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Well, 2006 has been a vibrating Scritti Politti year, to say the least. The unimaginable became reality ; from the first nervous live sessions in the Windmill and the Luminaire, to the the brilliant new album and the full blown UK and North-America tour (even some dates in Japan). Green overcame his stage fright; I guess it’s safe to say that he even started to enjoy the live gigs, radio sessions, interviews and everything that comes with it. A lot of friends and long-time fans, including us bibbly-o-tekkies, were happy to meet the man before or after the gigs and have a polite chat with him or drink a beer with him. A year ago I would have called you crazy. Lots of thanks and praises go out to Green Gartside and his charming wife Alys, Rhodri, Dickie, Alyssa, Ralph, Dave, Andy, Jeff Travis at Rough Trade, David Bither at Nonesuch and René Winteraeken at de Konkurrent for making it all happen. Great many thanks to everyone who has contributed in some way or other to bibbly-o-tek, thank you all for your visits, reviews, comments. pictures and clips. From all of us at bibbly-o-tek we wish you a very merry christmas and all the best for the new year. I bet you a petrococadollar that 2007 will have lots of new and exciting Scritti things in store for us.

p.s. for some melodious (and Scritti related) christmas tunes check out Sufjan Stevens’ Songs For Christmas and Brian Wilsons’ What I Really Want for Christmas


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