Planet Claire, May 10th, 2006

May 10th 2006 Green did an acoustic set and interview on Planet Claire, Paris. It all sounds so nice in french, don’t ya think? Green played three songs, accompanied only by himself on a acoustic guitar. Like he said himself (and I belief him), the first time ever he’s done a thing like this. The songs are Road To No Regret, Robin Hood and Snow In Sun.

Planet Clairephoto

John Peel Session, July 7th 1982

Three songs broadcasted in the John Peel show on July 7th 1982 (a repeat of May 15th), all from Songs To Remember. Line up: Green (Guitar), Tom (Drums), Joe Cang (Bass), Mike Mcavoy (Keyboards), Jackie Challenor (Backing Vocals), Lorenza Johnson (Backing Vocals), Mae Mckenna (Backing Vocals).

Asylums In Jerusalem
Jacques Derrida
A Slow Soul

John Peel Session – December 5th 1978

The first session Scritti Politti did for John Peel. Line up: Green (Guitar), Tom (Drums), Nial (Bass), More information on this session at the BBC website.

The Humours Of Spitalfields
Knowledge and Interest


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