Green up north

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Cool Green

Taken from the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen, a very cool picture of Green Gartside, and an interview (by Geir Rakvaag), from which these are apparently the highlights:

(The title is Scritti med selvtillit (Scritti with self-confidence) The
essence of the interview is like all the other recent ones with one
slightly interesting opinion:
(Interviewer)– It sounds as if most of the new British bands wish they had
been a part of those times? (ie. the Indy scene of 1978)
(I dag høres det ut som de fleste nye britiske bandene svært gjerne skulle
vært en del av denne tiden?)

(Green)– Yes, it’s completely absurd. Boring and tasteless too. A lot of
it sounds like a bad day at the office of the talent-scouts at Rough Trade
in 1978. I didn’t realise that so mange have heard these old records. But
I understand a bit more when Red Hot Chili Peppers come up to me and tell
me how much they like «Skank Bloc Bologna».
(- Ja, det er jo helt absurd. Både kjedelig og smakløst også. Mye av det
nye høres ut som en dårlig dag på kontoret til talentspeiderne i Rough
Trade i 1978. Jeg ante ikke at så mange har hørt disse gamle platene. Men
jeg forstår jo litt når Red Hot Chili Peppers kommer til meg og forteller
hvor godt de like «Skank Bloc Bologna».)

Picture by Mimsy Moller. Thanks Roger Holmes for pointing this article out to us.

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