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Posted at 9pm on 06/08/10 by

A couple of weeks ago Spotify was released in the Netherlands. After trying to find all my old cassette tapes on there – with only a 50% success rate – , i turned my attention to Scritti Politti songs.

Most songs are very easy to find, simply do a search for Scritti Politti. A surprisingly large amount of results, including most 12″ releases and remixes, the Mastermind Turntable mix, A world come back to live, Dead Certainty and the Nice up the area mix of Take me in your arms and love me, one of my personal favourites.

A couple of collaborations are harder to spot. The L is for lover performed by Al Jarreau, Love of a lifetime by Chaka Kahn. Wrap it up of the Eurythmics and Someday of Kylie Minogue is in the spotify collection as well. Even Turn on red by David Gamson! Sadly i couldn’t find I don’t know why i love you.

If you want to experience a severe scritti overdose, vastly superior to the upcoming Absolute best of compilation, check out the Scrittipalooza playlist!