The best Scritti ever

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gg-adam-300306.JPGSure Cupid & Psyche 85 was a fantastic album. But there was one thing no one could ever imagine: Scritti performing those songs live. So for me Scritti only existed on records.

But this year, 2006, it all changed. Scritti started performing live again! Okay, Green is using the Double G & the Traitorous 3 (plus 2) moniker, but no doubt: they are the new Scritti. And probably the best Scritti ever!

The gig at the Paradiso on the 30th of March was a great one. Scritti was playing in the small hall which felt strange because I played in the big hall years ago with the band MAM. But it suited the band better; a smaller place with more intimacy.

The band was really going for it; a very energetic sound and a great overall contact between band-members. Green wasn’t that anxious, he seems to be more relaxed than anyone could imagine.

To make a long story short: it was a great gig. I was glad to hear they will be peforming more often (probably Amsterdam again, soon, within 2 months). Green asking us out for diner was another amazing thing. So just before leaving I gave Green my Melodiefabriek-card. You’ll never know what happens next…

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