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Here is a 30-second preview of “Day Late and a Dollar Short” and “A Place We Both Belong” from Absolute Scritti Politti (Best of Collection) due in stores and online starting February 28th, 2011.  They are in mono format to save bandwidth and to encourage you to buy the songs in higher quality format when they become available.

Click here to listen to “Day Late and a Dollar Short” 30-second clip.

Click here to listen to “A Place we Both Belong” 30-second clip.

(Note: EMI/UK Zoom Lawyers- Just let us know if posting this is a bad idea, but our aim is to promote your product:)

Thanks goes to a long time friend who shall remain anonymous.

BTW: 2 thumbs up from me!  PWBB is haunting and cool. DLDS is Green meets Gamson with a hint of Ke$ha.  I would never have guessed they could have pulled that off!  But it all makes sense!


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