Scritti Politti Unplugged

Through the public facebook group Scritti Politti – Share the Love i discovered this video Scritti Politti Unplugged – Brooklin, 2006 by Tiziano Sossi. The first time i ever saw this video.

Published on May 30, 2016

This is the only acoustic gig in the north american tour of Scritti Politti during 2006 , after 26 years back on stage. I met Green in Chicago and he told me about New York gig so I was there. 150 people tight in a very small room in a record store, only small lamps as light and me siting at the top of a couch taking it. So much fun….Here 15 minutes on 42 minutes of the full lenght of the video. Cause the low light I prefered put a light cartoon effect

As this text is saying, this video was only copied to youtube on May 30 2016. This might be not true, it could be a re-upload. But you never know.

Enjoy the clip!

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