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Mystery Gig at London Bowling Alley?

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Is this for real? Can anyone confirm or deny that this is happening?

EPK r̩alis̩ le 10 mai 2006 РParis

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Interview in Paris May 2006 (40 mb, 15:44 minutes)

Shai Productions has created this rather interesting interview with Green. Green drinking beer, Green buying a Martin, Green decorating objects with a Green pen and more.

Just in case you’re wondering what this is all about (yes, the Shai Productions’ website is another fine lesson for French wannabies), here you go:

With a name like that we swear it is a name of an old Italian DJ from 90’s who released thousand of mixes for Cote d’Azur DJ’s and Ibiza dancing Clubs. But we must go back to the70’s/80’s to find the name Scritti Politti. And must of all, far from Italy as the men behind this group is Welsh and named Green Gartside.
The group had is glory during is decline like Joy Division, Gang Of Four, and others who became cult groups or totally forgotten.
Wellknown but never known (appreciated by professional but ignored by the public except some hit singles). Scritti have tried a come back in 1999 but with total indifference. Not decouraged Gartside is back to is first love with White Bread Black Bear…

Green also did this when he was in Paris, May 2006. Oh boy I miss Paris… haven’t been there in 2 years…

John Hyde’s collection

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John wants to show you his Scritti collection (video – 4 mb, 2:28 minutes).

North American Tour

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Trick or treat comes a few days early this year with the tour of our favorite artist, Green Gartside and his new band mates that make up the new Scritti Politti! Less than a year ago, we would have called this notion impossible. But things change. Miracles happen. All I can say is godspeed to Scritti Politti. The journey is the reward.

From the Nonesuch Records website:

10/29/06 Los Angeles CA Roxy
10/30/06 Anaheim CA House Of Blues
11/1/06 Los Angeles, CA UCLA with Brian Wilson
11/2/06 San Francisco, CA Slims
11/4/06 Chicago, IL Double Door (I will probably see you in Chicago! -John)
11/6/06 Toronto, Canada
11/9/06 Philadelphia PA North Star Bar
11/10/06 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom
11/12/06 Boston, MA Paradise

Snow in Sun Single

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Snow in Sun Single

I found this item on eBay. Bid early, bid often as they say. This confirms the fact that it is the next single.


There’s this problem

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Probably most of you have noticed that bibbly-o-tek has been slow or either totally invisible lately. Too bad!

It seems that our hosting party is having difficulties. At the moment we don’t have confirmation about the real issues causing this trouble.

We hope that things will be up and running again very soon.

Please stick with us, we will keep you updated, no matter what. And thank you all for the support. Your comments and emails have helped us a lot and we feel connected.

photo by cactusbones (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Tokyo, Club Quattro

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Quattro setlistLast thursday Scritti Politti played a packed Club Quattro in Shibuya, Tokyo, a medium size venue with a capacity of a 1000 people. A new song She told me today was played. You can see the whole setlist, which was send to us by Kazuko (Thanks!).

Mitsuo was there as well, and recorded the whole gig! It’s a big file, 67 mb. You can listen inline, but you might be better of when you donwload the mp3 and play it in your favourite player.

Club Quattro, Tokyo, August 10th 2006

Update (by Marco): Bob Gaulke has send us a photo to go with the download.

click on the photo for a large version

First US gig for Scritti

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It was ‘in the air’ for some time but it’s now official:
On the 1st November 2006 Scritti Politti will perform in Royce Hall in Los Angeles!

And that’s not all; Scritti will be the special opening guest for Brian Wilson’s 40th Anniversary Tribute to Pet Sounds!

Aren’t we all huge Brian Wilson fans? At least I am. And wow, Pet Sounds! Without doubt Brian’s masterpiece.

Thanks for the update Rhodri (*)!

* = do read Rhodri’s latest postcard from Tokio.

Clips from Edinburgh Liquid Rooms gig

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Sheena stood in front of the stage and made some clips, which she send to us! John did his magic again, so voila!

Scritti at Edinburgh’s Liquid Rooms

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scritti politti-liquidrooms.jpgWhen told me he had recorded Woodbeez and BoomBoomBap at yesterday’s Liquid Rooms gig, I had to check them out of course.

Sound was not bad, but I thought I could improve them a little bit more. So I did. Normally I can spend hours on these things, but this time I needed to do it quickly. They are good enough I think :)

Enjoy them! And don’t forget to read what keyboard-player Rhodri has to say about the gig.


Clips from Tate gig August 4th 2006

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Thanks David C for filming at the free gig last friday at Tate Britain. Thanks John for making all the vids suitable for showing online. As youwill see, it was quite dark, and there was no stage, but the sound is quite good. Enjoy!

Interview with Green at Times Online

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greenatpub.jpgPubished on Times Online: Stephen Dalton’s interview with Green.

I like it. Green seems to be relaxed (probably because the interview was taken at the pub ;)) and the questions are more interesting than the usual bla bla. Two thumbs up.

Go ahead and listen to the interview:

Link (not sure if this is a permanent-link, but we’ll double check later) + article

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After Six

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please, keep your love away from me, jesus, keep your hands where I can see, there’s nobody here you can trust I’ll break every bone if I must, oh wisdom keep your hands away from me // mercy, turn your eyes away from me, truth, shine a light where I can’t see, they all practise here to deceive, I’d kill them before I believe, oh jesus keep your love away from me // how far they asked, how far ? as far north as elizabeth, justice, take this sword and cut them down – oh down – jesus keep your love away from me, how far they asked how far ? as far away as here and now

One of the most remarkable songs on WBBB is After Six. A short (2:11), apparenlty simple, straight forward, composition, lacking the complexity of the other songs on WBBB and the depth we are used to find in a decent Scritti Politti tune. At the first Double G live gigs I thought it was one of the stronger tracks (it had a bit more spice performed live), but I must admit that on the album it looks a bit pale between the other brilliant tunes.

So the spice must be in the lyrics then. On this website there has been some debate already about what the lyrics of After Six are about. Is this Green’s atheist statement ? Oh jesus keep you love away from me  (not : jesus, keep your love away from me). Being an atheist myself, I’m pretty prejudiced. It’s always nice to receive confirmation from your heroes. But i’m pretty sure that is what this song is about. Away with religion, mercy, wisdom, deception and on with reason, truth and justice. Hallelujah. By the way, in Road To No Regret Green also hears the voice of reason.  

The lyrics of Small Talk on Cupid & Psyche 85 can also be explained as being atheistic (we’re tired of prophecying, we heard the word was good, but it’s stupifying). So it would not be the first time that Green takes his words this way ! 

I am very curious what you think After Six is about, let us have your opinions. 

An interview, session and some links

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Last evening on BBC 6 in Tom Robinson‘s show Tom interviewed Green and Snow In Sun and Robin Hood were played live accompanied by Dicky Moore on guitar and Alyssa … McLundough … (sorry, it’s quite hard to catch her surname, someone help out?) on bass. They talk about John Peel’s funeral, a Gamson produced Tony LeMans’ album, where Green did sing on – now I didn’t know that! At the end there is also some talk about the website, still not fully online, but hopefully people will find their way to bibbly-o-tek, cuz it’s the best!

BBC 6 – Tom Robinson

While you listen you might wanna check out some links. Imomus talks a bit about White Bread Black Beer. He refers to Simon Reynolds epigraph on K-punk‘s analysis of Green’s voice and the meaning of his lyrics. Now at one point i might wanna add my 2 cents. Not now though.

For all you lucky people who are going to tomorrow’s free gig at the Tate, enjoy! Take pictures, maybe even film something. Send us stuff! We’ll be happy to publish it.

Double A-side single: Snow in Sun – Robin Hood

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In the Scritti Politti Yahoo-group Richard posted that on September 4th a new single will be released: Snow In Sun. To which Rhodri replied it was gonna be a double A-side along with Robin Hood.

If this is correct, it is excellent timing, since on September 5th the Mercury award ceremony will take place. But a word of caution, these dates tend to drift a little. I do wonder if and how the nomination for Mercury has influenced sales for White Bread Black Beer. It must have had some effect, for a short time it got back in the top 50 on Amazon UK, but it’s nowhere to be found right now… i just checked!

As for the choice of single, i slightly prefer Robin Hood over Snow in Sun. I don’t like the first seconds of Snow In Sun, but once it hits its stride, it’s a lovely song.

Would be great if there are non-album tracks on the single, but no news on that yet!