Arif Mardin RIP

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arifdizzy.jpgThis Sunday at the age of 74, the legendary producer Arif Mardin has died. We all know Arif was responsible for producing several Scritti songs, for example the still stunningly slick and sexy sounding Wood Beez.

Arif has produced many records for Chaka Khan and I think most listeners will recognize the influences he had on Scritti’s music. For example his style of drum-programming and his use of modern MIDI-sequencing. But let’s not forget that his skills go way back. He worked with some of the old bebop cats, like for example the innovators Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie (left person on photo). We also should never forget the work he has done for Aretha Franklin.

Arif’s place in history should be put in line with people like Duke Ellington, Gil Evans and Quincy Jones. Arif has always changed his style and adopted it to modern times. An orchestra, a drum-machine or a synth; a set of tools he used for creating his own art.

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