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Green and Gamson worked on new tracks, a new album is on it’s way!!!

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A source close to the project has informed me that there will most likely be 2 additional new tracks on the new album “Absolute (Best of Scritti Politti).”  “A Place We Both Belong” and “Day Late and a Dollar Short” are names that were given to the tracks by Green and David Gamson as they worked on them together last year. Actual track names are subject to change upon final release.

Gamson is very busy these days.  He is credited as producing and  writing “Stephen” and “Backstabber” on Ke$ha’s album “Animal.” This album was #1 on billboard recently. “Tik Tok” on that ablum (which Gamson did not do) just might break Debby Boone’s 1977 hit “You light up my Life” record of 10 consecutive weeks at number 1 by a female artist.  “Tik Tok” is # 1 now in its 9th week! (Not really Scritti related, but big music news)

Gamson also and recently wrote “Sure Fire Winners” for Adam Lambert’s recent album “For Your Entertainment.”

Current Scritti Politti keyboardist Rockin’ Rhodri Marsden pointed out the revelation of the new best of compilation album on a french website which makes the assertion that it will be available March 29th, 2010. Click here for a link.

update: added album title, ‘Absolute best of album’, Rhodri’s revelation, details on Gamson’s recent work.

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