Plan B Magazine with Bonus CD with new SP track ‘Forgiven.’

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I think this version is the studio version of the track, not the live radio version.
I could be wrong…I ordered mine anyhow by visiting

In the Latest issue of Plan B magazine #23: (On newsstands July 2nd.)

BONDE DO ROLE – Pervy office juniors, natural-born hookers, trashy mashups, Diplo-baiting and gonzo sampling: Bonde Do Roles bastardised baile funk speaks the universal language of laser-guided debauchery
BJÖRK – Plan B talks to Björk about her new album Volta where she summons up a pan-global marching band of tribal drums, seafaring horns, fighting talk, perpetual motion and fierce love
RIOT GRRRL – Riot Grrrl exploded the Nineties indie status quo with punk polemic, radical picnics, cut´n´paste fervour and electrifying feminist scream-pop. Fifteen years on, The Riot Project unearths the zines, flyers, records and passion, and looks at the legacy of the original rebel girls
TAKEN BY TREES – How former Concrete Victoria Bergsman spirited herself away from the bright lights and into the woods, happy to be Taken By Trees
GOGOL BORDELLO – As global gypsy-punk gang Gogol Bordello storm the world music barricades with a furiously fun new album, their ebullient captain Eugene Hutz talks tall tales, wild tunes and the hipster reappropriation of Roma music

Gallows, Good Shoes, Why I Love Repetition, Shy Child, In The Mix: Don Cash, Strange Death Of Liberal England, Read The Label: No Fun Productions, Anni Rossi, Music That Time Forgot: Antoine Duhamel´s Nouvelle Vague soundtracks, Tour Diary: Of Montreal, Playlist: Damn You! Promotions,Guided Tour: Art Brut, Buraka Son Sistema, Jana Hunter, When We Meet: Dan Deacon, Motor Ghost, Rolo Tomassi, Lucky Dragons, Nadja, Fursaxa, The Tender Revenge Of…Turbonegro

Les Savy Fav, White Stripes, Los Campesinos!, Scout Niblett, Venn Festival, Faster Than Sound Festival

Young Marble Giants, Pissed Jeans, Air Conditioning, Andersens, Apparat, Candie Payne, Nista Nije Nista, Dntel, Box Of Dub, Shellac, Las Malas Amistades, Karl Blau, The Tuss, Municipal Waste, Sa-Ra, Lil Wayne, Stinking Lizaveta, Turbonegro, Bis, Yacht, Destroyer
White Noise, The Monks, Robert Forster/Grant McLennan, McCarthy, Trojan´s Furry Selection, The Step Forward Singles

Kindertotenlieder puts black metal on the stage; Pil and Galia Kollectiv report back from Montreal´s art scene, The Seventh Seal, Worst Case Scenario, Athens, GA: Inside Out

Plus! A free 16 track CD in association with Rough Trade, featuring Oneida, Detroit Cobras, 1990s, Basia Bulat, Lavender Diamond, Brakes, Jeffrey Lewis, Decemberists, Miracle Fortress, Scritti Politti, Taken By Trees, Antony & The Johnsons, Destroyer, Arthur Russell, Sunset Rubdown

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