Official press release Rough Trade

New Album “White Bread, Black Beer”
Released 5.6.2006

Scritti Politti aka Green Gartside releases his new album “White Bread, Black Beer” through Rough Trade Records on 5.6.2006. This is his first album in seven years and sees him returning to Rough Trade after being away since the early 1980’s.

“Its an album of me playing around with myself in the back room” says Green “I want to convey the idea of just me alone at home. “

Forming in Leeds after seeing the Sex Pistols, Scritti became a Camden squat land collective, devouring Marxist critical theory and applying it to pop so remorselessly that after several landmark singles, they became too self – conscious to make it. Gartside re- emerged from this stasis and his 1980 collapse, as a genuine pop star. His talent was hinted at in the aching beauty of “The Sweetest Girl”– and full blown by “Cupid & Psyche 85” a landmark album that inspired black US pop, right up to Timbalands micro – sliced beats today.

Gartside’s melodic instincts led him high into the transatlantic charts with hits such as “The Perfect Way” (covered by an admiring Miles Davis). The 1988 follow up to “Cupid,” “Provision” (on which Davis played) maintained some sort of momentum.
His next album appeared in 1999 the hip-hop fused “Anomie & Bonhomie” which won him much critical acclaim.

After 26 years of not playing live (due to crippling stage fright and long time diet based on speed sent Green into a panic attack so severe it felt like death and briefly struck him dumb) he returned early this year to play a couple of outstanding sold out shows.

Track listing

  1. The Boom Boom Bap
  2. No Fine Lines
  3. Snow in Sun
  4. Cookin
  5. Throw
  6. Dr. Abernathy
  7. After Six
  8. Petrococadollar
  9. E11th Nuts
  10. Windows Wide Open
  11. Road To No Regret
  12. Locked
  13. Mrs Hughes
  14. Robin Hood

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