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New! Improved! bibbly-o-tek!

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A realign (realign?) on bibbly-o-tek’s homepage and the section at the bottom. We wanted more posts, which was difficult in the side by side layout of old. We now have room for a more traditional sidebar for all sorts of fun things as well. Hope you like it!

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John Hyde reads it for the articles…

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Here is some scritti on Scritti Politti and “White Bread Black Beer” from Playboy online. They gave WBBB 3.5 out of 4 bunnies! He mentions “Petrococadollar,” which is one of my faves on the new album. There is also an audio link to “Dr. Abernathy.”

Here is a link to the actual site:
But before you click, be warned if you don’t like the sort of thing that appears in playboy, I have incuded the text alone below. Also, I would be careful if you click on this site at your workplace.

Screen Capture

If you click on the thumbnail above it will open the pic to a full window. The woman in the pic is dressed. She is wearing “extreme lingerie.” (Is she the Sweetest Girl in all the world? The Word Girl…? Well, anyhow, She’s a Woman.)

Perhaps we will change out site name to Bibbly-o-sex? Ok, nuff said. ;)

Great post-punk bands should all grow old this gracefully, with a relaxed, soulful pop record. Mostly the work of Welsh singer/songwriter Green Gartside, Scritti Politti jumped from ’70s post-punk clatter to ’80s pop pay dirt, scoring minor hits with shiny, soulful songs like “The Sweetest Girl” and “Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin).” On his fifth album, White Bread, Black Beer, the 50-year-old Gartside takes Scritti Politti into middle age, layering warm ocean-air harmonies and clever, reflective lyrics atop intimate bedroom synths. Intricate pop melodies worthy of Burt Bacharach keep the spacious electronic arrangements from growing stale, sweetened by Gartside’s amiable intelligence. “There is no end,” Gartside sings on dreamy “Petrococadollar,” while his own voice replies as if in extension of the same thought, “I’m very strange about love.” If maturity means creating music this quirky and exquisite, maybe it’s not such a bad thing, after all.

— Marc Hogan

Found and posted by John Hyde

Soundcheck radio interview and session

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The sveltering heat here in the Netherlands – and all over Europe – makes sitting behind one’s computer a bit less attractive, but this afternoon i did do so and captured the interview and session which was on WNYC last week on July 18th. Hopefully not all americans pronounce Screetti Poleetti the same way as the interviewer!

Soundcheck interview and session

A picture taken during the session was posted on Flickr. Ernst in an earlier comment here on bibbly-o-tek unveiled the t-shirt is from DC Clothing – in case you’re wondering…

Stop the press !

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Scritti Politti in the press. An excellent leader article in The Guardian Online, referring to the Mercury Music Prize nomination (a promotional catalyst in itself, great !). Thanks Enda for pointing it out to us. And whilst websurfing I stumbled upon this rather strange double review of PSB’s Fundamental and Scritti’s White Bread Black Beer in the very American City Pages. One hit wonders…. ? I wonder.

* Addittional. Going all transatlantic : a mainly retrospective article in The New Yorker

Japanese release info

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HMV Japan are advertising a limited release of White Bread Black Beer, with a 15th track (which appears unfortunately only in Japanese signs) and a bonus DVD. Yum yum, gimme some ! (Release date 27-09).

00010508_Green Scritti1.jpg

Mercury Music Prize shortlist

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This is absolutely wonderful news! Scritti Politti‘s White Bread Black Beer is shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize. Together with amongst others The Arctic Monkeys, Thom Yorke, favourites with the bookmakers. The winner will be announced on 5 September and will receive a £20,000 cheque. You can read about it on the BBC website.

From here I – and ofcourse the whole bibbly-o-tek team – congratulate Green with this recognition of a job well done. Cheers mate!

Woodbeez, Oxford Zodiac

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We got a new clip from the Oxford Zodiac gig last week, and it’s a complete capture of Woodbeez this time! As usual, it’s done with a simple camera, which really does make the sound suffer, but still, it’s unique. Would love to see it done right (hint) one time.

Mrs Hughes, pictures, a review and a new gig!

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First, thanks to David C you can listen to and watch Mrs Hughes from last tuesdays gig in the Scala.

Tim from Channel 4 also was at the gig, he wrote a review and he took some pictures! The last two pictures are from David C.
Scala Scala Scala ScalaScala

There also was a short interview on BBC news. We captured the audio stream for you, but if you make haste, you can watch the guys and girl walk to the pub (go to the 15 minute spot).

BBC news audio capture

Some news through Rhodri (and David C mentioned it it as well just yet in a comment):

And it’s not announced yet, but we’ll be playing a free outdoor show at the Tate Britain with The Long Blondes and the 1990s on Friday 4th August.

And finally, don’t miss the review at Pitchfork which was published this monday.

The Scala gig

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Acces all areasIf someone told me a year ago i would be going to my third scritti gig by the middle of this year, i would have called him a dreamer. But there i was, looking up at the Scala sign on the building in Camden, just a minute’s walk away from Kings Cross. It was still early in the afternoon, i had already checked into my hotel conveniently 3 streets away, and i decided to check out the Scala. I peeked into the one open door, but all was dark inside, so i decided to take a stroll through the area on this shiny summerday.

Before i talk about the gig, you might wanna take a peek at the couple of clips i made during the evening. I had my goal set on The ‘Sweetest’ Girl, Skank Bloc Bologna and Woodbeez, but was sidetracked by the loveliness of Am I Right In Thinking, so i could only get a minute of Woodbeez. Gotta invest in a bigger card for the camera! The sound is not all that, but you might get a glimps of what is what like.

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Photo’s of the Oxford Zodiac gig

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Saturday July 8th 2006 – Oxford Zodiac

Here are a few photo’s (click on them for a nice pop!) of the gig:
OxfordZodiac1.jpg OxfordZodiac2.jpg OxfordZodiac3.jpg OxfordZodiac4.jpg
OxfordZodiac5.jpg OxfordZodiac6.jpg OxfordZodiac7.jpg OxfordZodiac8.jpg

Photo Credits: Gavin Mathieu, Andrew Lumbard & Richard Johnson

Jonathan Ross interviews Green…

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… and Green plays live! On BBC Radio 2 in the Jonathan Ross show there is friendly bantering between Green and Jonathan, who confesses to have been a fan ever since The ‘Sweetest’ Girl, giving a rather unfaithful rendition of the song. In the later part Green plays Snow In Sun and Robin Hood, only accompanied with guitar.

BBC Radio 2 Jonathan Ross (21 minutes, 19 mb)

There were some hiccups during capturing, but it’s only for a second or so twice.

The very first gig recording

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With Scritti Politti’s official summer UK started yesterday in Brighton, this is a most fitting time for a recording of the first ever gig to pop up and amaze. 28 Years ago, November 18 1978, in Acklam Hall this was recorded. The song is called Art Forever, a genuine lost song found again. John unearthed this little gem, and it sure does sound sweet!

Art Forever

Also, the ticket for the gig.
Ticket to the Acklam Hall gig

Thanks Russell from Barrow-in-Furness for this unique material!

Green on MySpace and other things

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160x120_scritti_green.jpgMiriam Zendle of Digital Spy published an interview with Green today. A lot of the questions are obvious but a few I find interesting; Green’s view on MySpace and the Scritti website he seems to be working on.

Go ahead, read it!

Gigs canceled?

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Not good news! There are some sources saying the Oxford gig on July 8th and the Norwich one on July 17th are both canceled. The double G site doesn’t mention anything about this.

On the upside, there is a mention on the Rough Trade website of a gig at the Latitude Festival on July 14th, which is the first time i’ve seen it.

We hope to get more information soon!

Rhodri just posted in the yahoo group the following:

I’ve just spoken to Green – this is a mistake; the gig in Oxford is DEFINITELY ON – we’ve checked and double checked with the agent and the promoter. It’s a mistake on the part of Wegotickets.

See you there. And very sorry to anyone who had bought tickets for Norwich.