Unexpected pleasure

To be honest, for me Scritti Politti was a closed book. A fine and exquisite book, but nevertheless closed. Anhomie & Bonhomie was the epilogue (feauturing “brushed with oil, dusted with powder” as Green’s magnum opus). Early was received as the digitized prologue, contributing nothing else then being able to hear the early jewels in digital format on CD. Scritti Politti had become enjoying the music and completing the recorded collection with missing items, rarities an odd releases. Never could i have dreamt that i would see Green performing live. The re-appearance as Double G & the Traitorous Three was a complete surprise. I was fortunate to see the first Luminaire gig on february 5th. There was an absolute sensational vibe in the air and it was surely a milestone in my life (also to be able to greet Green personally). And now the unexpected Paradiso gig, wow, i am totally ready for it. Bring on the arts !

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