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I was in Carrollton, Texas (near Dallas) on business lately so I am a bit behind on some of these postings.  A lot of promotional interviews making the rounds. Here are 3 really good ones that readers have sent us:

1)  A nice long interview with David Gamson on (by musicians, for musicians: the number one source for anyone looking to buy a keyboard, sampler or drum machine) A link to a higher quality version of the interview can be found here.

2) The BBC 2 Radio show by Radcliff and Maconie presented an interview with Green on March 14th. Here is a link to their site for the higher quality uncut version. It starts at about 1 hour and 13 minutes into the segment. We cut the non Scritti-related information and dialed the quality down a notch to provide a quick bandwidth friendly version here.

3) The Guardian’s Music Weekly with Alexis Petridis and Rosie Swash is a great podcast presented on March 11th. Here is a link to their site and here is a link to our encapsulated version.

Thanks to David Klimek from the Montreal Gazette ( and others) who pointed out the Guardian Interview.

Thanks to Franck Slakmon for pointing us to the Gamson interview.

Our own Richard Wallis came up with the info on finding the interview on Pi day (3.14) with Radcliff and Maconie.  Thanks Richard! He has also pointed out that Jools Holland will have an interview with Green on the BBC 2 on his show on April 4th!


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