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A couple of review printed in magazines. There is a very positive on in Uncut, July 2006.
Uncut review July 2006

One in Q Magazine.
Q review July 2006

Kay send us a scan of a review posted in Intro in Germany, it’s a review of the 5th February gig in The Luminaire.
Intro de photoIntro de text

And finally a review in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.
NRC review 12 July 2006

A translation of the Dutch review:

Green Gartside aka the one-man band Scritti Politti got known in the 80s with sweet, cleverly contructed hits like Absolute adn The Sweetest Girl. Gartside got disappointed with the music business and was rarely heard of. After the hiphop tinted 1999 Anomie & Bonhomie on which he collaborated with Mos Def he made the long awaited follow-up White Bread Black Beer on his own, at home in East London.
The music sounds like it, it all sounds bare and not as polished as we were expecting of Scritti Politti. Still an incorrigable romantic, with his soothing voice which threatens to burst intoa jubeling falsetto. His quest for the perfect popsong continues in his tribute to the heartbeat The Boom Boom Bap or the ballad Mrs. Hughes which could easily be on the repertoire of Simon & Garfunkel.
After a quarter century in the business Gartside conquered his stage fright and is playing live with friends from the pub. With the words ‘I never go back’ he doesn’t sing any old songs and the public gets the nice, but hardly classic material of this album. Bread and beer in stead of champagne and cake.

Jan Vollaard

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