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Moving and updating bibbly-o-tek

Posted at 4pm on 04/05/16 by

Bibbly-o-tek was offline for a week and a half. We discussed the hosting of this site, which was up for another yearly payment. Me, Ellen, offered to move the site to my personal hosting plan at Mediatemple. I still had enough room there to host the site. I didn’t want to see bibbly-o-tek go. The other maintainers of this currently quiet website happily agreed with me.

It took some time to move the domain to Mediatemple. Today that was finally done. I had forgotten to make a backup of the database, but i could make one at the old hosting company. Right now i’m moving all the files, the audio files and video files. And the template.

I will do some work on this website. I will change the template. The current one is made in 2006, before mobiles took over the internet. So that is the first thing i will change. Then there will be the long grueling grind of updating the video’s, most in flash flv format.

The whole process will take some time. Most should be done by the end of this week. Updating the video’s will take a bit longer.

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Songwriting and Recording Course with included Green Gartside workshop

Posted at 9pm on 09/10/12 by

The Premises Studios in London will be running a 4-Day Songwriting and Recording Workshop from September 20th – 23rd 2012. Green Gartside will be doing a masterclass session of about 1 or 2 hours long on one of those 4 days. Helen Reddington, one of the most experienced songwriting tutors in the UK today, is doing the main classes.

They also be bringing in the Vice Chair of the PRS, Paulette Long, for a special session on “Making Money from your Song” – an important part of any songwriter’s knowledge. And on the 4th day individual recording slots in Studio A with a top session band are organised for all attendees to record a track they’ve written during the course.

The cost is just £395 including the recording sessions. Places are limited to 10 and they expect this to sell out fast.

To book contact Julia Craik on 020 7729 7593 or and please say you read about it on Bibbly!

Address: The Premises Studios, 209 Hackney Rd, London, E2 8JL / check their website for more info →

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Guardian’s daily dig in the past: The Sweetest Girl

Posted at 8pm on 10/21/11 by

We recieved an email from Nick Fletcher of the Guardian:

The Guardian is running a daily look at pop songs from the past – The Sweetest Girl was chosen on Monday 17 October.

That’s nice. Read Nick’s personal digging in the past →


Posted at 9pm on 05/30/07 by

Just today i checked out, which was offline for some reason. Now i know it is hosted at Dreamhost, so it can be quite slow. Out of curiosity i checked, which used to be the old domain when Anomie & Bonhomie was released. For a couple of years there was a redirect and some domainfarmer had hijacked it. However, now there was just the simple message Directory Listing Denied, which means the site is up and running, but there is no index file to display.

This made me curious so i did a short whois check on the domain. The following came up:

Domain name:

G Gartside

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant’s address:
The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their
address omitted from the WHOIS service.

Registrant’s agent:
Fasthosts Internet Ltd [Tag = FASTHOSTS]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 03-May-2007
Renewal date: 03-May-2009
Last updated: 04-May-2007

Registration status:
Registration request being processed.

Name servers:

WHOIS lookup made at 19:47:22 30-May-2007

Quite clever to have his address not shown in the query – didn’t actually know this was possible, should look into that myself to be honest. The registration date of May 3 is still very recent, and it does say the request is still being processed.

Anyways… this might point to the fact a website will be live one time in the future! Over the past year Green repeatedly mentioned in interviews a website was in the making, but that he wasn’t happy with it yet. On the other hand… it could mean no such thing at all … Whatever the case, i couldn’t resist posting about it, felt like a real detective out there snooping around. And i do hope there will be a proper Scritti website soon. Even though i feel we at bibbly-o-tek are a pretty good alternative in the meantime!

There’s this problem

Posted at 9am on 08/16/06 by


Probably most of you have noticed that bibbly-o-tek has been slow or either totally invisible lately. Too bad!

It seems that our hosting party is having difficulties. At the moment we don’t have confirmation about the real issues causing this trouble.

We hope that things will be up and running again very soon.

Please stick with us, we will keep you updated, no matter what. And thank you all for the support. Your comments and emails have helped us a lot and we feel connected.

photo by cactusbones (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

New! Improved! bibbly-o-tek!

Posted at 10pm on 07/31/06 by

A realign (realign?) on bibbly-o-tek’s homepage and the section at the bottom. We wanted more posts, which was difficult in the side by side layout of old. We now have room for a more traditional sidebar for all sorts of fun things as well. Hope you like it!

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Buy White Bread, Black Beer at shop-o-tek!

Posted at 2pm on 06/01/06 by

shop-o-tek.jpgWe have just opened the shop-o-tek. You can order the CD of White Bread, Black Beer and the Boom Boom Bap CD-single straight away. And by doing so you’re helping both Scritti and the bibbly-o-tek team. We’re trying to build the best Scritti source we can imagine. This takes times and money. So if you’re considering buying the new Scritti Politti album online please consider using the shop-o-tek.

Please go ahead: shop-o-tek is here!

Any suggestions about this are very welcome of course!

Update: We’ve just added a new affiliate partner,, who sells White Bread, Black Beer on VINYL!

A new rarity

Posted at 2pm on 05/17/06 by


Thanks to Michael Cleveland: a new rarity!


Posted at 10pm on 05/02/06 by

The first part of the migration of the content of Scritti Cola is completed. The Video section now has the sub pages Gigs, Interviews and Music Video. Sofar we’ve put up two interviews from the Anomie & Bonhomie time, the video’s for Absolute, Hypnotize, The Word Girl, Perfect Way and Woodbeez (UK and US version). And of course all the material we already had from this years gigs!

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Welcome John!

Posted at 3pm on 05/01/06 by

click on it!

Welcome John! Welcome, welcome, welcome!


Posted at 12am on 04/15/06 by

There is new page up at bibbly-o-tek: the complete Scritti Politti GiGography! Well, as complete as it can get anyway. Hours of searching the internet unearthed gigs, venues, lineups. It’s harder to get setlists right, and I’m very much in doubt that information will ever be available. I suspect there are a lot more gigs in the early days. I know of one in Hal 4, Rotterdam somewhere in 1979 or 1980, but i gotta go to the attic (the real one at the top of my appartment) to search for the right date.

The list isn’t not Explorer foolproof yet! Gotta work on that, but it has to wait till i have access to a pc with IE on it.

If you have any information on any gigs anytime, it would be great if you would share it!

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Posted at 1am on 04/05/06 by


Today I claimed our blog bibbly-o-tek so Technorati can start indexing blogs which link to us. I also added a link to the ‘Scritti Resources’.