Kylie Minogue – Someday

Green lends his voice to this slow track on Kylie‘s 2004 album Body Language.
Kylie: I wanted that kind of sound – minimal beats, a little softer on the edges than what we’d done with Fever. To this day I haven’t met him! I left a message on his answering machine, saying, “Hi, it’s Kylie! I just wanted to say thanks so much! You sound brilliant!”


Adele Bertei – When It’s Over

Honestly not too sure what the exact involvement of Green was in this track. Or David Gamson for that matter. Fill me in of you do.

When It’s Over

Chaka Kahn – Love Of A Lifetime

A track on the album Destiny (1986) of Chaka Kahn, produced by Arif Mardin / Green Gartside / David Gamson. Green also does backing vocals. I remember hearing this song on the radio in 1986 and jumping up and down with excitement. Love it!

Love Of A Lifetime

Al Jarreau – L Is For Lover

A song with writing credits to David Gamson / Green Gartside. Produced by Nile Rodgers. (1986)

L Is For Lover

Eurythmics – Wrap It Up

Much too 80s for me this one! And not in a favourable way. But still, somewhere there is Green’s voice in the background. It’s a track on Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) from 1983.

Wrap It Up


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