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Members of Gang of Four recall Touring with Green

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Picture 6

(Picture from 1980)

Here is a video clip from a conversation with Jon King and Andy Gil from Gang of Four at Bennicassim Festival 2009 in Spain.

Were their crazy antics the reason Green went into his first of many “wilderness” phases?

Probably not really, but you be the judge.

Click here for the video.

Click here to see the Gang of Four website, which is quite awesome!

Thanks to Andrew for bringing this to our attention.


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“Day Late and a Dollar” Short on BBC Radio

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Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 10.45.54 AM

Steve Wright played “Day Late and a Dollar short” on BBC Radio

Click this link to listen to it!

2hr, 49m, 40s into the show.

Thanks Rhodri for pointing this out!


New Pic of ASP on eBay

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Picture 4

I found this pic on eBay tonight.  A different bidder from the one we saw last week.

Click here to link to the auction, happy bidding!


Green and others to speak live at The Playhouse Whitstable in February

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Picture 3


In February 2011, Sound and Music and The Wire present Off the Page, the UK’s first ever literary festival devoted to music criticism. Taking place at the Playhouse Theatre, Whitstable, on the South coast, this weekend-long event will feature a host of internationally-renowned critics, authors, musicians and artists discussing the current state of underground and experimental music in a programme of talks, presentations, panel discussions and workshops.

Friday 11 – Sunday 13 February 2011

The Playhouse, Whitstable

Sound and Music and The Wire

Friday 11 February, 7pm – 10.30pm
Doors open at 7pm
Presentation: Robert Wyatt on his favourite music
Short films hosted by BFI and introduced by Jonny Trunk: Tristram Cary on film

Saturday 12 February, 10am – 10.30pm
Talk: Ken Hollings on the post-Cageian universe
Talk: Rob Young and Matthew Herbert on the impact of musique concrète on contemporary sonic culture
Talk: Steve Beresford and John Kieffer in conversation
Talk: Kodwo Eshun on his favourite music writing
Talk: Dave Tompkins on the history of the vocoder, from its use in the Second World War to its role in the era of Auto Tune
Talk: Teal Triggs on Fanzines
Presentation: Christian Marclay
Short films hosted by Lux: Cage On Cable

Sunday 13 February: 11am – 5pm
Writing tips from The Wire (limited capacity)
Panel discussion: Salome Voegelin, David Toop, Daniela Cascella on the philosophy of listening
In conversation: Green Gartside with Mark Fisher discussing politics and cultural theory in pop culture and music
Performance lecture: Claudia Molitor, Jennifer Walshe, Sarah Nicholls on music notation

Book now

Thanks David C for sharing!


30-Second Previews

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Here is a 30-second preview of “Day Late and a Dollar Short” and “A Place We Both Belong” from Absolute Scritti Politti (Best of Collection) due in stores and online starting February 28th, 2011.  They are in mono format to save bandwidth and to encourage you to buy the songs in higher quality format when they become available.

Click here to listen to “Day Late and a Dollar Short” 30-second clip.

Click here to listen to “A Place we Both Belong” 30-second clip.

(Note: EMI/UK Zoom Lawyers- Just let us know if posting this is a bad idea, but our aim is to promote your product:)

Thanks goes to a long time friend who shall remain anonymous.

BTW: 2 thumbs up from me!  PWBB is haunting and cool. DLDS is Green meets Gamson with a hint of Ke$ha.  I would never have guessed they could have pulled that off!  But it all makes sense!


Lyrics for new Tracks

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Day Late and a Dollar Short

Bumpa dum
Bumpa dum
A day late and a dollar short
Who’d’ve believed it
Yeah who’d’ve of thought
A done deal
And you blew it all
You wouldn’t listen
And the time was called
”Cos enough is enough was a tough one
And one of better just say
Better say
A day late and dollar short
You promised to be true to the word
Like some after thought you come
A day late and a dollar short
I wonder wether truth will be found
I found what I sought around
A day late and a dollar short
Bottom line
Well I’d go without
Two minutes you girl
Go figure out
At long last
Well I’m gettin’ smart
You can follow the cash
Or follow my heart
Tell why would I ever believe you
Why shouldn’t I just up and leave you
That ship has sailed
With the dispossessed
And the setting sun
With the second best
And the first to fail
As you may have guessed
Just having fun
Nothing more or less
You promised me a star and the moon
With the love that I sought
Is love that is…
A day late and dollar short
I wonder when my loves gonna change
I’m struck by the thought that life’s…
A day late and dollar short
A Place We Both Belong

I heard about your place about in summertime
So good you get yourself together now
Your sister called and she told me
‘Bout a time to make believe there a place we both belong
And Ill be waiting there
No telling there was just no telling me
I could hear you but I got that spell on me
I left the house back in June
In a time of make believe
For a time of make believe In a place I don’t belong
I’ve been wasted there
i’m singing
oh yeah oh
In a time to make believe
In a place we both belong
In a place we both belong
And a time to make believe
And a time to make believe
And I can make amends
I can show you i learned my lesson
and learned it good
If you trust me again
I can make this success the second time around
Promise to be there
As long you need me
Promise to still care
I promise to still care
I promise you that we’ll be good again
In a time to make believe
Gotta give it time everybody say
That’s true but it still hurts anyway
Strong that I can do this
Yes I can
In a time of make believe in a place we both belong
We’ll all belong
I can make it there
I’m singing
Its coming i could feel it coming now
Winds beating and the rain is drumming now
In the storm before the dawning
Of a time to make believe
Of a time to make believe
In a place we’ll all belong
We’ll all belong
I’ll be waiting there
I’m singing oh
And i ‘ll meet you there
I’ll be waiting there
In a time to make believe in a place we both belong


It is vodka clear: Absolute Scritti Politti

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Best of Scritti Politti

Details on the new best of Scritti Politti album are coming available!

In the words of Pink, “raise your glass!” Its cabaret time!

First off, thanks to reader to David C who found this on eBay!

This is the description from the ebay poster:

‘Absolute’ is the first ever career-spanning collection of words and music by Scritti Politti – including two new and exclusive tracks. This collection includes:

* Debut single, ‘Skank Bloc Bolonga’

* Singles from 1982 album ‘Songs to Remember’: – ‘The Sweetest Girl’ (later covered by Madness), featuring Robert Wyatt, on piano. ‘Asylums In Jerusalem’ and ‘Jacques Derrida’

* Five singles from the bands most successful album ‘Cupid & Psyche’ 85, produced by legendary producer Arif Mardin: ‘Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha)’, ‘Absolute’, ‘Hypnotise’, ‘The Word Girl’ and ‘Perfect Way’.

* Two tracks taken from their third album, ‘Provision’ – ‘Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry For Loverboy)’ featuring a trumpet solo from jazz genius Miles Davis (who himself covered Scritti’s ‘Perfect Way’ at the Montreux Jazz Festival, July 1988), plus ‘Boom! There She Was’ featuring legendary musician Roger Troutman.

* Top 20 single ‘She’s a Woman’ a cover of The Beatles track, featuring guest vocals from Shabba Ranks

* Four songs from 1999’s universally acclaimed album ‘Anomie and Bonhomie’, ‘Tinseltown To The Boogiedown’ (featured guests Mos Def and Jimhal), ‘Umm’, ‘Die Alone’ and ‘Brushed With Oil’, ‘Dusted With Powder’.

* Two new and exclusive tracks ‘Day Late and a Dollar Short’ and ‘A Place We Both Belong’ – the first to be released / co-written with long-time collaborator David Gamson since Anomie and Bonhomie.

(I am impressed, this eBayer knows his/her Scritti! Perhaps this is from a press release or marketing piece…)

According to bibbly-o-tek reader and poster and Scritti Scholar Neil, this is the complete new track list:

1. Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)
2. Absolute
3. The Word Girl (Flesh And Blood)
4. Perfect Way
5. Hypnotize
6. Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry For Loverboy)
7. Boom! There She Was
8. Umm
9. Tinseltown To The Boogiedown
10. Die Alone
11. Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder
12. Skank Bloc Bologna
13. The Sweetest Girl
14. Asylums In Jerusalem
15. Jacques Derrida
16. She’s A Woman
17. Day Late And A Dollar Short
18. A Place We Both Belong

Please post if you see it available for order from your favorite online emporium or in your local brick and mortar shop…