Scritti Politti way back in 1979

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Ratinger HofBlimey! That’s 27 years ago, I was a 15 year old listening to The Police, Nina Hagen and The Specials. I didn’t know Scritti Politti, or that they were playing live all over Europe. Roger Holmes had more sense and saw Scritti Politti play in The Okie Dokie. He even still has the poster!

He still remembers:

The gig was actually moved from The Ratinger Hoff in Dusseldorf old town to The Okie Dokie in Dusseldorf suburb Neuss on 09. april ’79. (At The Rat, as we called it, I also saw bands like X.T.C., 999 and Wayne County before he became Jayne County).
Can’t remember the set-list except the one with the german poet. It was afterall 27 yrs ago, and the set was pretty much improvised around loose themes like Skank Bloc and Spitalfields.
Green appeared very tall because of his enormous (black) hair. Pre-Cure/Bob Smith scruffiness.
Recall talking to dreadlocked-drummer Tom Morley wondering why Scritti were support to Red Crayola. Apparently they took turns at headlining.

This information is added to the gigography. Also added is the gig at the Leeds Futurama Festival in spetember 1979. Apparently this gig was recorded by the BBC and broadcasted, maybe this is still available somewhere?

Sidenote: being non-english, i do enjoy using the word blimey. Feels very quaint, and very english. Other words to use eventually: crikey, bollocks and bonkers. :)

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