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Scritti Politti Unplugged

Posted at 6pm on 06/13/16 by

Through the public facebook group Scritti Politti – Share the Love i discovered this video Scritti Politti Unplugged – Brooklin, 2006 by Tiziano Sossi. The first time i ever saw this video.

Published on May 30, 2016

This is the only acoustic gig in the north american tour of Scritti Politti during 2006 , after 26 years back on stage. I met Green in Chicago and he told me about New York gig so I was there. 150 people tight in a very small room in a record store, only small lamps as light and me siting at the top of a couch taking it. So much fun….Here 15 minutes on 42 minutes of the full lenght of the video. Cause the low light I prefered put a light cartoon effect

As this text is saying, this video was only copied to youtube on May 30 2016. This might be not true, it could be a re-upload. But you never know.

Enjoy the clip!

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Nelson Mandela RIP

Posted at 4pm on 12/06/13 by

Scritti Politti drummer from the 1970s Tom Worley put this fascinating tribute together of the great leader Nelson Mandela who passed away yesterday at 95. He has also been involved in the Piece One Day initiative and works with an organisation that helps companies build teamwork through music.

Thanks for these great contributions Tom! Nelson Mandela is one of my heroes and his legacy of freedom and democracy in South Africa will live on for generations.

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Back to the Future Backwards: Pop Quiz (BBC1, Christmas Eve 1984)

Posted at 11am on 12/10/11 by

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Green doing back vocals for Eleanor Rigby performed by Robyn Hitchcock

Posted at 9am on 12/08/11 by

Live from Three Kings in Clerkenwell. Robyn Hitchcock and friends played the Beatles album Revolver in honour of its 40th birthday.

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Two more clips from the Nick Drake tribute concerts

Posted at 3pm on 01/31/10 by

We have two more clips from the Nick Drake tribute concerts, both from Glasgow. The first one is Fruit Tree, the second is Free Ride.

Fruit tree

Free Ride

Video from the Nick Drake tribute concert

Posted at 6pm on 01/24/10 by

We got a video from a kind person with a camera from the Nick Drake tribute concert Way too blue performed in Glasgow. If someone can tell me which song this is and who the other performers are, i will add it to this post. Teddy Thompson and Lisa Hannigan are the other two performers. The song is Way to blue. Thanks Carla for the information!

More clips from the Luminaire

Posted at 12pm on 01/12/08 by

Some more clips from the Christmas party in the Luminaire last Decembre came our way. And this time they are way bigger!

The Robert E Lee song, 2 collaborations with Alexis, some clip named Casio (dont’t really know if thatis the name.. someone?) and a little scritti chrismas ditty…

Scritti Christmas party part 2, Luminaire, December 17, 2007

Ooh… and the other clips posted the other day are updated too!
Scritti Christmas party, Luminaire, December 17, 2007

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A happy new Scritti year!

Posted at 6pm on 12/30/07 by

Thanks to David C we can show you some small clips of the christmas gig last December 17th in the Luminaire , London. Three complete clips: The Word Girl, Unfrozen and Forgiven. The clips themselves are very small, so you won’t be able to see a lot of detail.

Edit: we got some larger versions of the clips… thanks David!

But still, enjoy!

Scritti Christmas party, Luminaire, December 17, 2007

And of course a happy new year to all of you. Who knows what 2008 wil bring!

(Still not holding my breath, but that is the old scritti fan speaking, used to years and years of silence…)

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More clips from Shepherds Bush Empire London

Posted at 9am on 11/27/06 by

The Word Girl

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Clips from Shepherds Bush Empire London

Posted at 12am on 11/21/06 by

What a treat! The Word Girl, Die Alone, Brushed with Oil, Petrococadollar and D to the O for you viewing and listening pleasure. Thanks David C for letting us publish these clips. Me personally… to hear the Word Girl performed live, one of my favourite songs all time, was quite touching really. It’s not the same as being there of course, but to hear this is such a joy!

Sidenote: the sound is a bit too loud, i know.. better turn the volume down a bit. Will try to get better quality conversion this week… was a bit of a struggle to get it all done.

E11th Nuts and interview Summersonic

Posted at 8pm on 10/22/06 by

Akemi recorded ‘Summer Sonic special program’ on TV Asahi (CH10). Green’s interview is short, but funny.

Scritti Politti live at Summer Sonic 06

Posted at 9pm on 09/02/06 by

Found this short, but nice, Wood Beez clip from Summer Sonic 06 in Tokyo on YouTube. Sounds good. Enjoy it.additional : a 45 sec clip of The Sweetest Girl live on Google Video. I don’t know which venue exactly, looks like The Luminaire.

EPK r̩alis̩ le 10 mai 2006 РParis

Posted at 2pm on 08/22/06 by
Interview in Paris May 2006 (40 mb, 15:44 minutes)

Shai Productions has created this rather interesting interview with Green. Green drinking beer, Green buying a Martin, Green decorating objects with a Green pen and more.

Just in case you’re wondering what this is all about (yes, the Shai Productions’ website is another fine lesson for French wannabies), here you go:

With a name like that we swear it is a name of an old Italian DJ from 90’s who released thousand of mixes for Cote d’Azur DJ’s and Ibiza dancing Clubs. But we must go back to the70’s/80’s to find the name Scritti Politti. And must of all, far from Italy as the men behind this group is Welsh and named Green Gartside.
The group had is glory during is decline like Joy Division, Gang Of Four, and others who became cult groups or totally forgotten.
Wellknown but never known (appreciated by professional but ignored by the public except some hit singles). Scritti have tried a come back in 1999 but with total indifference. Not decouraged Gartside is back to is first love with White Bread Black Bear…

Green also did this when he was in Paris, May 2006. Oh boy I miss Paris… haven’t been there in 2 years…

John Hyde’s collection

Posted at 10pm on 08/19/06 by

John wants to show you his Scritti collection (video – 4 mb, 2:28 minutes).

Clips from Edinburgh Liquid Rooms gig

Posted at 8pm on 08/10/06 by

Sheena stood in front of the stage and made some clips, which she send to us! John did his magic again, so voila!

Clips from Tate gig August 4th 2006

Posted at 7pm on 08/07/06 by

Thanks David C for filming at the free gig last friday at Tate Britain. Thanks John for making all the vids suitable for showing online. As youwill see, it was quite dark, and there was no stage, but the sound is quite good. Enjoy!

The Scala gig

Posted at 11pm on 07/12/06 by

Acces all areasIf someone told me a year ago i would be going to my third scritti gig by the middle of this year, i would have called him a dreamer. But there i was, looking up at the Scala sign on the building in Camden, just a minute’s walk away from Kings Cross. It was still early in the afternoon, i had already checked into my hotel conveniently 3 streets away, and i decided to check out the Scala. I peeked into the one open door, but all was dark inside, so i decided to take a stroll through the area on this shiny summerday.

Before i talk about the gig, you might wanna take a peek at the couple of clips i made during the evening. I had my goal set on The ‘Sweetest’ Girl, Skank Bloc Bologna and Woodbeez, but was sidetracked by the loveliness of Am I Right In Thinking, so i could only get a minute of Woodbeez. Gotta invest in a bigger card for the camera! The sound is not all that, but you might get a glimps of what is what like.

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Green’s elevator performance

Posted at 5pm on 06/10/06 by

The Dutch VPRO (broadcasting for TV,radio and Internet) has recorded a video of Green performing 3 songs in the elevator of Hotel Vondel in Amsterdam on May 11th 2006. Very cool.

Here’s the Real Audio stream. And a bit of info in Dutch at the VPRO website.

Update: The Real Audio stream contained some bad characters. I have corrected the link.

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