(UPDATED with Audio) Green in with Nemone on BBC 6 Feb 22

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From the BBC 6 website: Scritti Politti originally formed in 1977 in Leeds, Although there have been various changes to the line-up, Cardiff-born singer-songwriter Green Gartside was the founding member of the band and the only member to have remained throughout the group’s history.
‘Absolute’ their new compilation will include two new tracks, “Day Late and a Dollar Short” and “A Place We Both Belong” both written with David Gamson.

Green will be in studio presumably for an interview. Perhaps we will be lucky and he will play a tune or make an announcement of some kind. Listen in to find out!  Link to the site here!

More material for a new album via Rough Trade and possible additional touring…


To save time, I cut out the audio of The Word Girl and Day Late and Dollar Short.

Thanks to Bibbly-o-tek.com reader Dominic for finding this bit of information!


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