Free Moral Agent VS. The Word Girl (edit)

Bibbly recieved this intricate remix of The Word Girl from Free Moral Agent.

Free Moral Agent VS. The Word Girl (edit)

An explanation from Free Moral Agent:
I’ll give you some clues on this mix as far as samples. All of the musical elements in this mix is derived from sounds from the song “The Word Girl”, just manipulated in certain ways: The main keyboard sounds are sampled from the end of the song, before the piano ending: I also used the vocoder at the end also for more displacement of format from the original tune: The only instrument not directly from the song is the sub-bass and a patch I created with FabFilter. Guitar is sampled from the song as well.

Most of the vocal samples are derived from the BBC Documentary and some old tapes I’ve had from interviews long ago. Part of the fun of listening to this mix is figuring out where the vocal samples came from. If you watch the Doc you will realize most of whats going on. I think there is one from Paddy McAloon as well, but still from the Documentary. I also used the 1-2 sample in the beginning from Born To Be.

It was definitely fun conceptualizing these mixes. I am completing a few more, which should be equally as interesting as well, that will be released on a very limited white lable promo 12″ later this year. Basically doing this whole project to flex my muscles with new equipment I am aquiring in preperation for my own releases, with an E.P slated later this summer/fall under Free Moral Agent/Michael Fields. If you would post this mp3 mix to the bibbly site, I would kindly appreciate it.


Free Moral Agent

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