Moving and updating bibbly-o-tek

Bibbly-o-tek was offline for a week and a half. We discussed the hosting of this site, which was up for another yearly payment. Me, Ellen, offered to move the site to my personal hosting plan at Mediatemple. I still had enough room there to host the site. I didn’t want to see bibbly-o-tek go. The other maintainers of this currently quiet website happily agreed with me.

It took some time to move the domain to Mediatemple. Today that was finally done. I had forgotten to make a backup of the database, but i could make one at the old hosting company. Right now i’m moving all the files, the audio files and video files. And the template.

I will do some work on this website. I will change the template. The current one is made in 2006, before mobiles took over the internet. So that is the first thing i will change. Then there will be the long grueling grind of updating the video’s, most in flash flv format.

The whole process will take some time. Most should be done by the end of this week. Updating the video’s will take a bit longer.

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