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Creatures What You Never Knew About

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We just got an e-mail in from Bob, who maintains a podcast at PodOmatic.

I’ve just shared part one of a radio show I recorded with Green when he was between leaving Rough Trade and signing for a major.

I hope this is some interest to you

I just started it up and enjoying the 1983 music! Sofar i haven’t heard Green speak a lot yet, but hey.. i’m not even halfway the podcast. As this is part one, i do expect another part soon. You can find this here: Scritti Politti (Green Gartside) Interview (Part one).

This interview is from a interesting period, between leaving Rough Trade and signing with a major company. The main part of the broadcast is music, lots of reggae passing along. It’s a bit of a shock thinking that this is recorded 31 years ago.

So, i’ll keep on listening to this interview. It’s actually really nice to listen to this young Green talking about writing songs for other people and the person who represents him in New York. It’s not an in depth interview, but it’s pleasant to listen to.

Anyways, have a listen yourself. Enjoy!

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Scritti Politti among Highlights at Laugharne Festival

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From Adrian Colley’s Blog:

Green Gartside’s voice, for me, is one of the wonders of the age which I never clocked back in the 80s.

Scritti Politti at Laugharne Festival

A breathy, girlish, achingly tender tone, it’s a startling contrast to his between-song boom.

Not even a big fan in the Eighties, I’ve been thunderstruck by how good they are live and how close to their recorded sound they come.

Understated tunes so gentle and peaceful you want to stroke them. Phil Jupitus head-jived in his seat,  Mark Ellen admired from the side and I’m still trying to work out why they are not more popular.

Here is a link to a video on YouTube! A nice conversation by Green and a live version of  Brushed with Oil…

Here is a link to Adrian Colley complete blog!

We received a heads-up email from Richard Barret about Adrian Colley blog via email last week!

Thanks for passing on the info to us Richard and thanks to Adrian for writing the article and posting the media!


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Scritti to play live April 4th!

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According to the Laugharne Weekend website Scritti Politti will play live on Friday, April 4th, 2014 at the Millennium Hall at 7 pm.

Having trouble reading the text in the English language? The site is also available in Welsh.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Update: Green and Rhodri will be playing for sure. It is a small venue. Details to come.


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Nelson Mandela RIP

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Scritti Politti drummer from the 1970s Tom Worley put this fascinating tribute together of the great leader Nelson Mandela who passed away yesterday at 95. He has also been involved in the Piece One Day initiative and works with an organisation that helps companies build teamwork through music.

Thanks for these great contributions Tom! Nelson Mandela is one of my heroes and his legacy of freedom and democracy in South Africa will live on for generations.

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“Fruit Tree” on Way to Blue Nick Drake Tribute Album drops…

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Thanks to loyal longtime visitor David C and to the folks at you can now listen to Green Gartside’s new studio track “Fruit Tree” on the new “Way to Blue” Nick Drake Tribute album.  (Green has performed live in the past.)  Here is  a quick clip of my favorite part of the song. Also, here is a link to a great article and the full version of the song on You can also buy the track on iTunes here!


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New track from Green to drop in May!

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According to BEF is scheduled to release Music of Quality and Distinction Volume 3 Dark on May 6th. The release includes Green covering The Delfonics “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time.”   This shouldn’t come as a complete surprise since Green performed this song live in 2011 with BEF. Here is our post about their special live event.  Interesting follow up to this song from BEF Music of Quality and Distinction Volume 2 and Green Covering Steve Wonder’s classic “I Don’t Know Why I Love You.” Here is a link to a video of that remake!  Concert goers claim that Green also sang the Stevie Wonder’s classic tune at the live event, but a I have never seen a video clip, which I would love to see and hear! In the immortal words of Ben Stein “Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?” ( Update April 2: Greg C posted this link to Amazon for a quick snippet on FaceBook.)


Scritti heads to Germany: Party like it is 1979!

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I started doing some research on the last time Green made the trek to Germany to play live. It was some 33 years ago and thought  it would be cool to post and write about what I found after doing some digging. Since Rhodri has been busy publishing dates of gigs on and posting to social media, I thought I had better dig a bit deeper to make our content on more relevant. Rhodri has been too busy rehearsing with Scritti, playing with other bands, working with the Independent and making sure the band sounds good to dig this deep. That is what we are here for! (No offense Rhodri, you are awesome and I just thought I would write about  Scritti’s upcoming trek to Germany and try to make it interesting.)

So I tracked back to the fact that Scritti hasn’t played Germany since 1979. April 9th to be exact. We have this listed in our Gigography section. I don’t have it memorized so I had to look it up. I found that they played here with Red Crayola. (Now known as Red Krayola.) Did you know they are from Texas? I didn’t. Who knew? They toured with Scritti back in the day. And they are still active. The poster has been around and on the internet for a long time. visitor Roger Homes says that the gig was to play at Ratinger Hof in Düsseldorf , but was moved to the Okie Dokie in Neuss, a suburb of Düsseldorf. The Okie Dokie is still operating today. I suggest the band get a hold of them and see if they can add December 1st date at the Okie Dokie. It is only a short drive from Cologne, the last scheduled gig in Germany. If that happened, it could be truly epic!

After further review (American football fans will get the aformentioned reference) Scritti also played in Berlin in 1979. This was NOT in our gigography, so I thought I would mention it here. I found from this link that they played S036, a legendary venue in Kreuzberg’s Oranienstraße with Red Crayola as well. They played there on April 7th if that link is accurate.

If you are in Germany towards the end of this month, be sure to get tickets and see Scritti play live. If that doesn’t work for you, then try some of the UK dates in December. Or, pray for a 2006-esque miracle and hope they play North America again sometime soon.

28th November » Hamburg ¦ Kampnagel [tickets]

29th November » Berlin ¦ HAU [tickets]

30th November » Cologne ¦ Alte Kranhalle / Balloni [tickets]

Opening for St Etienne:

10th December » York ¦ Fibbers [tickets]

11th December » Edinburgh ¦ Liquid Rooms [tickets]

12th December » Manchester ¦ Ritz [tickets]

13th December » Brighton ¦ Concorde 2 [tickets]

14th December » London ¦ Shepherds Bush Empire [tickets]

By the way Strohmeyer is German for Straw Tax Collector.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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Former Scritti Politti drummer Tom Morley recently emailed us at about some music created around the Peace One Day A Global Truce 2012 worldwide event.  This event which is set to occur on September 21st of 2012 is to be a day of non-violence throughout the world at all levels. Efforts by this organization had a similar day in Afghanistan recently.  They had a written agreement with the Taliban so that health and aid workers could help the needy without fear of violence or kidnapping. Peace on earth and non-violence are a pretty darn noble cause if you ask me. Visit Peace One Day to learn more an find out how to get involved.  Here are the three songs and videos of his work that coincides with this global event:

Tom Morley Peace One Day song 1

Tom Morley Peace One Day song 2

Tom Morley Peace One Day song 3

Some trivia: The city scenes of the third song were shot in Chicago from the Magnificent Mile shopping district.  You can see the NBC Tower in the background. Coincidentally, I met Green and the rest of Scritti Politti in 2006 in Chicago at the Double Door. Thanks Tom for being involved in such a worthy and noble cause and for sharing this inspirational music with us!

John and the rest of the team!

Reconstructing the old Scritti songs live, keyboardplayer Rhodri Marsden explains

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photo: Marco Raaphorst

Here we are in the year 2012 with a new Scritti Politti line-up which is able to perform the classic songs in a superb way. They are a small group: drummer Rob Smoughton, Dicky Moore on guitar, Green on vocals and guitar and Rhodri Marsden on keyboards. Plus a computer, of course.

I felt it was about time for setting the record straight and finding out how these old songs were reconstructed for live gigs. So I asked keyboardplayer Rhodri a couple of questions. And guess what? He was happy to answer them!

Tell us a bit about the reconstruction of these old Scritti songs
Rhodri: I think it’s well documented that Green doesn’t enjoy listening to his old material! So what often happens is that I create a MIDI file with all the parts as I THINK they are. Green then works through it and corrects any mistakes I’ve made, and then creates / chooses all the sounds for the parts on his Mac. So by the end of that process we have a recreated Scritti song in Logic Pro which we then use to work from.

I see that you’re using laptops on stage, tell us about it
Rhodri: Actually, we’ve just slimmed down our setup massively in the last few days. Until recently we had four laptops onstage (very old ones, Powerbook G4s); one for live keyboard, one for live drums, two backups in case anything goes wrong. But the new MacBook Pro can handle everything, so that halves the number of computers onstage. Phew. I use a Nord Electro 2 keyboard to trigger my sounds and Rob uses an electronic drum kit, a Roland V-Kit. Green and Dicky both have amp simulators rather than real amps. So it’s really quiet onstage, which is lovely. You can hear all the detail.

Drummer Rob Smoughton is also playing samples on his electronic drumkit?
Rhodri: Yes, Andy (Houston, Green’s engineer) and I spent a lot of time creating virtual instruments for each song we play, using the sounds that Green’s been working on. One drumkit instrument per song for Rob, about ten for me! Some of the songs, like Wood Beez, are a real challenge to play, getting all the parts triggered from one keyboard.

Where do you draw the line between live-playing and laptop?
Rhodri: We started using backing tracks recently; firstly to get a fuller sound, secondly to keep the timing rock solid. Rob plays to a click in headphones, and the parts that we physically can’t play with four human beings come from the laptop – most of the time it’s just bass. Some songs there’ll be hardly anything pre-recorded (Skank Bloc Bologna only has that fast glockenspiel, for example); we play as much stuff live as we possibly can!

New Scritti videos from The Lexington gig March 13th in London

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Man, such a sweet sound with Green’s voice totally like-in-the-80’s:

(thanks Gavin!)

And do follow @scrittipolitti on Twitter for updates!

Scritti to play at the 2012 Applecart Festival

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From the Applecart Festival 2012 Website: Whether or not Scritti Politti’s Green Gartside is the brainiest man in pop music (The Guardian, Feb 2011) is a question that can wait for another day. One thing that is definitely unarguable is that his band’s back catalogue is utterly flawless – an audacious stroll from post-punk to perfect pop, block party hip hop to astrally projected soul music.From the early single on Rough Trade (the label he remains on to this day) ‘The Sweetest Girl’ through his purple patch in the mid 80s which saw ‘Wood Beez’, ‘Absolute’ and The Word Girl’ go top ten through working with Miles Davis on ‘Oh Patti’ to his Mercury nominated White Bread, Black beer in 2006. Thirty years on from his epochal debut, Gartside is playing The Apple Cart. Expect a fair few songs to remember.

Ticket information, a nice map and other info can be found here.




Live in London: Spring 2012

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Scritti Politti will play live at 2 venues coming up!

First they plan to play live at the Lexington on March 13th. This was planned and tickets were offered via “The Word Magazine” (seams appropriate n’est pas?) The link to We Got Tickets says it is sold out. Perhaps a look into the secondary market is worth a look for would-be concert goers. Thanks to Bibbly-o-tek visitor DD for bringing this to our attention!

Also Rhodri tweeted recently that they will be performing live at Bush Hall on April 25th. This show sold out very quickly so a second date has been added.  You can catch them a day earlier, on the 24th!  At the time I posted this article, tickets were still available for the 24th here.

An interesting tidbit: (from the Bush Hall website) Scritti Politti have since slimmed down to a 4-piece, with Green playing alongside Dicky Moore, Rhodri Marsden and Rob Smoughton. The show will feature songs from both the past and the present; it marks a proper return to live work for the band, with a handful of festival appearances scheduled over the summer.

Note: Rob Smoughton was the drummer from Hot Chip during their 2010 tour.




Feb 25th live show at the 02 cancelled!

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Due to reasons beyond the control of the British Music Experience, the promoter and Roland Gift, this event has been cancelled. Ticketmaster will automatically refund all tickets booked for this event to the credit/debit card used to book.

If you would prefer to speak to Ticketmaster directly, please call their Customer Support Team on 08444 999 999. The lines are open Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 8.00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Please have your booking reference and credit card details ready. Link here for more info. 



Scritti Politti now on Social Networks!

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Scritti Politti joined the social network FaceBook and Twitter today in an effort to promote band related news and information regarding upcoming UK music festivals that they plan to participate in moving forward. The FaceBook page can be found here and the Twitter feed can be found here.  Thanks Rhodri Marsden for posting this on Scritti Politti Share the Love’s FaceBook page.  To date this has been the most active FaceBook page devoted to Scritti Politti. Rhodri Marsden is Scritti’s current keyboard player and one of the original “Traitorous Three” (which were really five) back in 2006. welcomes this development as fans will be able to get Scritti related news faster than ever. Congratulations on having an official presence on these social networks!

Scritti Politti to play live at Green Man Festival 2012

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Scritti Politti is scheduled to play live the 2012 Green Man Festival this August in Wales. Click here for a link for more information.   For tickets click here.  Click this link for a  really cool time lapse video from Green Man 2011.

Thanks to Gavin for brining this to our attention!

More Live shows! (Updated)

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This show has been CANCELLED!


Click the pic above for a full-sized version of the poster.

The Co-operative’s British Music Experience live show on February 25th, 2012 at the 02 in North Greenwich London will feature Roland Gift from Fine Young Cannibals.  Special guests include Jack Hues from Wang Chung and Green Gartisde (along with Rhodri).

Click here for more information and tickets!

The promotional material says “The Perfect Way” will be among the tunes played, but I am told this is not the case. March into spring for other gigs at UK venues that have not been announced, but are being worked on.  Summer festivals are also planned. Stay tuned for more info.
Thanks Adam for bringing info on this gig to our attention!

(Music fans find Scritti Politti on YouTube and FaceBook – Scriiti Politti Fans visit

New song “Slow Deceit” video from the Victoria

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 …a dog’s a dog and a cat’s a cat….

As far as I know, this was the worldwide debut of this song…

Click here to watch the video.

Thanks for helping us with the song title, Rhodri!


PS- The graphic I found online is a dog and a cat with a green background. Seamed fitting. Too cutesy?

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Watch the videos and write your own review below!

Here are videos for Absolute, and a new song called Overcoats, plus Forgiven from Rough Trade Summertime Blues CD in 2007 and Day Late and Dollar Short from the recent Absolute Best of Scritti Politti compilation Green published with David Gamson. Click the full screen button for a bigger view.

(Shamless plug: Don’t leave a Day Late and a Dollar Short, click the donate button up and to the right! We are not trying to get rich, just could use a little help. You know there is no better place for your favorite Scritti content! Help us pay for this site and keep it going!)


Thanks to an Anonymous regular reader for the videos!


UPDATED (Dec 10): The new song is called “Overcoats” -Thanks Rhodri!

Green Live from Syndey!

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Thanks to reader Jonathan, we have a video of Green singing “Free Ride” at the Nick Drake Tribute show.

Green Gartside Free Ride Nick Drake tribute Sydney Opera

Thanks again, Jonathan!

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Green Gartside plays two low-key London shows

Posted at 10pm on 10/25/11 by

In the mail:

Thursday 8th December & Friday 9th December
Green Gartside + Friends
The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, London E8 3AS
admission £12

To mark the end of the year that saw the release of the Scritti Politti retrospective, “Absolute”, Green will be playing two very low-key shows featuring Scritti Politti material – the first for nearly four years.

On successive nights, Green and friends will be taking over the small back room of a neighbourhood pub for two evenings of live music and DJs. Each night will conclude with an hour-long set by Green, accompanied by members of Scritti Politti and playing a mixture of very new, quite new, quite old and very old material.

Robyn Hitchcock and Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor will play short support sets; Rough Trade’s Geoff Travis will be taking care of DJ duties.

One batch of 50 tickets (per night) will go on sale at midday BST on Tuesday 8th NOVEMBER from the following URLs:

Thursday 8th December show:
Friday 9th December show:

Another batch of 50 will be made available from the same URLs at midday on 29th November. And that’s it! A maximum of four tickets can be bought per person; no tickets will be available on the door on the night.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get hold of a ticket, Green hopes to repeat this event at some point early next year in the run up to the finishing of the next Scritti album.