Scritti Politti in Amsterdam City

Double G and the Traitorous 3 (+2) are becoming more and more a band, at least as it looks from the outside. The gig in Paradiso on thursday march 30 th was great. The vibe was good, Green seemed relaxed and the band more in tune with eachother. Music before and after a concert always has my interest, it determines a large part of the atmosphere ; Green had an excellent choice of old school reggae before and load hiphop beats from DJ Shadow after the concert (he brought his own cd’s). The setlist was similair to the Luminaire gigs, for me the “D to the O” song was new. My personal favourite is “Robin Hood”, announced as a song about socialism and beautiful women. The band sounded fuller and the guitars a bit rougher. I am very curious what the album will sound like. With most bands you first have the album, wondering how it will sound live. Not with Scritti this time. We now know what is sounds like live, now let’s have the studio album ! After the fantastic performance Green & co hung around in Paradiso to talk to their friends and fans. Stagemanager Andy gave me a copy of the Robin Hood lyrics, Green was so kind to autograph the lyrics and make a small drawing on it (Robin Hood ?). Afterwards the whole gang, including some fans (and the bibbly-o-tek team) went for dinner in a turkish restaurant across the street (where they had, i guess, no clue who their guests were). All in all a night worthy to write about in your diary.

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