C mentioned it it as well just yet in a comment):

And it’s not announced yet, but we’ll be playing a free outdoor show at the Tate Britain with The Long Blondes and the 1990s on Friday 4th August.

And finally, don’t miss the review at Pitchfork which was published this monday.

The Scala gig

Posted at 11pm on 07/12/06 by

Acces all areasIf someone told me a year ago i would be going to my third scritti gig by the middle of this year, i would have called him a dreamer. But there i was, looking up at the Scala sign on the building in Camden, just a minute’s walk away from Kings Cross. It was still early in the afternoon, i had already checked into my hotel conveniently 3 streets away, and i decided to check out the Scala. I peeked into the one open door, but all was dark inside, so i decided to take a stroll through the area on this shiny summerday.

Before i talk about the gig, you might wanna take a peek at the couple of clips i made during the evening. I had my goal set on The ‘Sweetest’ Girl, Skank Bloc Bologna and Woodbeez, but was sidetracked by the loveliness of Am I Right In Thinking, so i could only get a minute of Woodbeez. Gotta invest in a bigger card for the camera! The sound is not all that, but you might get a glimps of what is what like.

read more »

Photo’s of the Oxford Zodiac gig

Posted at 2pm on 07/10/06 by

Saturday July 8th 2006 – Oxford Zodiac

Here are a few photo’s (click on them for a nice pop!) of the gig:
OxfordZodiac1.jpg OxfordZodiac2.jpg OxfordZodiac3.jpg OxfordZodiac4.jpg
OxfordZodiac5.jpg OxfordZodiac6.jpg OxfordZodiac7.jpg OxfordZodiac8.jpg

Photo Credits: Gavin Mathieu, Andrew Lumbard & Richard Johnson

Jonathan Ross interviews Green…

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… and Green plays live! On BBC Radio 2 in the Jonathan Ross show there is friendly bantering between Green and Jonathan, who confesses to have been a fan ever since The ‘Sweetest’ Girl, giving a rather unfaithful rendition of the song. In the later part Green plays Snow In Sun and Robin Hood, only accompanied with guitar.

BBC Radio 2 Jonathan Ross (21 minutes, 19 mb)

There were some hiccups during capturing, but it’s only for a second or so twice.

The very first gig recording

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With Scritti Politti’s official summer UK started yesterday in Brighton, this is a most fitting time for a recording of the first ever gig to pop up and amaze. 28 Years ago, November 18 1978, in Acklam Hall this was recorded. The song is called Art Forever, a genuine lost song found again. John unearthed this little gem, and it sure does sound sweet!

Art Forever

Also, the ticket for the gig.
Ticket to the Acklam Hall gig

Thanks Russell from Barrow-in-Furness for this unique material!

Green on MySpace and other things

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160x120_scritti_green.jpgMiriam Zendle of Digital Spy published an interview with Green today. A lot of the questions are obvious but a few I find interesting; Green’s view on MySpace and the Scritti website he seems to be working on.

Go ahead, read it!

Gigs canceled?

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Not good news! There are some sources saying the Oxford gig on July 8th and the Norwich one on July 17th are both canceled. The double G site doesn’t mention anything about this.

On the upside, there is a mention on the Rough Trade website of a gig at the Latitude Festival on July 14th, which is the first time i’ve seen it.

We hope to get more information soon!

Rhodri just posted in the yahoo group the following:

I’ve just spoken to Green – this is a mistake; the gig in Oxford is DEFINITELY ON – we’ve checked and double checked with the agent and the promoter. It’s a mistake on the part of Wegotickets.

See you there. And very sorry to anyone who had bought tickets for Norwich.

Arif Mardin RIP

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arifdizzy.jpgThis Sunday at the age of 74, the legendary producer Arif Mardin has died. We all know Arif was responsible for producing several Scritti songs, for example the still stunningly slick and sexy sounding Wood Beez.

Arif has produced many records for Chaka Khan and I think most listeners will recognize the influences he had on Scritti’s music. For example his style of drum-programming and his use of modern MIDI-sequencing. But let’s not forget that his skills go way back. He worked with some of the old bebop cats, like for example the innovators Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie (left person on photo). We also should never forget the work he has done for Aretha Franklin.

Arif’s place in history should be put in line with people like Duke Ellington, Gil Evans and Quincy Jones. Arif has always changed his style and adopted it to modern times. An orchestra, a drum-machine or a synth; a set of tools he used for creating his own art.

Further reading: Music producer Mardin dies at 74

Scritti Politti’s Playlist

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A celebrity playlist in the UK iTunes Musicstore gives Green’s 15 favourite songs with a small explanation added. It was possible for me to switch from the Dutch to the UK one, not sure though that’s possible for everyone. The list goes from the classic Beach Boys through 70’s Bowie and punk to hip-hop and beyond. May i join in praising Sufjan Stevens’ Illinoise! Got to know this album through an interview with Green, and it became one of my favourite albums this year.

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BBC2 Weekender interview with Green

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On last night’s show the Weekender on BBC Radio 2 Green was interviewed by Matthew Right. You can listen again, but as these streams tend to dispappear into thin air, you’d better listen right here at bibbly-o-tek. It’s basically the same story rehashed, but it’s sure is nice to listen to Green’s voice. Which makes me think, in the old days, i used to wonder if his speaking voice would sound the same as his singing voice. Quite happy to say it doesn’t. :)

BBC 2 Weekender interview


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guinness.jpg“Last time I looked, I was a handsome young man”

Happy birthday Green!

and cheers!

Ellen, Ernst, John and Marco

Chaka and Green

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chaka.jpgI have always been a huge fan of Chaka Khan. She sings high and very loud, a combination which is a serious killer for most singers.

Years ago when I was working on an album with Dave Green (yes, I know!), a former band-member of the UK-band Icicle Works, we had a discussion about Chaka. Dave asked me if I had ever heard Chaka’s ‘Naughty’ album. And no, I did not. I think it was only officially released in Japan or something like that. But anyway: ‘Naughty‘ (buy at is the best Chaka has ever done. Gives me chills all over!

But okay back to the Chaka-Green connection…

The song Green wrote for Chaka, ‘Love Of A Lifetime’, also has an interesting story:

He is also finishing writing a song for Chaka Khan, called ‘Love Of A Lifetime’. It is the first he’s written for somebody else, and he will sing on it with Chaka and co-produce it. Chaka had contacted Green and asked him to do it. They have met previously and Chaka likes the Scritti stuff very much.


Love Of A Lifetime (remix)

Love Of A Lifetime (remix)

a few Perfect Ways

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Sound-wise Perfect Way has that typical 80’s sound. And sure, Scritti is responsible for that :)

The thing that still does it for me is the way the song modulates from the intro into the verse and then finally into the refrain. My head is still popping off when I hear it and I am sure the same thing happened to Miles Davis. Miles did a cover of Perfect Way on his album Tutu.

Perfect Way (promo)

Perfect Way (promo)
Lots of effects and remixing tricks, typical 80’s stuff, but still a cool mix.

Perfect Way Remix

Perfect Way Remix
An interesting remix, monoish sounding (maybe caused by a ‘not so Perfect’ file-conversion?), but with a few interesting twists.

Perfect Way (demo)

Perfect Way (demo)
This is a very interesting one. It fooled me. At first I thought it was the original version but it’s not. The mix is different. I have not A/B compared it to the original version yet. Would be something for an interesting discussion I guess. Just leave your comments below!

A collection worth having

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This might be the most complete Scritti Politti collection i’ve ever seen, ranging from the very first singles to special editions of Anomie & Bonhomie. Multiple versions of each single, album, cd limited editions, posters… even a gold record for Cupid & Psyche. John got all these photo’s from Mitsuo from Japan.


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Amusing interview

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Tim Chipping pointed us to this very amusing interview he did with Green Gartside for the Channel 4 website. This proves ; if you ask the man interesting questions you get interesting answers !


Also, for the Dutchies, this interview on the VPRO 3voor12 website. There is an audio stream of the interview also, which is of course in English (just press the little speaker button, you’ll figure it out). The stream will be in our archives, soon, as well. Thanks to VPRO’s Erwin Blom for pointing this interview out to us.


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We’re very happy we can publish the director’s cut of the interview with Green by Simon Reynolds, published in a shorter version in the Guardian.

by Simon Reynolds

“We went to Marylebone Registry Office, because that’s where McCartney got married,” recalls Green Gartside of his wedding a couple of months ago. “We chose the shortest service, just a couple of sentences, and we didn’t really tell anyone, so we had one witness each. But this pudding of a teenager, with two different speech impediments, officiated, and he read the standard script that goes ‘thank you all for coming, it means so much to Alice and Green that all their friends and family are here’. We couldn’t really stop him as he lisped his way through it! But, no, it was a very lovely thing. I think I might even have had a tear in my eye.”

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Official tourdates UK and Japan

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Relieved to see we were right with the dates we announced last tuesday! Today announced all dates this summer in the UK and Japan. Ifyou’re not already on the mailinglist, you should subscribe, then you get handy information like this delivered to you. Even though you read it here on bibbly first. I already booked my ticket for the Scala gig today!

Thursday July 6th – Brighton Concorde 2
Saturday July 8th – Oxford Zodiac
Monday July 10th – Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
Tuesday July 11th – London Scala
Monday July 17th – Norwich UEA

Saturday August 5th – Big Chill Festival, Eastnor Castle
Monday August 7th – Edinburgh Liquid Rooms
Thursday August 10th – Tokyo, Club Quattro
Saturday August 12th – Tokyo, Summersonic Festival
Sunday August 13th – Osaka, Summersonic Festival
Monday August 14th – Osaka, Club Quattro

July tour, Big Chill, Edinburgh, Summersonic:

Magazine reviews

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A couple of review printed in magazines. There is a very positive on in Uncut, July 2006.
Uncut review July 2006

One in Q Magazine.
Q review July 2006

Kay send us a scan of a review posted in Intro in Germany, it’s a review of the 5th February gig in The Luminaire.
Intro de photoIntro de text

And finally a review in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.
NRC review 12 July 2006

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Green up north

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Cool Green

Taken from the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen, a very cool picture of Green Gartside, and an interview (by Geir Rakvaag), from which these are apparently the highlights:

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Scritti Politti tour UK

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Some dates of the Scritti Politti tour through the UK are seeping through. As yet unconfirmed! Some other venues might be added.

6th July – Brighton – BC2
8th July – Oxford – ZODIAC
10th July – Portsmouth – WEDGEWOOD
11th July – London – SCALA
17th July – Norwich – UEA

Tickets are 16.50 (LONDON SCALA: 17.50)

Green’s elevator performance

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The Dutch VPRO (broadcasting for TV,radio and Internet) has recorded a video of Green performing 3 songs in the elevator of Hotel Vondel in Amsterdam on May 11th 2006. Very cool.

Here’s the Real Audio stream. And a bit of info in Dutch at the VPRO website.

Update: The Real Audio stream contained some bad characters. I have corrected the link.

BBC Radio Wales interview with Green

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This sunday 11th June on BBC Radio Wales an interview with Green will be broadcasted on the Adam Walton programme at 10pm. It’s possible to listen live through the internet or through the Listen Again option. We at bibbly-o-tek will of course capture the stream and post it here after the show!

BBC Wales interview – part 1

BBC Wales interview – part 2

A nice Scritti package

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Finally, at long last, i’ve got the official cd of White Bread Black Beer! It’s the digipack version, with extra nice images. So for you to enjoy, the booklet with all the lyrics, in Green’s handwriting. Looking at the back, the tracklist looks to me like embroidered text, probably done with a sewing machine.

Remembering my initial disappointed response when i saw the little thumbnail of the packaging, i’ve completely changed my mind. The front works good in a shop, and the images on the digipack and background images in the booklet are very delicate with lots of texture. Perfectly fits the album.

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Planet Claire photo

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Franck Slakmon from Paris has send us the above photo, taken by Julien Bourgeois during the Planet Claire session.

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Scritti at SUMMER SONIC 2006

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summersonic-gig.jpgScritti Politti will perform at the Summer Sonic Festival 2006 in Japan. Two times in Tokyo and Osaka on the 12th and 13th of August 2006.

More info at

We’re still trying to find out whether or not Scritti will perform in Holland again someday soon. We hope so of course. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are our favorite places to see Scritti perform. If so, we will wear our wooden shoes, holding a windmill in our right hand, an Absolute vodka in our left and wearing a green shirt…

Update: We have just recieved an email from the Dutch Rough Trade department, De Konkurrent. Scritti Politti will perform in Holland and Belgium in September!

Tutti video

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Some more video’s added to the video section. Boom There She Was and a japanese video of Umm, which is mostly a re-edit of the Making of Anomie & Bonhomie. More japanese footage, an interview, another interview and a talk about Scritti Politti, with no subtitles, so your japanese has got to be quite good!

Small talk with Green

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Some journalists have all the luck. You get to sit in the sunshine opposite Green Gartside talking at length about White Bread Black Beer, playing live, favourite music, the Double G website, the past and future plans.

Some interesting points pass along, like an idea of recording a disco album with David Gamson and playing with Massive Attack in Hyde Park – would that be on the Wireless Festival in June perhaps? There is nothing on the Wireless website, so it seems unlikely.

The recording sometimes has some funny noises in it, but overall it’s a good listen. I like all the background rumour and the soft tickling on the guitar Green had with him.

Full interview (29 minutes, 27 mb)

… and yet more WBBB news!

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Just got home from work and my usual trip to Velet record store in Rotterdam, where i don’t need to say what I’m coming for. And no, nothing yet, but they assured me the CD and vinyl version are definitely going to be on friday. So now a quick post on some new reviews and interviews, just before dinner. Reading earlier reviews, White Bread Black Beer get a good reception, with the added note it’s regarded as an uncommercial record. Personally, i don’t much care. I love the music, and can be quite an evangelist about it (this website is proof of that!), but a huge commercial success might chase Green back into hiding. Even though it seems a thing of the past.

Anyway, time for some links! There is a really interesting interview at Incendiary Magazine, where finally someone asks some original questions. The same website has a review as well. On the Dutch 3voor12 website there is a review as well, albeit in Dutch. I’ll translate it maybe later this evening and add it in the comments of this post. The well-respected 3voor12 site also has White Bread Black Beer on the listening post, which is really good publicity.

Some news on upcoming gigs as well! Scritti Politti will play on Bestival, which takes place on the Isle of Wight 8-10 September, and on the Big Chill festival at Eastnor Castle Deer Park 2006, 4-6 August. Apparently this place is between the Cotswolds and the Welsh Marches.

A Hay with the Word

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These are the first pics I have seen from the Hay Fest last week. Thanks Sam for these camera phone pics from the Hay Festival!


Some more from Gavin!

(A Perfect Hay??? hmmm? too corny…)

John Hyde

Miles’ Perfect Way

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I have seen Miles Davis perform Perfect Way many times here in The Hague, Holland, at the North Sea Jazz Festival. The best gigs for me were those with John Scofield on guitar. But this speedy version is also right on the money I must say!

Green in the TimeOut

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Green in green with catAn interview by John Lewis with Green in the London TimeOut. There is also a short review on White Bread Black Beer.

TImeOut Interview TimeOut Interview TimeOut review

Scritti Politti: Interview
Scritti Politti’s Green Gartside tells Time Out about his colourful journey from post-punk squat-dweller to ’80s R&B technician to Hackney ‘pub rocker’, and how he learned to play live again

As an adolescent, Green was obsessed with folk…

‘At school, I used to go to a folk club in the Newport docks area. Martin Carthy was my hero. He’s a seriously funky guitarist! At art college in Leeds, I followed Carthy around the country. I was once stranded in the middle of nowhere after one of his gigs, and Martin and Norma went completely out of their way to give me a lift home, which was lovely of them.’

He liked the way that old men urinated at folk clubs…

‘They had a way of holding their cocks while they were pissing. I found that fascinating. I wrote a lyric about it on the first album. “He held it like a cigarette/ Behind a squaddie’s back/He held it so he hid its length/And so he hid its lack.”’

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The sweetest gig

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First review from the Scritti Politti gig at the Hay Literary Festival 02-06-2006, by Karren Ablaze

The birth of Scritti Politti

Here’s a review-ette of the Clyro Court gig… somewhere in the middle of Wales, last night… it took place in a large purpose built venue at the back of a Shelock Holmes-themed hotel, the crowd seemed to be mainly literary festival attendees. They didn’t dance, but they were REALLY into it… The Double G posse, now consciously calling themselves Scritti Politti, seemed kind of edgy at first – there’d not been as much time as they would have liked to set up and soundcheck (and they like to do LONG soundchecks). I was worried about them, but when they came onstage what struck me was they LOOKED so good. Ranging personalities and styles, no uniform, but nevertheless they had definitely gelled into a group and were a pleasure to watch. Alyssa is a focal point of gorgeousness there at the front, and opposite her, Dicky looked suave, his performance dreamlike. Dave took on the role of setting up Green’s lyrics on the music stand for each song, and his manner of doing it was a performance in itself, seeming to whistle as he loped across the stage, self-assured and loving evey minute. Green’s appearance is chimeric – who is he? what is he? is he really there? But as a group, as a team, is seems that they have BECOME Scritti Politti. This show was evidence of that birth.

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Green in the tabloids !

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Hear hear. Green in The Sun !
Here’s our juicy girl-free version.


As his name might suggest, Green Gartside is a colourful character. Back in 1976 while at Leeds Polytechnic, he was inspired by the twin influences of The Sex Pistols and Karl Marx.

By the end of the Seventies, he was making intelligent, politicised post-punk music as founder and leader of Scritti Politti.

The band were based at their squat in Camden and were subsequently signed to one of the most imaginative indie labels of the day.

Rough Trade run by Geoff Travis. What set Green’s music apart was an unerring eye for a killer tune and a willingness for sonic exploration only equalled among peers by The Clash.

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Scritti Politti biography

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Nonesuch Records put up Scritti Politti’s biography again, written by Nick Hasted. We, at bibbly. are very happy they allow us to post it here too!

Green Gartside is back, having been away, once again, for some time. Back with his first album in seven years, back on Rough Trade after 24 (Nonesuch/Rough Trade in North America), back on stage after 26. The man who is Scritti Politti has always been inclined to absence more than presence, questions more than answers, contradictions he spends years happily lost in. His is a story, after all, that begins watching the Sex Pistols in Leeds in 1977; continues for a period in early 80s Camden squat land, where attempts at a pop commune produced Peel-loved, post-punk singles; made a daring break into pop with the deathless “The ‘Sweetest’ Girl”; moved to New York to become a full-fledged MTV star, and sonic inspiration to future R&B; almost went mad from the effort; retreated to Wales and returned making hip-hop; and now, aged 50, has produced one more intricate, self-questioning pop master class, White Bread Black Beer, recorded alone, in his Hackney back room.

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Buy White Bread, Black Beer at shop-o-tek!

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shop-o-tek.jpgWe have just opened the shop-o-tek. You can order the CD of White Bread, Black Beer and the Boom Boom Bap CD-single straight away. And by doing so you’re helping both Scritti and the bibbly-o-tek team. We’re trying to build the best Scritti source we can imagine. This takes times and money. So if you’re considering buying the new Scritti Politti album online please consider using the shop-o-tek.

Please go ahead: shop-o-tek is here!

Any suggestions about this are very welcome of course!

Update: We’ve just added a new affiliate partner,, who sells White Bread, Black Beer on VINYL!

The Boom Boom Bap – review

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boomboombap1 boomboombap2

The Boom Boom Bap is the first single from the new Scritti Politti album White Bread Black Beer. The CD Single contains the album version and 2 new tracks, no remixes.

Ever since BBC 6 played it for the first time in december of last year, this melodious ballad has been going round in my head. It was the first we heard from Green Gartside since Anomie & Bonhomie in 1999, and what a treat it is. The Boom Boom Bap is a honeysweet song, showing all the beauty that Green is able to bring about with his voice and his sound, following the line of Brushed with oil, dusted with powder. A beauty, a minimal jewel.

The b-side features 2 new songs. The last time I looked, is a fine song in the line of White Bread Black Beer. Remarkable are the recurring “nashville” guitar chords and the interesting lyrics. “The next time I look I will be a long way from here, by the tree of cocaine, near the river of beer”. Please show me where that place is. In the middle of this song there is a mysterious woman counting down from seven to zero, in French. Excellent. The second new song on the single is Hands up, an uptempo rap track, fierce & intense, featuring a rapper called Skillz (from Virginia ?) I am not sure if this is the man, I googled him up. Anyway, he wants us to put our mothafuckin’ hands up and keep em there. To me his voice sounds a bit like Emenim (hope I don’t insult Skillz with that). No Green vocals on this track, i guess it’s produced, mixed and music played by Green. I played this track a couple of times, it grows on you. Nice one.

Release date Europe 19-06-2006


Update (Marco – May 31, 2006): I have uploaded higher quality scans, simply click on the images for larger versions

Scritti Politti – Quiet comeback

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Using babelfish, a dictionary and my highschool german i managed to translate an interview by Tom Venker on Some sentences were hard to get right, and i’m not sure i succeeded. In spite of what you might think, dutch is very different from german, so i didn’t get it all at once. I first put the whole thing through babelfish, which made its amusing literal translation. The one that will stay with me for a long time is skirt music (Rock Musik!).

The biggie for me in this article is that Green talks about a second single, a collaboration with Mad Skills who is known for his work on Rawkus Records.

Enjoy the article, and I apologize in advance for some weird english, but i think i got the general direction right.

Scritti Politti
Quiet comeback

It is 29 years ago that Tom Morley and Green Gartside, two London artstudents, brought Scritti Politti into being. The project, trained and lived between squats and sociological and philosophical discussions, developed rapidly from Punk into arty, reggae and funk-inspired postpunk to what would enter as 1982 pop history: ‘Songs to Remember’ is called the soulfull intellectual pop communist manifest of the year. Afterwards the ways of the founding members parted, Gartside worked alone on the constant change of Scritti Politti – and with increasing distance between lifesigns: from synthpop and hiphop to the current puristic gitar pop album ‘White Bread Black Beer’.

[ Green Gartside looks interested at the iPod with microphone ]
One can probably attach the times of your music, due to the long phases between the albums, at the recording devices the journalists use: from taperecorder to minidisc to iPod.
You could say that, but many still use happily the same devices. Yesterday for example I saw the old Sony walkman again twice.

You had your first live appearance quietly and secretly after 26 years in a pub in south London, under the alias Double G and The Traitorous 3. Others, if they had such a legendary status as Scritti Politti, would have booked a high profile comeback route. Why so?
It’s simply because of the fact that to me the whole Scritti Politti thing is still somewhat unpleasant. Above all, concerning live gigs: I wasn’t sure if I could do it, I wasn’t sure, if it would work. Therefore the other name offered itself. I have to say that it’s not perfect musically, since we are not so experienced yet, but it was fun. From there we will probably become Scritti Politti quite soon.

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Scritti Politti way back in 1979

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Ratinger HofBlimey! That’s 27 years ago, I was a 15 year old listening to The Police, Nina Hagen and The Specials. I didn’t know Scritti Politti, or that they were playing live all over Europe. Roger Holmes had more sense and saw Scritti Politti play in The Okie Dokie. He even still has the poster!

He still remembers:

The gig was actually moved from The Ratinger Hoff in Dusseldorf old town to The Okie Dokie in Dusseldorf suburb Neuss on 09. april ’79. (At The Rat, as we called it, I also saw bands like X.T.C., 999 and Wayne County before he became Jayne County).
Can’t remember the set-list except the one with the german poet. It was afterall 27 yrs ago, and the set was pretty much improvised around loose themes like Skank Bloc and Spitalfields.
Green appeared very tall because of his enormous (black) hair. Pre-Cure/Bob Smith scruffiness.
Recall talking to dreadlocked-drummer Tom Morley wondering why Scritti were support to Red Crayola. Apparently they took turns at headlining.

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White Bread Black Beer artwork

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Some people were lucky enough to win a signed copy of White Bread Black Beer on Mark Radcliffe’s show last tuesday, and Andrew James was one of them. He kindly let us show some artwork here on bibbly-o-tek.

WBBB artwork

WBBB artwork

That just looks great!

Reviews reviews reviews

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We’re rapidly approaching the release of the cd, and reviews are starting to show up more and more. This little bit caught my eye:

It’s a spring thing, a blossoming thing, a journey through the valleys and across the peaks of the artist’s own domestic landscape as he stops inverting the violent hierarchies of popular culture and comes to terms with more practical issues like the next glass of beer or the next loaf of bread. Sounds still rub and collide as frequently his syntax shifts, but with the dispersal of the clouds that masked his vision, and the recession of expectations comes a more satisfying sense of self. It’s both a road to no regret and a record of his undoing. And it’s all very, very beautifully unravelled.

from Crud Magazine

You can read another review on handbag, boomkat and an interview on, which i’m still translating to english.

If you find any other reviews we have missed, please add in the comments.

Exclusive Album Preview for WBBB

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Exclusive Album Preview (1) Exclusive Album Preview (2)

Wow, really? Yes, it is :)

Thanks to John!

Live session on BBC Radio 2 with Mark Radcliffe

Posted at 9pm on 05/23/06 by

In an hour and a half Scritti Politti will play live on BBC Radio 2 in the Mark Radcliffe show. This time it’s not only Green with a guitar, but the whole band. The newsletter from the Double G website says:

We’re currently travelling up the M6 to Manchester. We’ll be performing a few songs live on Mark Radcliffe’s show on BBC Radio 2 tonight (that’s Tuesday) at 10.30pm.

Watch this space for our capture of the event!

Session BBC Radio 2, Mark Radcliffe, part 1
Session BBC Radio 2, Mark Radcliffe, part 2
Session BBC Radio 2, Mark Radcliffe, part 3

Great session, lovely interview. Songs played are Snow In Sun, Robin Hood and Road To No Regret.

For those among you who – like us – want the songs:
Snow In Sun
Robin Hood
Road To No Regret

Gary Crowley talks with Green

Posted at 10pm on 05/20/06 by

This evening on May 20th Green had an interview with Gary Crowley on BBC London radio. During the interview four songs were played from White Bread, Black Beer, The Boom Boom Bap, Snow In Sun, Dr. Abernathy and Road To No Regret. The interview itself wasn’t really in depth, at least, i didn’t hear any revelations. Apart from the little fact that Green went to see Brian Wilson play live. Seems now that the official release date for the album is May 29th. The single is due sometime in June.

BBC Gary Crowley interview (68 mb – 45 minutes)

Scritti Politti WBBB in US

Posted at 3pm on 05/19/06 by

Nonesuch Records Announces Release of Scritti Politti’s

First New Record in Seven Years, in Conjunction with UK’s Rough Trade Records

White Bread Black Beer to be released in North America on July 25

“Simply ignoring the possibility of 1980s nostalgia, he instead unveils a talent as unclassifiable and as undimmed as ever.”-The Independent (UK)

“In an era when any former pop star still breathing – and even some that aren’t – is liable to make a comeback, the reappearance of Scritti Politti, one of the 80s’ most influential bands, still has the power to startle.”-The Guardian (UK)

“His best material since Cupid? Indisputably. His best album, ever? Looking more likely with every listen.”-Simon Reynolds, author of the acclaimed post-punk history Rip It Up and Start Again

Nonesuch Records announces the July 25 release of the first new record in seven years from UK band Scritti Politti, which is helmed by singer/songwriter Green Gartside-White Bread Black Beer. (The album will be released in the UK May 29 by Rough Trade Records.)

Green Gartside formed Scritti Politti (an alteration of the Italian words for “political writings”) in 1977 after being inspired by a Sex Pistols show. The band members, who lived in a communal squat in Camden, were not musically trained, but were devoted to studying Marxist theory and applying it to their art. They released only a few records in the late 70s before Gartside collapsed after a live show in 1980 with the Gang of Four (from a mixture of stage fright and other demons), seemingly ending his stage career, and, temporarily, his band.

He re-emerged in 1982 with Songs to Remember, Scritti Politti’s first full-length album, which gave evidence of Gartside’s increasing fascination with pop styles-especially the aching, beautiful single “The “Sweetest” Girl”. That was followed by 1985’s Cupid & Psyche 85, a landmark album that has inspired pop musicians for two decades since. Gartside’s songs from that album topped the transatlantic charts with hits such as “Perfect Way” (covered by Miles Davis) and “Wood Beez”, both of which also got heavy airplay on MTV. Davis admired Gartside’s songwriting enough to play on the 1988 follow up to Cupid, Provision.

After a long silence, Gartside resurfaced in 1999 with the hip-hop infused Anomie & Bonhomie (released in the U.S. in 2000). Throughout this time, neither Gartside nor Scritti Politti performed live.

After 26 years, Gartside began performing again early this year, with a handful of sold out shows in the UK. In these small club dates, he has been unveiling songs from the new Scritti Politti record, White Bread Black Beer, which will be released by Nonesuch/Rough Trade in North America on July 25, 2006. Time Out London said,”Green’s gorgeous, candy coloured voice still sounds exquisite.” Scritti Politti’s first-ever North American concert dates also are being planned.

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Release info from Rough Trade

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platenspeler.gifSome specifics on the forthcoming releases ; the album is still due 05-06, the release of the single has been delayed until 12-06 or possibly even 19-06. The track list for WBBB remains a bit of a mystery, according to Rough Trade Holland the LP contains the same number of tracks as the CD. A quick look at web retailers learns that the LP is mostly being advertised as 13 tracks, while most displayed cd’s contain 14 tracks. So what will happen to After Six ? We will keep you updated.

These are the catalogue details :
Scritti Politti White Bread, Black Beer
RTRADCD270 CD 5050159827022
Scritti Politti White Bread, Black Beer
RTRADLP270 LP 5050159827015

Scritti Politti Boom Boom Bap
RTRADSCD345 CDS 5050159834501
Scritti Politti Boom Boom Bap
RTRADS345 7″ 5050159834570

A new rarity

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Thanks to Michael Cleveland: a new rarity!

The Boom Boom Bap single

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Interesting cover and the single also contains two new songs: ‘Hands Up’ & ‘The Last Time I Looked’.

Can be pre-ordered, but only in sucky WMA format. Maybe DRM protected too. However… 2 new songs! So that makes 16 new Scritti songs which soon will be released!

Official press release Rough Trade

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New Album “White Bread, Black Beer”
Released 5.6.2006

Scritti Politti aka Green Gartside releases his new album “White Bread, Black Beer” through Rough Trade Records on 5.6.2006. This is his first album in seven years and sees him returning to Rough Trade after being away since the early 1980’s.

“Its an album of me playing around with myself in the back room” says Green “I want to convey the idea of just me alone at home. “

Forming in Leeds after seeing the Sex Pistols, Scritti became a Camden squat land collective, devouring Marxist critical theory and applying it to pop so remorselessly that after several landmark singles, they became too self – conscious to make it. Gartside re- emerged from this stasis and his 1980 collapse, as a genuine pop star. His talent was hinted at in the aching beauty of “The Sweetest Girl”– and full blown by “Cupid & Psyche 85” a landmark album that inspired black US pop, right up to Timbalands micro – sliced beats today.

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Green on 3fm radio, Holland

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Just a few minutes ago Green did a fantastic interview for 3fm radio. We captured the stream as usual :)

The interview was done by phone, interesting because Green is in Amsterdam right now.


Session acoustique de Scritti Politti

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Green packed his guitar and trundled off to lovely Paris in summerlike spring to do an acoustic session at Radio Planet Claire. You can visit the, ehm, rather quaint website and listen to the live stream at the 57 minute mark. Or you can just listen here!

Songs played: Snow In Sun, Robin Hood, Road To No Regret.


… and Green talked a little bit about the past, the new album and his new Scritti band:


Martin Fry likes Scritti

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martinfry.jpgJust now on Dutch Radio 3 FM, in the Eighties Request Week, ABC’s Martin Fry mentioned Scritti’s Wood Beez as one his favourite eighties records. In his opinion Scritti Politti is an underrated band. There was also mentioning of the new Scritti album. After that they played Wood Beez. Lovely. Scritti is back for sure.

Gary Crowley – BBC London

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On radio BBC London Gary Crowley played The Boom Boom Bap and mentioned that in a few weeks time Green will do an one-hour special on his show. Luckily for all non-UK people the show is streamed at the BBC website. We’ll keep an eye on this and try to capture the special once it’s aired.

You can have a listen here to what Gary had to say, and listen to The Boom Boom Bap as a bonus!

Gary Crowley on BBC London

Robin Hood’s iPod

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As you can see I was able to get my hands on some quite magical mp3’s. They will probably hit the net shortly, but I can tell you they sound absolutely wonderful. If you like C&P better than A+B, then WBBB is for you. If you liked Boom Boom Bap and Brushed with Oil, Dusted with Powder, then this is a must have set of songs for your collection. Sorry, I am not able to share the mp3’s with anyone since they came from a source that asked me not to share them, but I am sure they will be around the web sometime somewhere very soon.

PS More Scritti Cola transitioning to come…
John Hyde
Bibbly-o-tek Author
Yahoo Scritti/GG Blog Manager

Rhodri’s shirt

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We want that one. Wanna share your couch with us Rhodri?


Absolute remix

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Available at

Captured for archive reasons:

Who has created this? We don’t have a clue. If you know more, please add your comments below!

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Steve Levine’s talk about Wood Beez

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r-allinson_s-levine_a-mardin.jpgThere’s a nice documentary on Arif Mardin at BBC radio 2 with Steve Levine talking about the digital editing techniques behind Wood Beez.

We captured it for archive reasons. Check it out:

If the BBC objects about us doing this, please let us know.

The unplayed promo CD

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It is unplayed? Okay, deal!

Welcome John!

Posted at 3pm on 05/01/06 by

click on it!

Welcome John! Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Imperfect Way

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“Boom boom bap. Tap tap tap. That’s the beat of my life” sang The Sweetest Voice. ‘Boom boom thud. Buzz buzz buzz’ sang the onstage monitors. Or at least that’s how Green Gartside heard it. This was pop’s most-infamously stage-shy star staring his demons in the face. “You wonder why I haven’t played for 26 years?” he sighed as another technical glitch left him looking for the exit sign.

And yet, in sharp contrast, for those of us out there in front of him – a loyal band of performance-starved devotees – it sounded quite wonderful, flaws and all. A sublime set of all-new songs bristling with hooks and harmonies. Pure pop with the windows of possibility opened wide.

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Am I Right In Thinking

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Feast your eyes and ears on a new clip from the gig in the Luminaire last monday April 24th. The song featured is Am I Right In Thinking . You do need the Flash 8 player. Thanks David C and John Hyde for letting us show this clip on bibbly-o-tek.

Update: It appears i do not know the tracklisting of the upcoming cd by heart, i need to memorize. Someone had to point out to me that Am I Right In Thinking isn’t on the new cd. And i really love this song!

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That CD!

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greentieandsneakers.jpgOkay at least we tried. We tried to contact Rough Trade. We even tried that old method; the fax machine.

No luck, no responses, nothing.

We haven’t heard the album yet! And I personally don’t have a clue weather or not Green is using one of my sounds on that album (I am a sound designer for Reason, a music-application Green told me he did use for this album).

But obviously this guy Tim of Channel4 has more luck.

We’d go so far to say that this album is as beautiful and strange and uniquely pop as anything Scritti Politti have ever produced.

We want that CD!

Update 0: Thanks Tim for the article and cool looking Green pic!

Update 1: It seems that Channel4 still doesn’t have a proper permalink structure on their website. Here is the permanent link to the article (thanks Tim!). Maybe we should take a screenshot and save it for Scritti Archive Reasons…

Tinseltown To The Boogiedown – promo

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ttttbd.jpgCat. no. VSCTD1731/VSCDX1731/VST1731/VSTDJ1731
Release date 05-07-1999

This is an 11 track remix promo cd, containing the Radio Edit of Tinseltown To The Boogiedown, the Album Version, “Dead Certainty” and 8 remixes (variations) of Tinseltown To The Boogiedown by the likes of producer Psycho Les, hiphopster Pete Rock, DJ Rob Swift and Ali Shaheed Mohammed (one of the founding members of A Tribe Called Quest). My personal favourite is the Rob Swift Variation, who gives the tune a spin with a catchy dancehall style beat and a recurring scratch sound.

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Minipop Green

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Browsing through some old favourite sites, i came across Flip Flop Flyin’ from Craig Robinson. Years ago, antiquity in internet time, i asked him to add Green to his still growing collection of Minipops, small pixel drawings roughly 70 x 45 pixels in size. His Anomie & Bonhomie time Green Gartside is funny enough instantly recognizable. The sunglasses, the beard. Maybe if you zoom in you can see the piercing!

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Robin Hood

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Robin Hood (we know who you are) send us this:


Click for large version!

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