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  1. Joe R 06.02.06 / 8pm

    I’m would like to purchase the new single, Boom Boom Bap, (great song, by the way) but am having difficulty with the website since I can’t read the language. Any way to get an English translated version?

  2. Marco Raaphorst 06.03.06 / 7am

    Hello Joe, sorry about that one. We will be adding the Amazon UK shop this weekend. They have the single available too. And we make it more clear that the is in Dutch.

  3. bernhard kenner 07.11.06 / 3pm

    where do i get double G and scritti buttons and tshirts?
    cheers b

  4. tim vinall 07.13.06 / 2pm

    Where do i obtain the double g t shirts.

  5. Rhodri 07.15.06 / 10pm


    There were only 6 Double G shirts made – but there are now Scritti Politti shirts in a similar design that are being sold at the gigs… Not sure about mail order at the moment.

  6. janelle 07.20.06 / 1pm

    hi there, do you know where i can buy some black beer, white bread t-shirts and buttons and any other merchandise? thanks.

  7. russell richardson 07.20.06 / 6pm

    Here in New York, WBBB has still not quite been released. have been waiting for a MONTH for an import direct from Rough Trade, but was informed they are OUT OF STOCK!!!
    I suppose this is good news for Scrits, and with the Mercury, they’d better get a new pressing out asap. Ironically, I’ll be in the UK in ten days, so in all likelihood will have to pick up my copy there. Until then, I wear out the internet listening to your samples on windows mediw player.

  8. tim vinall 07.24.06 / 2pm

    are Scirtti playing anymore live Gigs this year in the Uk?
    also there is a picture of Green on this website with a pair of shorts

  9. tim vinall 07.24.06 / 2pm

    there is a picture of green with a pair of shorts on and a green t shirt on this webiste,do you know what make his t shirt is?

  10. Ernst 07.24.06 / 2pm

    Tim, the brand is DC. If you do a Google search on DC clothing you will find lots. It’s a skate brand.

  11. tim vinall 07.25.06 / 11am


  12. bernhard 07.25.06 / 11am

    check for live gigs. there is one at tate britain on august 4 for free!

  13. Rhodri 07.25.06 / 12pm

    We should be doing some more UK dates, but it’s still to be confirmed.

  14. bernhard 07.28.06 / 1pm

    any info about the gigs in germany (ev austria) which green mentioned earlier in an interview?

  15. bernhard 08.01.06 / 12pm

    it would be great if shop-o-tek could sell SP and DG goodies (buttons, t shirts, …) as well as the records!

  16. Joe R 08.01.06 / 1pm

    I am in my mid-40′s and read somewhere that men my age shouldn’t be wearing novelty or band t-shirts, but I would proudly sport a Scritti or Double G t-shirt.

  17. bernhard 08.01.06 / 2pm

    i’m with you joe!

  18. Richard W 08.01.06 / 2pm

    I don’t think wearing a band t-shirt is ever a great idea unless you enjoy having constant arguments throughout the day about the merits of the band in question or you like having your chest stared at by strangers. I like the idea of merchandise without logos, using album cover designs that other fans might recognise (like Kate Bush did with her recent album) but not sure how well that would work with the embroidered pint of Guinness and slice of bread!

  19. Otis 08.02.06 / 2am

    I’m wearing my t-shirt from Scala with pride (black with SP in type from WBBB). Several (older) people have read it out to me not knowing who or what it refers to. No-one has taken me to task, but I like the idea of people thinking ‘Oh yeah, 80s band, had some chart hits, why’s he got their t-shirt on?’, but the Mercury exposure is rapidly changing that.

  20. tim vinall 08.10.06 / 10am

    Can anyone tell me if the Girl in the “Word Girl” video & the video for “i dont know why i love you”
    Is this the same Girl?

  21. Richard W 08.10.06 / 11am

    Should you be using the word ‘Girl’ in this context?!

  22. justin bindley 09.11.06 / 10am

    Does anyone with more clout at rough trade (UK) have any info on whats happened to the new single and whether it is availavle to buy from them? Their link takes me to scissors something and they have not replied to my email..many thnkx

  23. Amanda 01.25.07 / 11pm

    I have to say here here. I may be 36,but I would love to sport some Scritti stuff (shirt,pins,etc).It’s VERY hard to find ANYTHING of them in the States.
    Any hope of seeing somethings on here?

  24. David Bethell 04.16.12 / 8pm

    Hey, how about selling a bag of the Scritti badges that are dotted all over this site? I’d buy those!

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